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Automotive aftermarket marketing can be quite challenging. The difficulty lies in reaching the right audience. There are so many years, makes, and models of vehicles. Advertising with a wide net often returns poor results for such a specific branch of the automotive industry. Thankfully, direct mail offers a great option to easily reach your target customers.

DataMasters is well known for its comprehensive database collections. Our automotive database houses the information of millions of individuals. We have expertly trained data technicians standing by to help you sort and filter the information to help find your target audience. Marketing specifically to the individuals that can benefit from your products and services is a great way to grow your business.

Improving Your Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Strategy

The steps to improve your automotive aftermarket marketing strategy are easy. First, you would obtain access to one of the foremost databases available, such as the one offered by DataMasters. You would then work closely with their staff to organize the list in a way that leaves you with a list of contacts with traits similar to your target customer.

The database can be filtered a number of ways. We have over 211 million names and addresses. Obviously marketing to each of these households would be quite expensive and ineffective. This is why we offer you the option to narrow the results as you prefer. You can filter the data by vehicle manufacturer, vehicle type, vehicle model, year, body style, engine size, fuel type, mileage reading, and much more. These selections are all in addition to filters for age, income, location, and more. Using a database truly provides you the most effective means of reaching and advertising to people who meet a specific criteria.

Direct mail advertising lets you reach the people who need your company, products, and services the most. But it does so much more than that. Not only is it a direct link to your most likely customers, but you can customize ads specifically for the people you target. This results in a much higher return for your advertising dollar. Companies who advertise with this method using the DataMasters database see benefits quickly. More efficient advertising means lower costs, less wasted money, and more profits.

Who Benefits from an Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Database?

There are several companies that will benefit from using a database and direct marketing for automotive aftermarket marketing. Companies who specialize in aftermarket parts can really benefit from this type of information. Auto body shops and mechanics can also benefit from the ability to reach these customers directly. Even law offices and insurance companies have benefited from being able to target people who own specific vehicles.

Aftermarket automotive companies benefit significantly from this database. They can target customers who own specific vehicles that are a match for the aftermarket parts their company offers. They can even advertise replacement parts in conjunction with a specific odometer reading. This means that if a part should be replaced every 60,000 miles then they can target individuals with that make and model whose odometer reading is nearing or over 60,000 miles. There are unlimited possibilities with a little creative marketing.

The various selection possibilities allow you to take your marketing campaign to the next step. This is especially helpful for aftermarket automotive companies that manufacture parts or services for specific types of vehicles.

Customizing Advertisements for your Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Strategy

There are many benefits to direct mail campaigns. One of these is the ability to create custom advertisements for your targeted customers. These campaigns can be customized in a number of ways. Targeting specific customers allows you to provide them with information that’s especially relevant to them. For example, if they drive a Ford or Chevrolet pick-up, then you can advertise some of your most popular aftermarket parts for those specific types of vehicles. You can feature images that show the aftermarket parts in question on a vehicle that is the same make and model owned by the people you’re advertising to. Your advertisement can also list other popular parts or options for that same type of vehicle.

You can also target vehicles that have a part that tends to require replacement for the majority of that type of vehicle. For example, if one specific type of SUV has consistent problems with tail-lights then you can target individuals who own that type of vehicle. You can then create an advertisement featuring aftermarket parts that could solve the specific problem they’re having.

With some careful brainstorming you can easily see that there are a great number of ways to utilize an automotive database. You can customize advertisements specific to several groups to drum up business and increase profits. However, in order to do all of this you need to first start with a reputable, high-quality database. You don’t want to rely on a database with information that could be outdated or contacts that were not acquired legally. Not only will this not help your business, but it is a waste of money because you aren’t reaching your target customers.

DataMasters Helps Businesses Succeed

Every DataMasters database is in compliance with all federal and state laws. We ensure you’re getting the most current data by updating our information often. A quality database and target profiles you can elevate your business to the next level. Targeted campaigns provide a higher ROI over other types of advertising.

Our expert staff is waiting to help you use our database information to your benefit. We want you to experience the full potential of this style of marketing. Our staff will guide you through creating an advertisement that meets all requirements of the United States Postal Service direct mail program. We can also help print your advertisements and prepare them for the mail.

Don’t throw away precious advertisement dollars on other, less effective methods. Instead, contact our data experts to get a quote and get on the path to increased profits.

Call DataMasters today at (469) 549-1800 for more information on using direct mail for your automotive aftermarket marketing.