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Ringless Voice Mail Services

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Ringless Voice Mail Services

Ringless Voicemail

Datamasters provides Ringless Voicemail Campaign Broadcasting Services.

We will produce your targeted cell phone Marketing list, or we deploy your 3rd party Phone List.

Or, you can supply us with your Voicemail Script, Caller ID & Scheduling – we do the rest!

Note: We provide data enhancement solutions – e.g. we can append cell phones to 3rd party lists.

Blue back ground image with image on the right showing several words in a group about telephones and voicemail.Ringless Voice Messaging Process

With Ringless Voice Messaging, no phone call is ever made directly to the phone subscriber. Rather, there is a computer to computer communication interface with the telephone company’s voicemail server. In other words – your voicemail message is placed directly into the recipient’s voice mailbox. The recipient’s phone does not ring and no charges are incurred to the recipient’s phone Number.

Advantages of Ringless Voicemail:

  • The Voicemail Recipient is not interrupted or distracted by a ringing phone.
  • The recipient can listen to your message at their convenience.
  • Your prerecorded message is always heard exactly as produced.
  • Over 86% of adults have a cell phone – 68% check their cell phone messages.

Answers To Primary Questions (FAQ):

  • The deployment system purges all disconnected cell phone numbers.
  • You are only billed for confirmed communications delivered.
  • Before deployment, you’re sent a test voicemail to confirm that quality and content are exactly as you want it.
  • Detailed post campaign reporting provided.
  • We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Voicemail Drop Services

Voicemail Drop or voicemail automation is an inside sales technology. This form of voice mail marketing It is designed to speed up the process of leaving voicemail messages. Essentially, as soon as a call goes to voicemail, a Voicemail Drop system allows reps to pick a message from prerecorded voicemail messages. They then “drop” the selected voicemail with just a click and then go to the next call.

Voicemail Drop Saves Time

Reps can save a tremendous amount of time with Voicemail Drop systems. In high-volume environments, reps can leave 100’s of voicemails each day. Multiply this by 30 seconds, which is the average time it takes to leave a voicemail, and a rep can waste 25 hours every month. If you have ten reps, that is 250 hours wasted each month. A voice drop system is the clear answer to this issue. Voicemail Drop tools can gain much of that time back.

Additional Advantages of Voice Drop Service

  • Higher Quality Voicemails – Prerecorded voicemails deliver perfect and lively voicemail messages each time, as they are prerecorded. Every message is the same and what a company wants, regardless of how tired a rep may be or what mood they are in.
  • Split-testing & effectiveness – Prerecorded voicemails allows managers and businesses to test which voicemail messages receive the best responses, allowing a business to optimize results.
  • Personalization – Prerecorded voicemails can be personalized to deliver a message framed around specific campaigns. For instance, the prerecorded message may include reference to materials that the prospect may have downloaded earlier.

Pricing for Ringless Voicemail Drop Campaign

The Minimum Ringless Voice Program is for 10,000 Minutes at 8 cents per minute or $800.00.

With the Minimum Ring less Voice Drop Program, we will guarantee that 8000 Messages will be delivered to the Cell Phone Mail Boxes of your Target List. Typically around 60% of the Cell Numbers with an accurate B2B or B2C Cell Phone File will be successfully delivered, so “for the minimum program”, we recommend a list of around 14,000 cells.

Below are some additional Voice Drop Campaign Pricing Ranges

  • 100,000 Minutes at 7 cents per minute or $7000.00 with 80,000 Messages Delivered
  • 250,000 Minutes at 6 cents per minute or $15,000.00 with 200,000 Messages Delivered
  • 500,000 Minutes at 5 cents per minute or $25,000.00 with 400,000 Messages Delivered

Cell Phone Data Pricing in Conjunction with Ring less Voice Campaign.

With a Voice Drop Campaign we can offer Substantial Discounts on our B2B and B2C Cell Data. We normally provide Business Owner Cell Data at 9.5 cents per lead, but in conjunction with Voice Drop Campaign, we can offer any 14,000 of these Business Owner Cells for $550.00 Flat. Alternatively we normally offer our Consumer Data with Cells for 8 cents per lead, but in conjunction with a Voice Drop Campaign, we can offer any 14,000 Consumers with Cells for $425.00 Flat.

Deeper Discounts can be offered depending on Data Volume, Please inquire.