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Business Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

With Datamasters’ quality business mailing lists and sales leads, including available e-mail lists for sale, you can maximize your direct marketing, marketing communications, telemarketing, and email marketing outreach efforts.

All you have to do is describe the purpose of your direct marketing campaign and provide us with your geographic target audience, and we’ll generate a high quality mailing list for you at prices that are highly competitive with (and, in most cases, beat) the prices of the competitor list broker providers.

When you need a high-quality mailing list of targeted prospects, our business and consumer lists can help. When you’re ready to connect with that audience, we provide effective direct marketing solutions that will catch their attention—and get them to buy.

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Mailing Lists

Reach new customers today with a laser-targeted mailing list.

Mailing ListsMailing lists are one the key strategies used by the top businesses to reach new or potential markets. Using laser-targeted lists can better deliver new customers that are more likely to not only buy your products or services, but also keep coming back again and again. At Datamasters, we use only the best market intelligence software available in conjunction with our extensive mail list database, and can precisely target your demographic.

Direct mail, using mailing lists, is still one of the best way to drive traffic to your business.

How are our mailing lists different?

Image of the DataMasters logo featuring the text Software is wonderful if you know how to use it. Self-serve data providers that let you compile and purchase your lists are not doing you any favors. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what to search for?
  • Can you find your precise target market using the proper keywords?
  • Do you know which selectors to filter by?

Our professionals will talk to you and better understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you want the best results possible, don’t leave it up to a point-and-click system. We can compile your mailing lists today!

Call the professionals at for the best performing mailing lists that deliver results.

Mailing Lists - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of mailing list do I need?

There are many types of mailing lists that target specific demographics to better reach your target audience. We offer postal mailing lists, email lists, and phone number lists that can be laser-targeted to your desired prospect. Additionally, if you’re looking to broaden your reach through digital channels, you can also consider the option to buy e-mail lists.

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2. Who is my target market or demographic?

Knowing whom to target is as important as your message. If you send a mailer about the latest hearing aids to a list of 20-year-olds, odds are you would not get a good response. In many cases, it is obvious who your target market or demographic may be, but do you know all the factors involved? We do!

Click here to learn more about finding the right demographic.

3. What mailing list data variables are available?

Data variables help you pinpoint your exact demographic and make your mailing list more accurate, which in turn delivers results. So, what are some of those variables? Age, gender, geographical location, and more, there are so many we need a page to tell you about them.

Click here to learn more about data variables.

4. How do business mailing lists work?

Business mailing lists work by providing businesses with a targeted list of potential customers who are more likely to need the product or service you’re offering. This leads to a much higher success rate in comparison to other non-targeted advertising methods such as billboards, newspapers, television, and radio ads.

Click here to learn more about how targeted mailing lists can help your business.

5. Are business to business mailing lists effective?

Business-to-business mailing lists can be extremely effective when used properly. They allow businesses to market to other businesses that fit a specific profile. For example, a mortgage lending company may wish to reach out to real estate agents regarding their services. Alternatively, a medical supply company may wish to market to dentists and doctor’s offices. The possibilities are endless.

Click here to learn more about direct marketing strategies.

6. Can I get business mailing lists by zip code?

Yes! Our data variables help you pinpoint the area in which you wish to advertise. This allows businesses to target potential customers near their place of business or even target an area where they expect to host a grand opening of a new business.

Click here to learn more about marketing by zip code.

7. Can I buy a b2b email list which you can then append to my mailing list?

You can absolutely purchase a b2b email list to add to your current mailing list. In fact, many businesses use this method to give their new business a boost or revitalize their existing business.

Click here to learn more about b2b marketing.

8. How many times can a mailing list be used?

The great thing about a mailing list is that it can be used as needed. The most important thing is that you use your list responsibly and avoid spamming your potential customers as this could turn them off of your business.

Click here to learn more about using best practices for email marketing.

9. How many potential prospects are there in your marketing area?

If you’re wondering how many potential customers you may have in your marketing area then look no further than one of our data experts. We can help guide you in creating a targeted list that suits your business needs.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of using targeted mailing lists.

10. Does the broker offer additional, direct marketing services?

We do offer additional services for your direct marketing needs. Once a custom mailing list is built we can help you reach those individuals and convey your message.

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11. How do I define my target audience?

Defining your target audience is about understanding your ideal customer. When you built your business, chances are you had a customer in mind. Our data specialists can help you create a target customer profile to base your target audience on.

Click here to learn more about creating a direct mail marketing strategy.

12. How do I find the best business mailing list provider?

Finding the best business mailing list provider means finding a provider that obtains accurate information legally. It’s important to conduct thorough research and evaluate various mailing list suppliers to ensure you choose a reliable and trustworthy provider.

Click here to learn more about where to buy business mailing lists.

13. What are the primary types of direct mailing lists?

Depending on the context, there are different types of mailing lists.

Many divide mailing lists into three categories: Consumer, Occupant, and Business Lists.

However, mailing lists can also be divided into groups such as: E-mail, Phone, Address, or some combination of the three.

There are a number of ways to categorize types of direct mailing lists, but the important thing is what you do with them.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of direct mail.

14. Why use mailing lists?

Mailing lists offer a unique opportunity for you to reach customers that are more likely to respond to your advertisements. This makes every advertising dollar more powerful and helps your advertising budget go further.

Click here to learn more about the effectiveness of direct marketing.

15. How is the business email list delivered?

As soon as the list is compiled it will be delivered to you electronically.

Click here to contact our team for more information.

16. What are the benefits of using a business email database?

A business email database allows you to reach out to businesses that can benefit from your unique products or services. You no longer have to worry about broad advertisement campaigns that may miss their mark. These business email databases help you know who you’re targeting and provide a better return than untargeted campaigns.

Click here to learn more about targeted email marketing.

17. Is direct mail right for your marketing strategy?

Direct mail is a useful addition to many marketing strategies. The goal of any marketing strategy is to advertise to consumers or companies who need what you offer. This targeted approach saves you money in comparison to other advertising methods that often miss their mark or aren’t as effective as they could be.

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18. Where does the data come from when I buy a list?

Data comes from different sources depending on the type of list purchased. Rest assured that all DataMasters data is obtained legally and in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. We would never risk your business.

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