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IP Targeted Digital Advertising

IP targeted digital advertising

Datamasters can now take any Name & Address List and do an IP / Address Match and deliver your Digital Advertisement Message to the specific Household or business Computer that we have successfully matched with an IP Address. We have been getting a 98.5% IP match rate with our Customers Name and Address Data. Your Digital Ad will appear on any number of the most popular Web Sites. Here is a short list of some of the Major Web Sites that your Advertisement may appear on. (CNN, ESPN, FOX NEWS, MICROSOFT, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, THE WEATHER CHANNEL). The IP Matching uses a proprietary process. This Geo-Location Technology produces a 98.5 % accurate customer profile, and it allows us to place advertisements directly on a specific computer by utilizing any Home or Business Address.

The Technology: Our Patent-pending technology combines more than 30 public data elements accurately map IP addresses to physical addresses. Our technology does not use cookies or census block geography location software. This is not done through any of the Established Digital Advertising Methods. This is a process that strictly maps IP Address to Physical Addresses. We have access to online advertising space on over 1 million web sites with the potential for 30 to 50 Billion Ad Impressions per day.

The Process:

  1. The Advertiser must submit Insertion Order along with the Advertisement Creative and must provide us with the list of addresses that they maintain or purchase, including Street, City, State and Zip Code. “On average a campaign will be live one week after acceptance of the IO and receipt of creative”.
  2. We begin the process of matching the physical address to the corresponding customers I.P. Address at a 98.5% accuracy rate.
  3. We launch Campaign within 48 hours after customer gives us the go ahead.
  4. When a prospective customer goes online, the Digital Ads are directed to their IP Address or Web Entry Point, and they are delivered to the Web Sites that they choose to visit.

Key to a successful Online Advertising Campaign:

  1. Use the best list Business / Residential Address List possible.
  2. Have ads that resonate with the audience.
  3. Have a Special Offer with a strong call-to-action to get their attention.
  4. Test different ad messages to determine which one will get the best response rate.
  5. Have a simple conversion process to the sales / signups area of your Landing Page.

Blue back ground image with image on the right showing a dart board and three darts pointing to the center.Return on Investment: Our customers have been experiencing success rate 5 to 10 times that of other online advertising campaigns and the click through rate is over three times that of the industry average. The Campaign Statistics and ROI analysis will be provided via a Dashboard and will be gauged through highly accurate Match Back Process.

Pricing: We can send out any 10,000 of these IP targeted Advertisements for 15 cents each, any 20,000 for 12 cents each, any 50,000 for 9 cents each, 100,000 for 7.5 cents each or any 1 million Digital Impressions for 5 cents each.

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