Voter Database & Mailing List

Voter Registration Mailing Lists

voteDatamasters Registered Voters Database has in excess of 184 million Registered USA Voters. All are available for Direct Mail Marketing, Email Marketing and Telemarketing. These Voters can be segmented in numerous ways, such as Political Party Affiliation, Congressional District, Date of Birth, Gender, Ethnicity and Marital Status.

Voter Marketing Benefits: Registered Voters are very patriotic and are typically up-to-date on current political affairs as well as knowledgeable with respect to the current Politicians that are running for Office. These voters are likely to support their chosen party by donating and participating in issues that are relevant to their lifestyle and are typically receptive to and donate to philanthropic and charitable causes.

Available Cross Selections: In addition to the above selections, Our Voter Data can be drilled down with hundreds of available Consumer Attributes. Many of our customers prefer to use Targeted Direct Mail focusing on Super Voters who are consistent voters in every election. Please see our list of Cross Selections that can be utilized and mixed and matched with the Registered Voter Data.

Election Types: With our Voter Information for Targeted Direct Mail, Email Marketing and Telemarketing, we can identify Registered Voters or Non-Registered Voters, and target them at either the precinct, municipal, county, state & national levels.

Compilation Sources: Our Voter Database is compiled from over 4100 County Election Boards throughout the USA on a Semi-Annual Basis and in some areas an Annual Basis. The Voter Data is also obtained and cross-referenced from County Clerks Offices and Board of Registrars on a regular basis as well.

Database Hygiene and Update Methods: The Registered Direct Mail Database is updated monthly through the USPS National Change of Address Database, and the entire file is matched against the Social Security Administration quarterly file of deceased voters which are then purged from the Database on a quarterly basis. When ordering Voter Email Marketing Lists, we will typically do a Fresh Email Append along with an Email Address Validation to insure that the Emails you receive are as deliverable as possible. Because Email Addresses frequently change we utilize an updated monthly feed of Fresh Opt-in Emails.

Voter Counts: See our Counts here for the total numbers of USA Voters by a state with the Political Party Breakdown where available. These counts reflect the all per household vs. the one per household postal numbers, as well as the number of Land Line Phone Numbers, Cell Phone Numbers and Email Addresses that are available.

Voter Pricing: The Voter Postal Data starts at 8 cents each with a 5000 Name Minimum Order. Add 2 cents each for Land Line Phone Number. Also, Add 2 Cents each for Cell Phone Numbers. Add 4 cents each for Validated Email Address. Also click here for the pricing breakdown for additional selections.

Contact: Please contact us today to speak to a friendly Voter Direct Mail Marketing Specialist. (800) 897-1183, or email us.