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Datamasters now has a proprietary DB available for all of the businesses that received at least 1 PPP Loan.

  • 8 million addresses

  • 2.5 million with Phones of which 600K to 700K flagged as cell phones

Cost 15 cents per record with a 5K Min

50K @ .11 | 100K @ .08 | 500K @ .055


Want to focus on car enthusiasts? Our automotive lists can be customized to find car owners, new car buyers, antique car enthusiasts and more.


Our Senior Citizen and Baby Boomer Data is compiled through Public Records, Census Data, Credit Bureau Information + Multiple Proprietary Data Sources for Direct Mail, Telemarketing & Email Broadcasting.


Our Mortgage Database is ideal for Mortgage Companies & Loan Officers who need to contact Homeowners with High-Interest Rates, who are in need of a Refinance.


We currently have on our USA Hispanic Database a little over 12.5 Million Hispanic Households and over 20 Million Individuals who have Hispanic Surnames.


DataMasters can take your Direct Mail Project from the Idea Stage to the Creative Design Stage
to the List Procurement Process on to the Printing & Mailing of your Mail Piece.

Find new customers

Find new customers with effective, targeted mailing lists

We provide one-on-one solutions to identify strategic, targeted markets. Don’t rely on self-serve lists when you can have a highly trained, experienced data specialist work with you deliver Accurately Targeted Marketing Campaigns with Competitive Pricing.

What We Bring to Your Project

  • Business Mailing Lists
  • Telemarketing and Email Lists
  • Medical and Insurance Marketing Data
  • Automotive and Homeowner Data
  • Consumer Advertising Data
  • Printing Services and Database Products

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Our extensive Database Products, Print and Mail Services and Direct Marketing Data Expertise will help reach your potential customers via Print, Telemarketing and Email. Each product can be laser targeted to deliver your message to just the right audience. Our goal is your marketing success, and a long-term business relationship, not just a quick sale.

Data Quality Matters

Print and mail marketing can be expensive, so why take a risk that the list you purchase is not the highest quality? Our database is guaranteed to be current and effective.

Email Marketing

Email is a highly effective solution for many businesses. What is the secret to being a successful email marketer? High-quality email lists that are targeted for the most effective results.


Print & Mailing Services

Getting your message in front of the correct person is paramount. Delivering the most effective marketing piece is crucial. Get higher response rates with effective, split-tested design and printing.