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Small businesses continue to pop up and grow across our great country. No matter what they’re offering, there’s one thing they all have in common: a need to reach customers. Finding the most affordable and effective advertising method can be a daunting task. However, there’s one form of advertising that pulls ahead of the pack: Direct Mail Marketing. There are some incredible advantages of direct mail marketing that can really help your business bloom.

Direct mail marketing allows your company to connect directly with target customers. This connection lays the foundation for a long-term customer/company relationship. When asked, most individuals want to do business with local companies. However, companies often struggle to get their name into the hands of consumers. Direct mail marketing accomplishes this and the experts at DataMasters are here to tell you how.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a type of advertising that utilizes a mailing list to allow you to send mail advertisements directly to your target customers. Reaching customers who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer helps your bottom line. You no longer have to waste money on reaching customers who aren’t interested in your business through television, billboards, radio, and newspaper ads.

For example, if you own an automobile repair shop, you can reach specific customers using automotive mailing lists. This list includes the names and addresses of several individuals. You can customize the list to reach specific customers. For example, if you work primarily on classic cars, you can narrow the data down to include only people who own classic cars within a specific radius of your business.

You can even create a custom mailing list based upon a specific vehicle issue. For example, if your automotive repair shop works on a lot of the same vehicle with the same problem, you could narrow the automotive mailing list down to people who own that type of vehicle. You’re then able to send them an advertisement describing the problem and offer your services.

Another option is to send out routine maintenance advertisements when the seasons change. You could run a special to check and repair air conditioning systems at the start of the summer months. There are so many possibilities for this kind of marketing.

What are the Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing?

The most obvious advantage to direct mail marketing is the ability to reach people who need what you have to offer. If you are a pediatric dentist then there isn’t much point in advertising to senior citizens. Instead, you’d want to focus your advertising efforts on individuals or families with children. Sure, you could put up a billboard and probably drum up some business. However, you have no control over who sees your advertisement, and billboard ads are typically forgotten rather quickly.

You save money when you control who sees your advertisements. You’ll also probably notice a higher return on your advertising dollar. Every business is constantly searching for ways to get customers in the most effective way possible. And the great thing is that direct mail marketing can work for any business.

Other advantages of direct mail marketing include the fact that customers receive a physical piece of mail. They can stick it to their refrigerator, put it in their purse, their glove compartment, or anywhere else where it can serve as a reminder. People drive past billboards. Television and radio ads are fleeting and often times people don’t have a pen handy to jot down important information. Your advertisement doubles as a reminder, a coupon, a contact card, and much more.

Other Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Other advantages of direct mail marketing include the ability to customize your advertisement based on your audience. This is especially effective if your company provides a variety of products or services. For example, your dentistry practice sees patients of all ages. You can create a special advertisement just for senior citizens and another for pediatric dentistry to send to the appropriate potential customers. Doing this helps your target customer understand more about your business. They’re more likely to give the advertisement a second look of it pertains to them. These types of campaigns are shown to be more effective than sending out mailings for “family dentistry” without any specific details.

Another great advantage of this type of advertising is the ability to have the ads delivered when you want. If you have a big sale or even a grand opening event coming up, you can indicate that you’d like the advertisements delivered beginning on a specific date. In short, you can send relevant advertisements to individuals on customized lists on the days you designate. No other form of advertising offers this much control.

Getting Started with Direct Mail Marketing

It’s easy to get started with direct mail marketing, even if you don’t know anything about the process. Here at DataMasters we help new and existing business owners begin their direct mail marketing journey. A quick call with our data experts helps get you on the track to success. We’ll ask about your business needs to help provide you with the most appropriate mailing list. All of our information is legally obtained and regularly scrubbed. This means we have one of the most accurate, effective databanks out there.

You can rest easy knowing that our mailing lists will allow you to reach the customers you’re trying to reach. Many other companies have outdated information or data obtained illegally. You want to steer clear of these companies. The last thing you need is to reach out to individuals who’ve opted out of mailings. Instead, focus on the customers who already want what you have to offer.

We can even help you create your customized advertisement, and help with your printing and mailing needs. Our goal is to help your business prosper. When you succeed, we succeed. Don’t delay reaching your customers any more. Give us a call to start cashing in on the advantages of direct mail marketing.

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