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Automobile Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Find new car buyers, car enthusiasts, aircraft owners & many other automotive consumers looking for your products and services.

Reach an exact target audience for many automotive products and services. We can laser target by age, gender, ethnicity, geography, income and other data that ensures you have the best list available. Our experienced data specialists will assist in selecting an automotive mailing list that will help drive new business. Our strong relationship with all major Data Compilers in the Direct Marketing Industry guarantees reputable, high-quality data for your Direct Marketing Project. We are constantly expanding our products and services, to bring you the best our industry has to offer.

For over 20 years DataMasters has helped thousands of businesses to:

  • Select the Best Direct Marketing Data Lists Available
  • Reach the Defined Target Market
  • Deliver the Expected Results

Automotive Mailing List Data

Image of a red sports car painted redDataMasters is a recognized leader in Automotive Owner Data with over 236 million vehicle owners by year, make, model and VIN. Our Auto Trigger Leads includes recent vehicle lone applicants. Our RV Owner Database includes almost 2 million motor home and travel trailer owners. Our Motorcycle Owner Database includes over 6 million motorcycle owners, and we offer a Boat Owner File with 5.5 million boat owners.



Demographic Choices List Selects Geographic & Other Selects
Gender Vehicle Year State
Income or Home Value Vehicle Make/Model County
Home Owner Odometer Reading ZIP Codes
Number of Vehicles in Household Car or Truck Purchase Date Radius around ZIP Code of Automotive Business
Automotive DIY Activity Car or Truck Title Date Radius around Address of Automotive Business
Automotive Magazine Subscriber Number of Vehicles in Household Metropolitan Areas
Mail Order Respondent Style Codes DMA
Blue Collar VIN Phone
White Collar Class Codes Latitude/Longitude
Occupation Diesel or Gas English Speaking
Hispanic or Asian Heritage Auto Maintenance Information Presence of Children

Custom Direct Marketing Automotive Data Mailing Lists.

BMW Car Owners

BMW Owner Mailing Lists

Specifically reach BMW Car Owners with our select, highly targeted lists.

1,812,947 BMW Owners

Corvette Car Owners

Corvette Owner Mailing Lists

Specifically reach Corvette Car Owners with our select, highly targeted lists.

301,918 Corvette Owners

Mustang Car Owners

Mustang Owner Mailing Lists

Specifically reach Mustang Car Owners with our select, highly targeted lists.

1,147,207 Mustang Owners

Ford Truck Owners

Ford Truck Owner Mailing Lists

Specifically reach Ford Truck Owners with our select, highly targeted lists.

Jeep Owners

Jeep Owner
Mailing Lists

Specifically reach Jeep Owners with our select, highly targeted lists.

Honda Owners

Honda Car Owner Mailing Lists

Specifically reach Honda Car Owners with our select, highly targeted lists.

Automotive Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions

Automobile Mailing List by Gender and demographics from Datamasters for your targeted marketing campaigns. Image shows an asian family waving to the dealer from their new car purchase.

Open Recall Appends

Due to the high response rate and low cost of repairs, a recall service campaign is one of the best ways for a dealership to drive traffic to their service center and showroom. Because recall maintenance is reimbursed by the manufacturer, and the service technicians are at peak efficiency having performed the recall repairs many times, the dealer essentially gets paid to meet new customers. With an effective process for collecting and storing the repair customer information in the dealers’ database, the dealer can begin to effectively market to those customers for both sales and service campaigns.

Automotive List by Zip from Datamasters to help you market to your consumer segment. Images shows a red vehicle with left side headlight.

$.85 per VIN with a $450 minimum

Find out the status of a specific vehicle by appending recall information by VIN. With the VIN match, we can output:

  1. Recall Number
  2. Recall Short Description
  3. Recall Risk
  4. Recall Remedy
  5. NHTSA Number
  6. Recall Type
  7. Recall State