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If there’s any group of car owners out there that love to customize their cars, its Honda owners. In fact, as one of the most purchased vehicle brands in America, chances are at least someone you know owns a Honda. These cars are affordable, perform well, and are highly customizable. They appeal to owners of all ages and backgrounds. The only problem caused by their popularity surrounds marketing to these individuals. The demographics for Honda owners are so diverse that it’s hard to pin down exactly who to target. Thankfully, with Honda car owner lists that’s not something you need to worry about.

The DataMasters’ automotive database is extensive and contains the contact information for millions of vehicle owners across the United States. This makes advertising to individuals who own a specific make or model of vehicle easy. Armed with a list of names and addresses of known Honda owners, you can advertise directly to your target customers.

This form of advertising is called targeted direct marketing. It outperforms more traditional methods of advertising by leaps and bounds. Instead of advertising to any person who will glance at an ad, be it on television, in a newspaper, on a billboard, or even on the radio, you take a more focused approach. With targeted direct marketing you create a connection between your company and your target customers. It is more cost effective and has better results over other advertising methods. Plus, you design your advertisement specifically for your customers. This allows you to create an ad that you know will entice those who already fit your target customer profile.

What is a Honda Car Owners List?

Imagine having a list of all potential future customers and their contact information. Lists are an extremely powerful marketing tool. They’re created by merging several data sources into one extensive databank. However, not just any data source will do. The information must come from a reliable source or even the customers themselves.

An automotive mailing list uses data from car dealerships, insurance companies, major car clubs, service and repair chains, and more. Data is added or removed to ensure the databank is up to date. The DataMasters process is compliant with both state and federal laws.

A successful databank takes years of building and testing. The databank company must create a relationship with the data providers. In the end, you’re left with a massive amount of information. This can be sorted my year, make, or model of vehicle. It’s also possible to sort the information by customer details such as location.

Using Honda Car Owner Lists

If you’re a company that specializes in parts or accessories for Honda vehicles, Honda car owners want and need what you have. Lists are the best way to get in touch with your customers. Even if your company doesn’t limit their products and services to just Hondas, you can still benefit. This is because Honda customers love to customize their vehicles. Hondas are one of the most commonly customized vehicles in the US.

Many Honda owners also belong to special groups depending on their focus. For example, the Honda owners who focus on what’s going on under the hood may belong to racing groups while there are other groups for those focused on the outward appearance. Whatever the group or the Honda owners end goal, when they find something they love, they share it. This means that hooking one customer actually has the potential of getting many more.

One of the best things about using Honda car owners lists is the customization. No two lists are ever exactly the same. This is because everyone’s parameters are different, and the database is continuously updated. You get a unique list each and every time as we update, add, and remove information.

To get the best list possible for your business, you just let us know which type of customer you’re after. In addition to narrowing the information down by vehicle make, model, year, and other features, we can also add other filters. For example, if you’re looking for local business for your repair or auto body shop, we can target individuals within a set distance from your business. If you operate across the state or region then we can target those in that specific area. We can even target by age, gender, income, and much more.

Maximizing the Potential and Reach Honda Car Owners

The ability to customize your target customer lists is extremely powerful. It allows you to really focus in on specific customer attributes. You can then create an advertisement for this laser targeted customer. For example, if you sell high end aftermarket parts across the state of California, you can target all individuals in California who own a Honda car and have a specific income level.

Another example would be targeting customers who have children. Honda customers with children may be more interested in aftermarket parts that add comfort to their ride. There are so many ways you can use the list and have a successful campaign.

There are also a variety of companies that can benefit from targeted direct marketing. For example: insurance companies, extended warranty companies, service and maintenance companies, even companies that sell tires and wheels can all benefit.

Finding a High Quality List

The biggest challenge when it comes to targeted direct marketing is finding a data supplier you can trust. There are many imitators out there that are selling old information or data that does not comply with state and federal laws. Not only can this decrease the effectiveness of your campaign but it could place your company at risk for legal repercussions.

Here at DataMasters we ensure our database is compiled from reliable information. We update our data regularly so we have current and relevant information. We also operate in full compliance with all federal and state laws.

Our goal is to help businesses succeed and customers find the products and services they need. Call one of our data experts today to get started.

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