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DataMasters Mortgage Database Leads


DataMasters offers the most comprehensive and accurate Mortgage Database currently available for Direct Mail Marketing, Email Marketing and Telemarketing.

We offer:

Almost 70 Million Active Mortgage Records throughout the USA
Over 5 million DNC scrubbed phone numbers
Over 16 million phone numbers that are not DNC scrubbed
Over 8 million email addresses
Data elements sourced from County Courthouses, the three major Credit Bureaus and County Tax Assessor Office

Why get your Mortgage Database Leads from DataMasters?

Our Mortgage Data is updated monthly with New Purchase and Refinance Data. We receive purchase and refinance information from over 800 counties throughout the USA each month, as well as a monthly NCOA on the entire Database. These processes are combined with current Credit Bureau Information to create the most comprehensive and accurate Mortgage File available.

Direct Mail Postcards

Database Quantity

Almost 70 Million Active Mortgage Records throughout the USA.
     See our Total USA Mortgages.
Over 5 million DNC scrubbed phone numbers
Over 16 million phone numbers that are not DNC scrubbed
     See our Mortgage Data with Phones State Counts.
Over 8 million email addresses
     Email Marketing Lists are available for Rental or Purchase.
     We can broadcast out to the Mortgage Email Data through our Email Broadcast Platform.
     See our Mortgage Data with Email Counts and Data Sample.


Our Mortgage Database is ideal for mortgage companies and individual loan officers who need to contact:

Homeowners with High-Interest Rates
Homeowners in need of a Refinance
Homeowners in need of Debt Consolidation
Senior Homeowners, age 62 and over, for Reverse Mortgage offers

Our Mortgage Database is also selectable by specific lender name so Refinance Offers can be targeted to Homeowners who have mortgages with specific lenders.

Target Homeowners with High Interest Rates

Of the 70 Million Total USA Mortgages, approximately 56 Million are Loans for Single Family Dwellings. Of these:

We only have the current interest rate coded on 7.3 Million of these Mortgages
And of the 7.3 Million with Interest Rates Coded, 2.16 Million have Rates over 6%

This means that approximately 48.7 Million SFDU Mortgages have no Interest Rates available to help us identify the Homeowners that may need to refinance. Therefore alternative methods must be utilized with respect to modeling the Mortgage Data Elements that we do have available to us in order to help to identify and target those Homeowners that have high Interest Rates and are therefore in need of a Refinance.

Here are a few General Data Targeting Pathways we can use to get us to those Homeowners that may need a Refinance where we do not have an Interest Rate Available.
We currently have a little over 5 Million USA Homeowners on an Adjustable Rate Mortgage with Postal Information. These Homeowners will all have to eventually refinance their Mortgages. Typically we also Incorporate Mortgage Date and Mortgage Amount into the Search Criteria when isolating by ARM Loan.
Of the almost 56 Million USA Homeowners currently on a Mortgage, 7.2 Million of these Mortgages are with either a Finance Company or with a Hard Money Lender. These types of Lenders are often utilized when a standard Lender cannot be used because of Credit Issues, Prior Bankruptcies or a previous foreclose, etc and the Loans usually have a Higher Interest Rate.
We can filter the Mortgage and Credit Related Data Elements to focus and Target Homeowners that are in need of a Debt Consolidation or a Refinance. With Data Elements such as the Homeowners High Credit Card Debt, Credit Score, High Number of Trade lines, and / or Outstanding Debt, we can get to a subset of Homeowners Similar to These Counts that will be really good prospects for a Refinance Offer that rolls in all of the Homeowners Existing Debt into a Newly Refinanced Mortgage.
We currently have 409,728 Homeowners who are delinquent on their Property Taxes. These Homeowners may need to either sell their Home in order to settle their Debts, or Refinance into a New Loan that will consolidate the outstanding Debt.

Compilation Methods

The Mortgage Information we offer is compiled from Public Records at the County Courthouse Level and is available for the majority of the counties throughout the USA, and also from the three Major Credit Bureaus.

Our unique Mortgage Data Compilation Methodology gives the marketer the option to mix and match County Courthouse Information with Credit Bureau information.

In addition to the County Courthouse and Credit Bureau sources, County Tax Assessor and Standard Consumer Data Elements are incorporated into the Mortgage Database. (All Available Mortgage Database Selections)


Mortgage Data: $0.04 to $0.15 per record, depending on the number of selections that are incorporated into your order
$150.00 minimum order is typically required
Mortgage Data with email addresses: start at $0.09 each with a $500.00 minimum order

Please inquire with respect to specific select pricing.

For additional Mortgage Data Information, see our Mortgage Protection Data page as well as our New Homeowner Data page and Homeowner X-Date page.