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If you’re a business owner, and you’re looking to bring in more clients and customers, you probably have been hitting the internet hard trying to drum up business. While online advertising can be very effective, you shouldn’t rule out another form just in the name of technology. The question on everyone’s mind these days is on the effectiveness of direct mail advertising.

Direct mail advertising remains an effective and efficient way to market your business. People still check their mailboxes every day, don’t they? In fact, statistics from The Data and Marketing Association found that direct mail customer response rate increased by 43% in 2016. The numbers don’t lie! So, if your direct mail marketing is done right it can still bring in plenty of customers!

Here’s Why You Don’t Want to Forget About Direct Mail Marketing

  • You can target your audience effectively.

Once you determine who your audience is, you can effectively market to them using direct mail. The United States Postal Service has a direct mail tool on its website that allows you to create a direct mail list using certain zip codes. This can be extremely effective if you’re a new business and want to spread the word among people in your new area.

You can also create mailing lists based on other information like demographics and common interests. When you partner with the right marketing company, like DataMasters, they can get you on the path to a successful marketing campaign by using mailing lists and other tools.

  • You can personalize your marketing.

If potential clients and customers feel special, they’ll be more likely to do business with you. People like it when businesses take the time to get to know them. This level of personalization can work to your benefit and make you stand out among the competition.

  • Direct Mail is tangible.

While coupons and offers sent to your phone can be convenient, some people find these to be a nuisance, especially if they’re in areas with minimal service to retrieve those offers. Direct mail puts the coupon or offer in the person’s hands. They know exactly what they’re getting. Plus, it may get you noticed by people who never knew you existed. If you’re offering a free burger, the next time someone is in the mood for one, they’ll remember they have a coupon for your restaurant and may likely go there over the competition.

Benefits of Effective Direct Mail Advertising

  • Direct Mail gets your attention.

Think about all of the emails you receive from companies and businesses on a daily basis. Do you take the time to open and read each one? Chances are you delete them in batches, never opening them up to see what offers may be inside. When you get letters in the mail you will go through the stack. You don’t just throw away your tangible mail blindly. This means you have a good chance of being visible to potential customers. Although they may still throw away the mail, they’ll at least look at it first which is more than you can see for all of those marketing emails. This will increase your brand awareness if nothing else.

  • Direct Mail is for everyone, not just the tech savvy.

While it may seem like everyone has a phone and everyone is on the internet 24/7, statistics prove otherwise. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly four in ten senior citizens own a smartphone. What happens to the other six? Getting offers on their phones at a drop of a hat is not possible. But, reaching them through Direct Mail is very possible.

More Reasons why Direct Mail Marketing is Effective

  • Direct Mail can be eye-catching and interesting.

When you open up a marketing email, it’s just text on a screen. Boring! When you look at a piece of direct mail marketing, it can be colorful, eye-catching and interesting! If your mailing stands out people will be more likely to remember you. The next time they’re looking for a cool place to book their child’s birthday party, they’re going to remember you over that email they got last week from the other guys.

  • Direct Mail marketing can be memorable and interactive.

If you opt for parcels or types of direct mail other than postcards, you can make them interactive so that people remember you even more. Perhaps you include a special way to open a package, or you have a call to action right on the box. Whatever the case, this will leave an impression on the person who receives it which is just what you want! When was the last time an email had the same effect?

Consider an Effective Direct Mail Advertising Campaign, today!

  • Direct Mail marketing is trackable.

You can track the success of your direct mail marketing campaign by figuring out how many coupons were redeemed or how many inquiries were generated. If you direct people to a website, you can also include a special tracking code that will allow you to know they visited because of the direct mailing.

  • Direct Mail marketing is effective because people like mail.

When was the last time you got a written letter in the mail or something that wasn’t a bill? Do you remember how you felt? Chances are you were pretty happy because generally speaking, people like to get mail. It makes them feel special to know that someone cared enough to send them something. If your direct mail marketing is done the right way it can get the same result.

If you were asking yourself, is direct mail advertising effective? we hope that you are now convinced that it certainly is. When you partner with experts, like the team at DataMasters, we can create mailing lists and a strategy that will get your mailing seen by the people who are most likely to patronize your business.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of direct mail advertising?

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