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Homeowner X-Date Lists


DataMasters Homeowner X-Date Lists enable Property & Casualty Insurance Agents to connect with Homeowners in their Marketing Area.

DataMasters offers a unique Property File of almost 70 Million Homeowner Records throughout the USA with Purchase Dates, and 7.3 Million of these Homeowners have DNC Scrubbed Telephone Numbers available.

Click here for our State and County Counts. This Data is ideal for any Insurance Agent offering Homeowners Insurance. If you are a brand new P & C Agent needing to hit the ground running, or an established P & C Agent looking to increase the volume of Homeowners Insurance Policies to your book of business, our Homeowner X-Date Leads are the perfect tool for Direct Contact with the Homeowners through Direct Mail, Telephone or by Email.

New Homeowner Information Compiled Weekly and Monthly at County Courthouse Level

Image of a man and woman holding house keys and smilingOur Homeowner X-Date Data is derived from New Homeowner Information compiled weekly and monthly at the County Courthouse Level. We can tailor the X-Dates list and provide only New Homeowners who are coming up for the first anniversary of their Home Purchase, or we can go back several years & select all homeowners who are coming up for the anniversaries of their Home Purchases. All of our Homeowner X-Date Leads come with the following info. (Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, County Code, Purchase Date, Purchase Month, Current Property Value, Home Square Feet, Year Built, the Homeowners Age, Income, Length Of Residency, Gender, Marital Status & Presence of Children plus Telephone Numbers where available). Your X-Date List can be selected by using any or all of the above criteria. Click here to see a sample of the Data.

We can provide our Homeowner X-Date Leads with Postal Information & Telephone Numbers on either a monthly basis or on an as-needed basis. We can supply any 500 X-Dates for $75.00, any 1000 for $150.00, any 2000 for $260.00 or any 5000 for $550.00. There is no mandatory subscription for our monthly service so you can stop receiving these leads at any time if you get too busy with all of the additional customers that the leads will bring in.

Direct Mail Postcards

Email Campaigns

If an Email Campaign is the contact method that you prefer, we currently have over 4.3 Million Homeowners in the USA with Purchase Dates and Email addresses. Click here for counts of Homeowners with Sale Dates and with Email addresses. We can supply any 5000 of these for 12 cents each or any 10,000 for 9 cents each, and add $150.00 for a Pre-Data Delivery Permission Pass.

In addition to our Homeowner X-Date information, DataMasters now offers Automotive X-Dates. With this Data, P & C Insurance Agents can Order Automotive Owner Information by Year Make & Model, as well as by Purchase Month. We currently have over 106 Million Auto-Owners with Purchase Dates available throughout the USA. Click here for our counts by state. We can supply any 5000 Auto-Owners with Purchase Dates for 11 cents each. Also, see additional details by going to our Automotive Mailing List Page.

The Homeowner Data will come to you via Email in an Excel file and a Word Label File. If you need for us to print Peel & Stick Labels, add 1 cent apiece additional to the above prices.

Our Homeowner X-Date Information is the very best way to connect with Homeowners for any P & C Insurance Agent.

Please call us at (469) 549-1800 or Toll-Free at (800) 897-1183 with any questions.