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Aircraft Mailing Lists & Sales Leads

Find new aircraft businesses, aircraft enthusiasts, aircraft owners & many other aircraft consumers looking for your products and services.

Aircraft Mailing Lists - Data ListsReach your target audience for many aircraft products and services. We can target the aircraft market by age, gender, ethnicity, geography, income, and other demographics that ensure you have an effective list. Our highly trained aircraft data experts will help you select a list that will drive new business. Our strong relationship with all major data compilers in the direct marketing industry guarantees reputable, high-quality data for your direct marketing project.

Identifying Different Types of Aircraft Owners

Datamasters now offers a brand-new database of 246,180 aircraft owners throughout the USA available for direct mail marketing. The Aircraft Owners Database features not just individuals but partnerships, corporations, and government agencies all owning aircraft.

Segmenting Lists by Aircraft Models and Years

There are several types and classes of aircrafts, including newer aircraft models that attract pilots who have a renewed interest in owning and flying a certain type of aircraft. The aircraft data specialists at DataMasters can help you build a custom mailing list from a wide range of criteria that includes aircraft year, manufacturer, and model information.

Ensuring Data Accuracy with Regular Updates

At DataMasters, our aircraft data specialists ensure you have the latest and best aircraft owner data possible. Our aircraft owner database is updated regularly to ensure all records are properly maintained. Our aircraft data specialists use high-end technologies to keep our aircraft owner database free from redundancies and errors so you have access to the most precise details for your aircraft owner marketing needs.

Explore the World of Aircraft Enthusiast Mailing Lists

Many pilots take their aircraft ownership seriously and often invest substantial amounts of money into enjoying and maintaining their investment. These aircraft owners are an ideal and responsive audience for all types of aircraft-related materials, aircraft equipment and supplies, related catalogs and publications, and many high-end consumer offers.

Tailoring Content According to Enthusiast Interests

No matter what your requirements are for your direct marketing campaign and target audience, DataMasters’ comprehensive Aircraft Owner Database can help you connect with potential customers with a customized Aircraft Owner Mailing List.

Our aircraft data specialists can help you customize our aircraft database—and your aircraft mailing list—by age, income, ethnicity, geographic location, and other demographic information. In addition to sorting by demographic criteria, our Aircraft Owner Database can also be sorted by other criteria including whether the aircraft is owned by an individual, a partnership, a business, or a government agency.

Other criteria our Aircraft Owner Database can be sorted by include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Gender
  • Aircraft Category
  • Aircraft Type
  • Aircraft Weight Class
  • Airworthiness Classification
  • Airworthiness Classification by Year of Certification
  • Certification Level
  • Registration Type
  • Number of Engines
  • Type of Engine
  • Year Manufactured

Effective Strategies for Using Aircraft Mailing Lists

Aircraft mailing lists are an invaluable piece of a direct marketing campaign. Direct marketing presents information directly to individual customers who are most likely to purchase your product or service instead of through mass distribution marketing channels like television or radio ads.

With most advertising mediums, you have no idea who you are reaching, and you need a broad advertisement that targets a wide variety of potential customers in order to yield a positive return on your investment. With direct marketing, you’ll know who you’re reaching, so you can focus on what appeals to your target group and create a more effective and appealing custom advertisement.

With our Aircraft Mailing Lists and a direct marketing campaign, you can have the aircraft owner’s undivided attention. Our Aircraft Mailing List can:


  • Target specific audiences, such as only aircraft owners who meet specific parameters like aircraft make, model, or year
  • Provide insight into customer behavior
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility
  • Be shared easily on social media platforms
  • Help stay connected with customers
  • Give a measurable return on investment
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Crafting Personalized Email Campaigns

The aircraft data specialists at DataMasters can help you successfully market products and services like aftermarket aircraft parts, aircraft insurance, aircraft supplies, and more with direct marketing using our Aircraft Owner Database.

Some examples of target audiences for a direct email campaign using an Aircraft Mailing List include:


  • Aircraft owners who own an aircraft that was manufactured before a specific year
  • Airplane owners mailing list by “owner’s age”
  • Companies that own more than one private jet
  • Corporate plane owners by number of employees at company
  • Non-Aviation companies that own a plane
  • Private airplane owners list by net worth
  • Small businesses that own a private jet

Timing Your Outreach for Maximum Engagement

For more than 20 years, DataMasters has helped thousands of businesses to:

  • Select the Best Aircraft Direct Marketing Data Lists
  • Reach the Defined Aircraft Target Market
  • Deliver the Expected Results for your Aircraft-related products & services

DataMasters is a recognized leader in Aircraft Owner Data. See some of the aircraft data and examples you can expect when purchasing an aircraft owner mailing list from DataMasters.

Call our aircraft data specialists today at 1 (800) 897-1183 and get your custom aircraft direct marketing data list.