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When you own a business, one of your main jobs is to draw in new customers. Without that, you won’t be a success. Many different marketing tactics can be used to do this. One of these is targeted email marketing.

What email marketing practices keep your readers engaged?

Simply put, targeted email marketing is a popular technique to tell people about your business and draw them in because it works. Let’s take a look at why this strategy works and how you can target potential customers.

What is targeted email marketing?

Targeted email marketing is sending specific, personalized emails to people based on certain criteria. This can be done by their location, preferences, behavior, or other characteristics. Targeted email marketing can convert potential customers into new customers and make one-time customers, repeat customers. When you craft personalized messages, you can highlight specific customers who fall into certain categories. The more detailed you can be, the more personalized your message is and the more connected you become. When people feel connected to a brand or business, they are more likely to gravitate towards it.

Why is targeted email marketing important?

Targeted email marketing is important because it helps you build relationships with customers. It allows you to get to know your potential customers and for them to feel like they’re getting to know you better. When you send relevant messages, it also helps people on your email list engage with your product or service. It helps to keep you in the front of their minds. When they need a specific product or service, they may be more likely to contact you first over the competition that they know nothing about.

Why Is Targeted Email Marketing Effective?

Targeted email marketing is also important because email is a popular communication channel. Almost everyone checks their email daily. This means you have a pretty good chance of getting your email message seen. Having this powerful email marketing tool is important because you own your email list. You don’t have to worry about anyone taking those leads away from you. What you do have to worry about is not using that email list to its fullest potential and letting it go to waste.

How do you use your targeted audience for email marketing campaigns?

One of the best things about using targeted email marketing is that it’s easy to do. The most important thing is to have an email list of solid potential leads and one-time customers.

Grow Your Email List

Without a robust email list, your targeted emails aren’t going to be as successful as they can. Many companies attract people to give them their email addresses by offering them something in return. This is referred to as a lead magnet. Your lead magnet doesn’t have to cost you money. It just needs to be something that your visitors will find value in. If it’s not, they won’t be enticed to give you their email because there’s nothing really in it for them. Some examples of lead magnets include:

  • Coupons
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Free quote or consultation

Think about what you could offer that potential customers could find value in, and do it! The sooner you can figure out this piece of the puzzle, the quicker you can grow your email list and attract more customers. Once you get their email addresses, you need to ask permission to send them emails. Don’t skip out on this step because it could lead to trouble down the road if you’re filling up their email box without their permission.

Create Your Targeted Email List

After getting a solid list of email addresses, it’s time to find out different ways you can target them. If certain groups aren’t going to find your message relevant, it’s a waste to market to them.

Here are several categories that can be used to target potential customers:

  • Gender There are certain products and services that only men would benefit from and ones that only women would be interested in. Separating your contacts by gender is one way to make sure you are targeting a group of people who would benefit most from your services or product.
  • Purchase Behavior You can take an email list of previous customers and look at their purchase behavior. If there’s one product they bought they may lead them to buy another, you can target them that way. Since you already know they’re interested in something, there is a good chance they’ll want to continue buying from you over the competition.
  • Location Location is another great way to target potential customers and re-engage one-time customers. Knowing where people on your list live can help to personalize the message you’re sending and make a connection.

Remember, people like to feel connected to a product or service. These are just several ways you can target people on your email list. Once you know how to group people according to certain characteristics, it’s time to craft your email.

Crafting Targeted Emails

One of the best ways to begin crafting your email is to pretend you have the person in front of you to talk to. Think about what you would say and in what tone.

Here are some other things to consider when crafting a targeted email marketing campaign:

  • What would interest them?

Think about what would make them want to buy your product or use your services. Talk about those points in your email and why they’re important.

  • What do they need?

Being in tune with other people’s needs will help you build that connection in your email you need to gain more customers.

  • How can you help them?

Tell them how you can solve their problem or make their lives easier. People often look for products and services that will do this for them. If you can craft an email around these talking points, you have a greater chance of creating an email that people will read and interact with.

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