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Mustang owners care about their cars deeply. They take pride in owning an iconic American muscle car. Many of the individuals who own this vehicle enjoy customizing it by adding aftermarket parts. This is great news for companies who create and sell aftermarket parts and services. The only problem these companies face is finding out who owns a Mustang and making sure their advertising reaches them.

DataMasters specializes in direct targeted marketing. They offer the best possible solution for companies who are looking to market to a specific group of customers. This is all made possible through their extensive database which houses millions of people. Of course, the information doesn’t stop there. This data can be sorted in a variety of way by several fields. This allows you to narrow your database down to your target customers. You can then reach out to these individuals directly through phone, email, or standard mail.

Targeting specific customers that can use your products and services is the best way to increase revenue. These are customers who already need what your company offers. You need them, and they need you. DataMasters just helps connect the dots between the two of you.

Automotive Database for Mustang Owners

Our premier source of automotive information is our National Automotive Database. This provides the contact information for you to reach automotive customers through direct mail, email broadcasting, and telemarketing. Vehicles can change hands quickly so we ensure the database is update each week to account for purchases, sales, and title changes. About 1.5 million vehicle owner records are added or updated every single month.

Every individual on this list owns a vehicle of some sort. Along with vehicle ownership comes responsibility. Vehicles require service work, warranties, upgrades, repairs for recalls, parts, accessories, and automobile insurance. If your company offers any of these goods or services then you can benefit from our database. Having a direct link to your customers is priceless for any company.

Our National Automotive Database has more than a 97% accuracy rate when it comes to providing you with the best possible information. This means that over 97% of the time you are reaching your exact target audience. Your target audience can be as wide or as narrow as you need. We allow you to select your list based upon manufacturer, vehicle type, model, year, class or body, engine size, fuel type, new or used, with or without a lien, and mileage.

You also have the added benefit of filtering other fields at no extra cost to your company. These fields include income, age, home size, home owner status, and more. When we say we can help you hone in on your target audience, we aren’t exaggerating.

Specifics for Mustang Owners

If you’re trying to specifically reach individuals who own Mustangs, we can help. Our data experts can get you the list you need to reach the vehicle owners you want to contact. If your business specializes in parts or services for older Mustangs, we can narrow the list to correspond with your needs. We can even create different lists for different marketing strategies.

Many companies we work with have products or services for a larger range of customers. You can create individual lists of targeted customers and appeal to their specific wants and needs. Individualizing marketing campaigns is a great way to relate to a variety of customers and lead them to your business.  In fact, this strategy tends to be quite effective.

For example, say your company targets people who own Mustangs of all years and styles. When you think about your wide customer base, it may be hard to nail down one specific profile that covers all these individuals. This is because people who own classic Mustangs are likely very different from people who always want the newest Mustang. Instead of letting this dilemma stump you, use it to your advantage. Target both groups individually then create strong marketing campaigns that appeal to each set of customers. This strategy lets you show two different groups how your single company can benefit both of them.

Other Marketing Information for Mustang Owners

DataMasters also can Blue Book Value to your requested list. We even have the ability to supply mailing lists for individuals who have a leased vehicle. This allows us to provide you with information on individuals who have a lease that expires in the next several months.

Our database is built using a variety of sources. This allows us to include more information than many other companies. We get our data from sale and service information, transactional data, vehicle sale information, warranty sources, aftermarket repair facilities, insurance companies, credit bureaus, dealerships, service records, surveys, and the customers themselves. As you can see, our list is very comprehensive.

The only limitations on the data we can provide are the parameters set forth by your company when determining who you want to include on your list. This allows us to create a unique version of the list for your company. And, if you’re not sure how you should narrow down this massive amount of information, our data experts are willing and able to lend a helping hand.

We’ve been in the business of supplying data to companies like yours for decades. We’ve fine-tuned our craft to make sure that your business and the customers all benefit. Direct targeted advertising is much more effective in both reach and cost. Rather than casting a wide net and hoping to catch a few fish, you’re narrowing in on the catch of the day by carefully selecting your bait and your fishing hole.

Get started on your new advertising journey and start seeing the benefits for yourself. Our expert staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have about maximizing the potential of our database. Your advertising dollars should go as far as possible, and now they can with laser targeted advertising through DataMasters.

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