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BMW owners, like many car owners, have shifted demographics in recent years. This has made it more difficult to connect with them through advertising. Thankfully, your company can easily get around this problem by choosing a new path.

DataMasters is a company that specializes in a variety of databases. Our automotive database helps companies reach the customers who can best benefit from their products and services. We consider this a win-win for both the customers, and the companies we help. Using targeted direct marketing you can reach out to people who already need what your company offers.

BMW Demographics

Unlike other vehicles, BMW owners are equally male and female. They don’t seem to appeal to one gender more than the other. The average age of a BMW owner has dropped slightly into the mid-forties. This makes BMW owners the youngest in the luxury car market. The median household income is around $175,000. These individuals typically own their own home and around 30% of them have a degree from a 4-year college.

A large amount of new BMW owners are trades people who’ve done well with the recovery from the most recent recession. These individuals are largely self-employed in the construction sector and have done well with the current building boom.

This data only accounts for new BMW owners. When we look at individuals who own a used BMW we see the numbers are even lower because the used cars tend to be more affordable. Regardless if the vehicle is new or used, these individuals take pride and care in owning their luxury vehicles.

Marketing to BMW Owners

If your company specializes in products or services specifically for BMW owners then you may be wondering how you can reach these customers. The best way to market to these individuals is by contacting them directly. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of your advertising budget and get a fantastic return on your investment.

Reaching these customers is easy with the right resources. The best way is to find a company, such as DataMasters, who has a comprehensive, up-to-date database with names, phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail contact information. Using a database is a sure fire way to ensure you’re reaching the customers who need you. This is beneficial for your company, and the people you’re trying to reach.

Finding your best customers begins with creating your target customer profile. Once you’ve established who your target customer is, then you can filter the information from the automotive database to fit your customer. That information then becomes a targeted vehicle owner mailing list. This gives you the best opportunity to reach your specific customer set. The database can be filtered by age, gender, income, homeownership, if they have children, or if they have other vehicles. You can also narrow it by specific make and model of vehicle, as well as interests. There are thousands of ways to filter the information and no two filtered lists are exactly the same. You’re getting a unique set of data that you can use for marketing.

Customizing Advertisements for BMW Owners

One of the best benefits of knowing exactly who you’re marketing to is the opportunity to create ads specifically for that type of customer. When you understand who your target customer is, you also understand what appeals to them. This information gives you the tools you need to build an effective advertisement. Using a list of customers that match your target customer profile allows you the ability to send this targeted advertisement to a large number of people who look just like your target customer. This increases the odds that people will respond to your advertisement.

There are a variety of ways you can customize your advertisement. You can even divide the data into smaller groups to create different advertisements. For example, many times men and women focus on different aspects of vehicles. You could filter your list by gender and create two different advertisements, one for men, and one for women. You can also apply this same method to age groups, average income of BMW owner households, if they have children, or even depending on what specific model of BMW they own. The possibilities of marketing using a database are endless.

Who Benefits from Marketing to BMW Owners?

The customers benefit through marketing selected just for them. However, many companies benefit from the ability to reach BMW owners. Some of the companies who’ve used our automotive database include insurance companies and companies specializing in aftermarket parts for BMWs. We’ve also worked with companies who offer extended warranties and other products and services for BMWs including routine maintenance, tires, oil, accessories, and much more.

The truth is if your company is in the automotive industry, then you can benefit from our automotive database. This is true even if you offer products and services for a wide range of vehicles. You can create advertisements which appeal to whatever customer group you’d like to target.

Doing More, With DataMasters

Our automotive database is the most extensive and up-to-date in the industry. We compile our data from a variety of sources including title changes, sale and purchase information, and much more. We’ve used this information to create a database of over 211 million names and addresses across the United States. We also update our information regularly to ensure you’re reaching the right customers. We’re proud of our 97% accuracy rate and are happy to deliver you the best information you can get.

If you’re planning on creating a direct mail campaign to send your advertisement to the mailboxes of your potential customers then we can help with that, too. Our data experts are ready to walk you through the different aspects of our automotive database. We can guide you through the process of setting up a direct mail campaign and can even assist with all of your printing needs.

We want to make your advertising campaign as easy as possible for both you and your customers.

Call DataMasters today at (469) 549-1800 for more information on using our automotive database to market to BMW owners.