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Image of Monitoring the area from above. Reaching personal aircraft owners for targeted marketing can be a daunting task. Traditional methods of finding and connecting with this niche audience are time-consuming and inefficient. Imagine the missed opportunities and lost revenue by not being able to effectively engage with personal aircraft owners. Your marketing efforts are falling short, and your competitors are gaining an edge by reaching this lucrative market. Datamasters is the solution you need to connect with personal aircraft owners effortlessly. Our targeted marketing database is specifically designed to help businesses like yours reach this exclusive audience. With accurate and up-to-date contact details, you can quickly and efficiently connect with personal aircraft owners, ensuring that your message is heard by the right people at the right time. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity – leverage Datamasters today and soar above your competition!

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Aircraft owners are the target customers for companies who specialize in products and services pertaining to general aviation. However, identifying who these individuals are is becoming increasingly difficult. The number of active general aviation pilots has dropped significantly over several recent decades. This is especially true after 2008 when the recession took the country by storm. In fact, when examining statistics pertaining to general aviation you can see that the industry hasn’t quite recovered. This has left companies who sell products and services related to general aviation scrambling to find customers.

Thankfully, DataMasters is helping all kinds of companies make contact with the customers who need what they have to offer. This is also true for companies who market specifically to aircraft owners. Finding you customers is the biggest challenge companies face when the economy takes a turn for the worst. This is why DataMasters hones in on the demographics and contact information for aircraft owners and compiles them into our Aircraft Data Mailing List. The database includes everything you need to know to reach out to these potential customers.

Finding Aircraft Owners

Finding aircraft owners has been difficult since the recession. Many people were forced to give up their various aircrafts while the economy suffered. Unfortunately for companies in the aircraft industry, many of these people have yet to replace their aircrafts. This is where DataMasters comes in. We have a database consisting of nearly 250,000 aircraft owners across the United States of America. This comprehensive list includes individuals, partnerships, government agencies, and corporations who own aircraft.

Through this database, your company has a direct line to aircraft owners, enthusiasts, and businesses. All of whom are looking for the products and services your company can offer. This information can help a number of businesses reach their customers. If your company offers aircraft aftermarket parts, insurance, investment offers, or more, these are the customers you’ve been looking for.

If your company specializes in a specific type of aircraft, we can help with that as well. Our database can help you reach the customer group you need. The information can be divided by aircraft type, including: balloon, blimp, fixed wing single engine, fixed wing multi-engine, glider, gyroplane, powered parachute, rotocraft, and weight shift control.

Customizing Advertisements for Aircraft Owners

Another great feature about the DataMasters database is the ability to sort the information by type of registrant. We feature the contact information for over 140,000 individual aircraft owners. Our list also includes 29,900 co-owners, over 70,000 corporations, and much more. To take things further, you can also organize the aircraft data by aircraft category, number of engines, manufacturer year, registration type, classification type, classification, year of certification, and engine type. You can also narrow down the demographics of the owners by location, age, gender, ethnicity, income, and much more. The database is truly customizable to produce a list of your ideal customers.

Once you have your targeted customer list you can create advertisements made specifically for that group. You even have the option of creating more than one group of customers so you can create ads for multiple groups. This allows you to appeal to a larger amount of people and expand your business’s reach. For example, if your company manufactures parts for more than one type of aircraft, but the target customer is different for each type, you may consider creating different advertisements.

An advertisement that’s geared towards one type of customer or owners of a particular aircraft may not appeal to others. By dividing the database into segments and sending out targeted ads for each segment you’re maximizing your appeal across the board. An eye catching image of a particular aircraft will catch the attention of aircraft owners. You can then wow them with your products, services, and great deals.

How Targeted Marketing can help Your Company

This method of targeted marketing is extremely beneficial for companies who need to reach a certain customer type. Direct targeted marketing is particularly helpful for those companies who have a small potential customer base. Rather than using wide forms of advertisement in hopes their few potential customers will see it, it just makes more sense to contact those individuals directly. For example, trying to advertise aircraft parts on television commercials, billboards, or even on the radio doesn’t make much sense. These advertising mediums are expensive. They have a wide reach, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re reaching the right customers for your company.

Using a targeted database to reach aircraft owners is much more efficient. You instantly go from fishing for one specific fish in the ocean, to fishing in that fish’s habitat. You’re bringing your company’s goods and services directly to the people who need them. In this advertising scenario, everyone wins. Your company gets the customers it needs and the customers get the products and services they need.

The best part is, this method of advertising is much more affordable than broader methods. This means that your advertising budget goes so much further than it would otherwise. Not only that, but direct targeted marketing also consistently provides a better return on investment over other methods. You reach the customers who need you, while spending less, and advertising more effectively.

Why DataMasters?

DataMasters has long been the gold standard when it comes to their databases. Our data experts compile reliable information in an easy to use format. We help our clients maximize the usability of this information by providing expert guidance. Not only this, but we can also assist with your printing needs. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of targeted direct marketing and can guide you through the entire process.

Our databases also go through regular checks and maintenance. This ensures you’re always getting the most current information. You can use this data to create advertising campaigns with confidence. Everything we do is geared toward helping your company succeed. We’ve been in this business for decades and our outstanding track record speaks for itself. If you’re interested in learning more about targeted direct marketing, please give us a call.

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