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Motorcycle Owner Email Lists

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DataMasters Can Create a Motorcycle Email List for your Direct Mail needs.

Our Motorcycle Owner Database contains over 6 million Names and Addresses of Motorcycle, ATV and UTV Owners! In addition to the Postal Information, we have freshly appended and validated Email Addresses for 2.47 million of these USA Motorcycle Owners and 248,553 Canadian Motorcycle Owners.

Email Marketing: It seems everyone is doing it. Few do it well. Even fewer do it correctly.

Today, email is one of the most important forms of direct marketing available to marketers because of the impact it has in its reach.

Think about it. Today more and more people are receiving their email on their phones in addition/or instead of getting it delivered to their computers. Because of the growth and evolution of the medium, it takes a company exceptionally knowledgeable about delivery to get your message to your recipient.

Email Counts

Image of a blue painted custom built motorcyle​We have:

  • Almost 2.5 million motorcycle owners with emails in the USA
  • A total of 288,543 motorcycle owners with email from Canada

Motorcycle email counts by state

Expand this to see our motorcycle email counts by state, including Canada:
Canada 247,535
AK 5,694
AL 37,876
AR 23,022
AZ 50,501
CA 319,592
CO 39,856
CT 28,221
DC 4,704
DE 7,179
FL 151,008
GA 76,742
HI 10,645
IA 24,013
IN 12,625
IL 126,252
IN 51,244
KS 22,527
KY 34,410
LA 35,895
MA 51,739
MD 45,797
ME 10,397
MI 70,553
MN 42,084
MO 47,283
MS 23,518
MT 7,922
NC 14,358
ND 5,199
NE 14,358
NH 10,397
NJ 69,563
NM 16,339
NV 21,290
NY 177,991
OH 91,347
OK 29,706
OR 30,202
PA 100,507
RI 84,17
SC 6,436
SD 36,638
TN 50,253
TX 223,788
UT 21,785
VA 63,374
VT 4,951
WA 53,224
WI 45,055
WV 14,606
WY 4,456

Compilation Methods

The Motorcycle Owners Data is compiled from a variety of sources, including:

  • Motorcycle product related purchasing patterns
  • Online surveys
  • Warranty cards
  • Vehicle service/repair information from product registration cards
  • Data feeds from motorcycle manufacturing companies

The Email Addresses are comprised of 100% opted-in motorcycle owners and enthusiasts who have taken a survey and opted-in to receive:

  • Special offers and promotions of motorcycle products
  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Motorcycle collectibles
  • Magazines
  • Safety information
  • Entertainment event/shows about motorcycles
  • Any other services and gear relating to motorcycles

Need a Motorcycle Owners Mailing List?

The Audience

Image of a blue painted custom built motorcyleThese motorcycle owners and enthusiasts are highly responsive to motorcycle related promotions, products and services. These prospects are mainly males with a gender breakdown of Males – 77% and Females – 23%. Our vast network of permission-based websites contributes to our Motorcycle Owners and Enthusiasts file and provides a wide reach across an extensive audience.

Emails and Social Media

In addition to Email Broadcasting, our Motorcycle Owner Emails can be incorporated into your social media marketing campaign allowing your advertisement to appear on the Facebook Profile of the Motorcycle Owners Facebook Page as long as they use the same email on their Facebook profile.


Quantity Price
5,000 $0.12 per lead
100,000 $0.06 per lead
500,000 $0.03 per lead

Custom pricing packages are available — please inquire.


Please contact us with any questions (800) 575-3002.