Successfully Marketing to Boat Owners and Preparing for a Boost in Boat Ownership

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Image of Team meeting process.Photo young business managers crew working with a stratup project. Marketing to boat owners can be a challenging task. With the demand for boats on the rise, it's crucial for businesses to tap into this market effectively and stand out from the competition. As boat ownership increases, so does the competition. Failing to market effectively to boat owners means missing out on a lucrative opportunity to grow your business and reach a highly targeted audience. Datamasters specializes in successfully marketing to boat owners and helping businesses prepare for the boost in boat ownership. Our expert team combines data-driven strategies with creative solutions to help you connect with boat owners, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity - partner with Datamasters today and stay ahead of the competition!

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Boat owners are estimated to increase significantly through the year 2018.  The National Marine Manufacturers Association, also known as NMMA represents the United States recreational boat industry. This includes recreational boat manufacturers as well as engine and accessory manufacturers. The NMMA anticipates the current surge of recreational boat purchases to continue into 2018. This is great news for the American economy as over 95 percent of boats sold here in the United States are also made within our borders.

The boost in sales opens new doors for businesses that specialize in the manufacturing of the boats themselves as well as engines and accessories. These businesses are going to need a way to reach these customers directly. Thankfully, DataMasters offers a service that puts your business in contact with these consumers. Using our boat owners database, your business gets a direct line to the boat owners who need your products and services.

All about Boat Owners

Boat manufacturers are reporting increases in the sales of powerboats with the improved economy. They’re also saying many of their customers are younger than they have been in previous years. Recreational boating is more popular than it has been in nearly a decade and businesses are thriving. In fact, many companies are considering this to be the “golden age” for boat and accessory manufacturers. These numbers are only expected to rise as the housing market continues to improve and consumers gain more confidence to spend. With more disposable income and lower interest rates, the boat market is booming.

About 50 percent of boat sales occur during winter boat shows. These shows provide manufacturers a stage on which to advertise their latest models and innovations. They also offer some of the best deals and incentives during this time, which attracts a large number of potential boat owners.

Trends for Boat Owners

In 2017 there are some very clear trends when it comes to boat ownership. More boat owners are purchasing larger boats such as cruising boats and yachts. The opposite side of the spectrum is also quite busy. Manufacturers are making and selling many smaller boats too. Most of these smaller boats such as pontoon boats, watersport boats, and day boats are purchased by younger boat owners.

Manufacturers are also focusing on creating more versatile products to appeal to a wider customer base. We’re seeing all-in-one boats appear on the market to encompass a variety of wants and needs. Manufacturers are also improving the controls for boats by making them easier to use and more intuitive.

Marketing to Boat Owners

All of this information is great, but in order for your company to take advantage of the upswing in boat sales, you need to know how to reach your potential customers. The best way to do this is through targeted marketing. This focused approach to advertising is more time and cost effective than other methods. Using a carefully constructed database, you can reach individual customers who match your target customer profile. These are people who are more likely to be interested in what your company has to offer.

Companies like DataMasters can provide you with a list of contacts who match the traits you look for. We have the mailing information for over 3.4 million boat owners and the phone numbers for over 1.2 million. This information comes from multiple sources including registered boats through state parks and wildlife databases. We also gather information of boats registered with the Coast Guard. Our list even contains individuals who subscribe to boating magazines, people who’ve filled out boating surveys, and those who’ve rented boats previously. We also have data on boat owners who have service or maintenance records for their boats.

As you can see, our database includes a large amount of information designed to help companies in the boating industry reach the customers who need them. We monitor and update information frequently to ensure your company gets the most current data possible. You can even customize the list further based on your company’s wants and needs. The information on existing boat owners can be selected by boat type, manufacturer, year, length, propulsion type, and even construction material. You can also narrow the audience by geographic location through zip code, city, or county. We even offer the option to narrow by other demographics such as gender, dwelling type, and marital status.

What Companies Benefit from Database Use?

There are a number of companies who can benefit from our boat owners database. These include boat retailers, yacht brokers, and marinas. We also help many boat accessory manufacturers including companies specializing in fishing products and services. Boater clubs, magazines, consignment facilities, as well as lake and ocean front property companies also benefit from this data.

Essentially, if your company provides any boat related products or services then this database can put you in touch with these valuable customers. New and used boat sales are expected to increase through 2018 and beyond. This thriving industry has a huge economic impact within our country. There are more than 12 million registered boats in the United States and this number is only expected to increase. Boat ownership is within the reach of many individuals and an astounding 72 percent of boat owners have a yearly household income under $100,000. With 95 percent of all Americans living less than an hour away from a body of water, it’s no wonder boat sales are on the rise.

Don’t let your company miss out on direct access to these great customers. Stretch your advertising dollar and see a greater return on investment by incorporating the use of a database into your advertising. Not only do you get a direct line to the consumers you need, but you’re giving them the products and services they’re looking for. Everyone wins in with focused targeted advertising.

Our data experts are ready and willing to help you utilize the database to the best of your ability. Reach out today.

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