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DataMasters Provides New Homeowner Lists throughout the USA

We offer the most Accurate, Timely and Comprehensive New Homeowner Data File currently available.

See our Counts by State for Home Purchases and how you can benefit from a new homeowner email list.

New Homeowner ListsFor most Medium Sized and Larger Counties throughout the USA, we offer New Homeowner Lists on either a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis, utilizing our new homeowner mailing list.

Last year, we compiled over 3.24 Million Single Family Home and Condominium Sales throughout the country, enriching our homeowners database, and with the improving housing market we anticipated an approximate 20% to 25% increase in sales this year.

The Data is delivered via Email in an Excel File. In addition to the Name & Address Information, the New Homeowner Data comes with the Mortgage Amount, Sale Price, Sale Date, Presence of Swimming Pool, Year Built, Square Feet, Lender Name, Rate Type, Loan Type, Mortgage Length, and on approximately 15% of the Records the DNC Scrubbed Telephone Numbers are provided.

New Homeowners with Swimming Pools

Last year, we recorded 222,546 New Homeowners with Swimming Pools throughout the USA. For the Swimming Pool Service and Pool Chemical Companies, these New Homeowners with Swimming Pools are the ideal potential customer.

Companies that benefit from our Daily, Weekly and Monthly New Homeowner Mailing Lists include Security Alarm Companies, Water Purification System Companies, Satellite and Cable Television Companies, Electronic Equipment Installation Companies, Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Companies, Pest Control Companies, Furniture Companies, Resale Shops, Home Re-modelers, Mini Blind and Drapery Sales and Installation Companies, Swimming Pool Builders, Home Appliance Companies, Doctors, Dentists and Chiropractors, Insurance Offers. As do local retail stores and service-related businesses seeking to tap into our home owner mailing list.

Local Retail Stores or Service Related Business would benefit from a Direct Mailer to New Homeowners on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

New Homeowner Lists

The Daily New Homeowner Data Starts at 20 cents per Lead with a $50.00 per week Minimum, the Weekly New Homeowner Data starts at 12 cents per Lead with a $50.00 per week Minimum and the Monthly New Homeowner Data starts at 9 cents per Lead with a $50.00 per Month Minimum.

We also Offer Daily Telephone Connect Data for Probable New Homeowners who have recently moved into a Single Family Home and have just turned on their Land Line within the previous 24 hour period and for Renters who have recently moved into an Apartment and have just turned on their Land Line within the previous 24 hour period.

We average approximately 10,300 Telephone Connect Records per day for SFDU’s (Single Family Dwelling Unit’s), and approximately 4300 per day for MFDU’s (Multi Family Dwelling Unit’s). (Click the SFDU and MFDU links For the Monthly Averages by state.)

Blue back ground image with image on the right showing a young couple with a child smiling looking at each other.Add Email Addresses to New Homeowner Data

Email Addresses can be added to the New Homeowner Data after the Postal Data is ordered. Our Email append service has a $150.00 minimum at 12 cents each for matched Email Addresses. If Peel & Stick Mailing Labels are required, add $10.00 per thousand to the above prices + all associated shipping costs.

Please contact us with any questions or for our New Homeowner Counts and averages in your area.