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Image of Cropped photo of a quad bike. A young caucasian man and woman riding an ATV. As a marketer, you understand the importance of targeted advertising and reaching the right audience. However, finding accurate and up-to-date demographics for ATV owners can be a daunting task. Without this information, your direct marketing efforts may fall flat and waste valuable resources. Imagine spending hours researching and compiling data on ATV owners, only to find outdated or unreliable information. Your carefully crafted marketing campaigns end up reaching the wrong audience, resulting in poor response rates and wasted marketing budgets. Datamasters is here to revolutionize your direct marketing efforts. Our comprehensive database provides accurate and detailed demographics of ATV owners, giving you the insights you need to target your audience effectively. With Datamasters' direct marketing tips, you'll discover proven strategies to engage ATV owners and drive sales. Don't waste time with guesswork – leverage our data-driven solutions for successful direct marketing campaigns today!

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ATV owners, also known as people who own all-terrain vehicles, are generally individuals and families who enjoy spending time outdoors. However, there’s so much more to this group than many companies realize. If your company specializes in products or services for ATV owners then understanding your customer is crucial to your business’s success.

DataMasters is leading the way when it comes to connecting companies and customers. We do this with our extensive, specialized databases. We even have an ATV database to help companies reach these special customers directly.

ATV Owners Demographics

There are over 1.2 million ATV owners across the United States. A large number of these individuals own their own home and have an annual household income of about $65,000 or more. Most enjoy hunting and fishing, as well as other off-road activities. Many also own farms and ranches and use their ATVs to help get around on their land.

As far as brands go, Polaris, Yamaha, and Honda are the three most popular brands of ATV. Over half of Polaris and Honda owners live in rural areas. Most are male, around 39 years of age. They tend to enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping. Other people attracted to these brands also include individuals who enjoy racing, motorcycling, car shows, and tractor pulls. Yamaha tends to be more popular with the younger crowds. Overall, about one third of ATV owners use them recreationally, another third use them for hunting and fishing, while the remainder use them for utility work such as farming or ranching.

Each of these ATV owners is an ideal customer for anyone offering specific goods and services for this group. The problem for these businesses is getting their advertisements in front of the ATV owners themselves. Wide methods of advertising generally aren’t effective for specific targeted groups such as this. Thankfully, DataMasters offers a solution to companies attempting to reach a specific group of individuals.

Who Benefits from Direct Marketing to ATV Owners?

If your company has products or services connected to ATV ownership, then you can benefit from using the DataMasters ATV database. This database contains the contact information for over one million ATV owners throughout the U.S. It is the most comprehensive and accurate ATV database currently available.

This high-quality information source helps different types of companies get in touch with their customers. It’s ideal for ATV dealers as well as parks, campgrounds, and ATV tours. Companies who specialize in ATV accessories for hunting and fishing can benefit as well. Trade in offers, refinance offers, warranty offers, and magazine subscription offers all can benefit from having direct access to these individuals.

Benefits of Marketing Directly to ATV Owners

Reaching the ideal customers directly helps your company’s bottom line. You spend less on advertising and get better results. Using a database to market directly to your potential customers has the added bonus of allowing you to control who you reach and how. This is a great option if your company markets to a specific subset of ATV owners. It’s also beneficial if you have a wide variety of products but want to market certain products to the people who are more likely to purchase them.

The DataMasters database is customizable by age, income, homeowner vs. renter, number of children present, marital status, and gender. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 200 lifestyle selections and demographics you can choose from to narrow your focus even further.

You can also limit your advertising to precise ATV specifics. This is great if your company focuses on one brand of ATV in particular. You can choose the make, model, and year to narrow the data. All of this information allows you to market to individuals who own ATVs or those who are ideal customers for ATVs.

Tips for Marketing to ATV Owners

The ability to narrow your focus allows you to create individualized ads for ATV owners. If your goal is to sell ATV accessories for hunters, you can select people who fit this customer profile. You can then create an image that will resonate with them. This could show your product in use, or it could catch their eye with an impressive buck. Either way, your goal is to catch their attention, then, when they take a closer look, you’ll want to wow them with your product or service.

You can also apply this same strategy to target other ATV owners. If you’re trying to reach farmers and ranchers, show the ATV in action. Feature products that will make their life easier. You can also show people who race ATVs how they can make their vehicle faster and easier to control.

You can apply this technique to email advertisements as well as direct mail advertisements. We even have phone numbers if you prefer to call your potential customers directly to offer your products or services. There’s a large variety of ways you can utilize this data for your business.

DataMasters for your Database Marketing Needs

The best thing about all of this information is that DataMasters makes it easy and affordable for your company. Our database experts are ready and willing to help your advertisement campaign a success. We’ve been in the business of connecting customers and businesses for generations. Our business model ensures that everyone wins. Customers get access to the deals, products, and services they need. And your company experiences growth by attracting new customers.

We can also help you with your direct mail campaign. We know exactly what you need to do in order to reach these customers. Our company can even help with printing costs if you need. We’re successful when you’re successful so our goal is to make each campaign a victory to keep you coming back for more. Our ATV database is constantly expanding and changing to contain the most current information available. We do this by collecting purchase and sales data and so much more.

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