Charity Marketing to Seniors Gives Non-Profit Agencies a Boost in Donations

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Charity Marketing to Seniors is a great way to get senior citizens to donate to your non-profit charity. The Baby Boomer generation of people born between 1946 and 1964 are increasing their support for causes they care about. However, this generation requires a special level of marketing. Many charities aren’t using specific targeting to get results. However, we can help take your charity marketing campaign to the next level.

DataMasters can help you reach baby boomers and other senior citizens. Our very large, detailed mailing lists help you reach a variety of audiences. For example, our senior citizen database can help you reach senior citizens who are interested in charity and non-profit organizations just like yours.

Charity Marketing to Seniors Using Mailing Lists

Mailing lists provide you with the unique opportunity to reach a precise audience. You no longer have to worry about wasting money casting a wide net with little return. Instead, you can now take a more focused approach and reach the people who are more likely to contribute to your charity.

A database compiles millions of pieces of information from a variety of public sources. This is information that doesn’t violate anyone’s privacy because it’s already public, or because they offered it willingly. This huge amount of information is then organized for easy use. You have the ability to sort and filter the list as needed to narrow the audience down considerably.

A database such as the one owned by DataMasters, allows you to think of your ideal marketing target and reach those people. It makes reaching the people who are interested in your cause so much better. You can narrow the list down by age, location, and interests. For example, if you need donations for your animal rescue organization you can specifically target senior citizens who have a soft spot for animals. Those who’ve advised they have pets or enjoy animals are much more likely to donate to charitable causes for animals. There are so many great ways you can use the database to your advantage.

Taking Charity Marketing to Seniors to the Next Level

By using a database, you have a direct link to possible contributors. Not only that, but you can create advertisements that appeal specifically to that group. The key is to think about how your charity can appeal to that specific group of senior citizens. If you have a non-profit organization dedicated saving endangered species, you may consider targeting seniors who enjoy travel. You can then focus on showing them how supporting your non-profit agency will improve their travel experience. For example, show senior citizens on a beach watching baby sea turtles running for the ocean. Show them that helping your charity will make their world a more enjoyable place.

You can also add other personal touches to show them that their contribution has made a difference. Thanking them for their donation is a great way to acknowledge their donation. You can also include information about how their donation is being used or the progress being made by your charity.

Baby boomers alone are proving to be the primary source of individual charitable donations. They give a whopping 43% of all donations funded by individuals. Google has told us that about 62% of both senior citizens and baby boomers combined participate in some type of charitable cause or movement. This proves that taking the time to market to this group of individuals is well worth the effort. It’s equally important to thank them for their contribution to encourage them to continue to donate.

Tips for Marketing to Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers

The best advice we can give you when it comes to marketing to senior citizens and baby boomers is to not make them feel old. They tend to avoid advertisements that portray them as being old or feeble. Showing them as strong, active, and enjoying life has been much more successful for marketing campaigns. You can also show images of senior citizens donating their time to help charitable causes. This shows them that they can make a difference either by volunteering or by making donations to your charity. There are many different types of charity marketing based on what your specific charity needs.

You also want to be sure you are printing your advertisements in a decent sized font. You want to make sure your information is easily read by someone who may have a hard time seeing fine print. It’s also important that you don’t put too much information on the advertisement. You don’t want it to look cluttered or overwhelming. A clean look with one beautiful image tends to be best. It draws the eye in and helps convey your message clearly.

Senior citizens and baby boomers respond well to events. They enjoy getting out and socializing with other like-minded individuals. Mailing lists are a great way to reach these groups to inform them of different events you are holding to help raise money for your charity. The invitation should clearly state what the event is for as well as the location and the type of event. Provide them with everything they need to know to attend your event and have a good time. It’s likely that with each passing event you’ll attract more contributors as they tell their friends about the wonderful events that your charity holds.

DataMasters Can Help You Reach Your Target Audience through Charity Marketing

DataMasters has been in the database business for decades. Our top quality information gets results. Our data experts are standing by to help you learn how you can use our database to help your charity. We’ve helped charities and businesses alike generate donations and revenue. This focused approach saves money over traditional advertising that generally falls short of its goal.

For a charity, every dollar counts. Stop wasting precious money on ineffective advertising. Take a more direct approach for a greater return on your investment.

Call DataMasters today at (469) 549-1800 for more information on how we can help improve your charity marketing.