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Exotic car owners can be a difficult target to market to. This is because many companies don’t know who owns exotic cars. This is why it pays to have a direct connection to your potential clientele. The best way to make this connection is through database services.

DataMasters has an extensive automotive database. Our database houses customizable fields of information that allows you to target your ideal customers. This allows you to reach out to these potential customers individually and on personal level with direct marketing.

Direct Marketing to Exotic Car Owners

Direct marketing provides you with a direct connection to the customers who need or want your products or services. You would reach out to them through telemarketing, email marketing, or direct mail marketing. Each method provides the unique opportunity to reach a customer that is far more likely to purchase your product or service. They also allow you to customize your advertisements for your specific audience.

This saves both time and money over other methods of automotive marketing. Other methods target large groups in hopes that their target customer will happen across the advertisement. This is commonly seen with billboards, television and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, and many other forms of wide advertising. This often results in wasted advertising dollars because most of the people who see your ad are not interested in your products or services. However, you can now use direct marketing to target your specific customer group to get better results, faster.

The DataMasters automotive database contains over 211 million vehicle owner names and addresses across the United States. There’s a large variety of companies that can utilize this data to reach exotic car owners for service work, warranties, upgrades, recalls, aftermarket parts and accessories, and automobile insurance. This information is compiled from point of sale data, new and used vehicle sales information, warranty information, repair facilities, insurance companies, credit bureaus, service records, customer surveys, and much more. The best part is, the data is sortable and customizable to ensure you reach your target customers.

Demographics for Exotic Car Owners

There are a few traits that exotic car owners tend to share. This can often help with your marketing efforts. It’s always beneficial to understand who your target customer is and more about their lifestyle, spending habits, and anything else of significant importance.

Millions of luxury and exotic cars can be found on highways, in driveways, and in garages around the United States. Cars are often considered to be a status symbol. The fancier and more exotic the car, the better off the person tends to be financially. The car we drive makes a statement about who we are as a person. No one understands this more than exotic car owners. However, when thinking of the people who own exotic cars, the truth may be different than what you envision in your head.

Just because someone is able to afford some of the most expensive cars on the market, doesn’t mean they do. Many exotic car owners select makes and models that are somewhat modest when compared to their net worth. Some owners even choose to own more practical cars. The lesson here is that we can’t assume anything about exotic car owners. We must let the data speak for itself.

According to information collected from various sources people who own exotic cars know which vehicle they want. They’re educated, successful, and own their own home. Most of them are in their 40s or older and have a family. There are some outliers as this is not a one size fits all view of exotic car owners, but it’s a great starting point.

Connecting with Exotic Car Owners

Exotic car owners tend to be informed about the various features of their rare vehicles. In order to connect with these individuals, it’s easiest to appeal to their knowledge and vehicle preferences. The DataMasters database allows you to filter data by make, model, income, lifestyle and much more.

Use the sortable information to match the list of possible customers to the profile of your target customer. Doing so offers a better opportunity for you to connect with the individual and build a relationship between consumer and company.

If you’re targeting customers with a specific make or model of vehicle, start with a striking image. This could be an image of the vehicle or an image featuring a particular aspect of the vehicle. Either of these is sure to grab their eye as they recognize the image as something they own or would like to own. Appeal to their knowledge about their vehicle with catchy text that isn’t too wordy. Once you have their attention you can go into more detail about what your company offers.

There are an unlimited number of ways you can sort and utilize this data. Use your imagination or find out what appeals to your existing customers. Implement these ideas into your advertising campaign and pay close attention to the results to find the most effective set of advertisements.

Direct Marketing with DataMasters

DataMasters has the same goals for your company as you do. We want to see you succeed. Your success is our success. We’ve been in the business of helping businesses just like yours for generations. Our data experts are professionally trained with a deep understanding of how to help each company maximize our database for optimal use. They are standing by to help answer any and all questions you might have about this unique opportunity.

Our automotive database is the most comprehensive and accurate database currently available. We process regular updates to ensure we provide you with the most current information possible. This helps your business as well as the customers you’re trying to reach. In this situation, everybody wins.

Call us today to get your company on the path to success through targeted advertising. Reach the people who need what your company offers and maximize the return on your investment.

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