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Real Time Auto Leads, Insurance Leads and Pay Day Applications

Image of Get More Leads - DataMastersDatamasters now has available Trigger Leads and Real Time Leads for Auto Loan and New Car Shoppers, as well as Auto Health and Life Insurance Long Form Leads.

We currently generate on a daily basis the below averages in Real Time through our Ping/Post Platform. All leads are generated by one of the following methods:

  • Email Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Call Center Traffic generated Leads

Ringless Voice Mail Services

Datamasters provides Ring less Voicemail Campaign Broadcasting Services. We will produce your targeted cell phone Marketing list, or we deploy your 3rd party Phone List. Otherwise, you supply us with your Voicemail Script, Caller ID & Scheduling – we do the rest!

IP Targeted Digital Advertising

Datamasters can now take any Name & Address List and do an IP / Address Match and deliver your Digital Advertisement Message to the specific Household or business Computer that we have successfully matched with an IP Address. We have been getting a 98.5% IP match rate with our Customers Name and Address Data. Your Digital Ad will appear on any number of the most popular Web Sites. Here is a short list of some of the Major Web Sites that your Advertisement may appear on:

  • CNNBlue back ground image with a hand with a pen connecting lines between wooden circles representing people on a yellow background.
  • ESPN

The IP Matching uses a proprietary process. This Geo-Location Technology produces a 98.5 % accurate customer profile, and it allows us to place advertisements directly on a specific computer by utilizing any Home or Business Address.