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What Are Cell Phone Appends?

Cell phone appends are a service used to add missing contact information, including cell phone numbers, to an existing list of contacts. By supplementing this data with accurate and current mobile numbers, companies can better reach their intended audiences and improve the success of their marketing campaigns. Cell phone append services usually take a few minutes and require minimal effort on the part of the user. By appending the necessary information, businesses are able to more easily engage with their customers and increase sales. Additionally, this service helps ensure that customer communications are compliant with regulations like CASL or CAN-SPAM. With cell phone appends, companies can reduce costs while improving the accuracy of their marketing efforts.

Why would I want to use cell phone appends?

Cell phone appends can be a powerful tool for any business looking to increase revenue from their marketing campaigns. By leveraging the latest mobile technology, companies are able to reach customers more quickly and effectively. This helps ensure that messages reach the intended audience in a timely manner and improves communication with existing customers. Additionally, incorporating cell phone information into contact lists can help businesses remain compliant with regulations like CASL or CAN-SPAM. By utilizing this service, companies can ensure that their messages are sent to the correct recipients and reduce costs associated with marketing campaigns. Furthermore, appending cell phone information to contact lists helps improve engagement rates and increases the success of marketing efforts. All in all, using a cell phone append service can help businesses save time, money and resources while improving the success of their marketing campaigns.

Are cell phone appends legal?

Yes, cell phone appends are completely legal. As long as the contact information is obtained in a manner that complies with all relevant data protection laws and regulations, there is no reason why companies should not utilize this service to improve their marketing efforts. Companies must also ensure they abide by any applicable rules and regulations, such as CASL or CAN-SPAM, when sending messages to contacts that have been appended with cell phone information. All in all, using a reputable cell phone append service can help businesses reach their target audience more efficiently and effectively while still remaining compliant with the law.

Overall, cell phone appends can be a great way for businesses to reach more customers and increase their marketing success. By utilizing this service, companies are able to obtain current mobile numbers quickly and easily while remaining compliant with all relevant regulations. Additionally, the use of cell phone appends can help reduce costs associated with marketing campaigns and increase engagement levels with customers. All in all, this is an invaluable tool that can help businesses of all sizes reach their target audience and maximize the success of their campaigns.

Ready to Append Cell Phone Numbers?

Datamasters consistently has over 198 million Accurate and Validated emails in the USA available for people over 18 years of age that can be added to any Consumer Data File.   We can add emails to an average of 80% or more for Single Family Dwelling Households, and to an average 60% or more for Multi Family Dwelling Households.

Consumer Email Appends Cell Appends

5000 Emails added at 6 cents per email
10,000 Emails added at 5.5 per email
20,000 Emails added at 5 cents per email
50,000 Emails added at 4.5 cents per email
100,000 Emails added at 4 cents per email
500,000 Emails added at 3 cents per email
1 million Email added at 2.5 cents per email

Consumer Cell Appends. We have approximately 73 million cells available for SFDU Households, and 8 Million Cells for MFDU Households.

5000 Cells added at 2 cents per Cell
50,000 Cells added at 1.5 cents per Cell
100,000 to 500,000 Cells added at 1 cent per Cell
1 million Cells added at .008 per Cell

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