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Hispanic Direct Mailing Lists.

iStock_000006556811_ExtraSmallOverview: Datamasters offers the comprehensive and accurate Hispanic Data available for Direct Mail Marketing, Telemarketing and Email Broadcasting.

Data Quantities: We currently have on our USA Hispanic Database a little over 12.5 Million Hispanic Households and over 20 Million Individuals who have Hispanic Surnames for Direct Mail Marketing. Of the 12.5 Million Hispanic Households, a little over 9 Million speak Spanish as the Primary Language. Also we have Land Line Phone Numbers for over 4.9 Million of these Households. Approximately 2.8 Million of these Phone Numbers are NOT on the Federal Do Not call Database, and a little over 2.1 Million are on the Federal Do Not Call Database. We also have 7.4 Million Hispanics with Opt-in Cell Phone Numbers. Finally, we have over 2.5 Million Hispanics with tested and Deliverable Email Addresses.

Counts By State: See our State Counts Here for Hispanic Postal, Spanish Speaking, Land Line Phone, Cell Phone Data & Hispanic Email Data.

Hispanic Business Owners: In addition to the Hispanic Consumer Data, we have over 1.4 million Hispanic-Owned Businesses available for Targeted Direct Mail. These businesses can all be contacted with Direct Mail & by Telephone. This Data is also selectable by business type & by sales volume & employee size. For addition details see our Business List Page. Also, see our Hispanic Business Owner State Counts.

Image of a young hispanic male smiling and looking forwardCompilation and Update Methods: Our Hispanic Data with Postal Information for Direct Mail Marketing is updated monthly with National Change of Address (NCOA), Delivery Sequence File (DSF), and Locatable Address Conversion Service (LACS). The Database is updated with Census Data every 5 Years. Also White Page Telephone Directories + Tax Assessor Data and County Courthouse Data are incorporated into the compilation of our Hispanic Homeowner Data. Databases such as the quarterly Deceased Persons File, State Attorney General (SAG) Data, as well as the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) do-not-mail and do-not-call lists, and the national FTC do-not-call file are utilized in the Hispanic Data cleansing & construction. Hundreds of proprietary Data Transactions each week are also incorporated into the Hispanic Database Construction. Also Our Hispanic Business Data is updated with Telephone Directories and the Data is Telephone Verified once a year to verify correct Contact Information & Address Information as well as the number of employees & annual sales volume.

Hispanic Direct Mail Marketing Uses: Thousands of companies have successfully utilized our Hispanic Data over the years. Below are a few of the hundreds of applications and offers that have proven very successful with our Hispanic Targeted Direct Mail Data.

  • Churches
  • Insurance Companies
  • Spanish Entertainment Venues
  • Spanish Speaking Media Outlets
  • Credit Card offers to targeting Hispanics
  • Real Estate Offers
  • Doctor’s Offices & Dental Offices
  • Retail and Grocery Stores catering to Hispanics
  • Political Offers
  • Travel & Vacation Companies

Cross Selections: Our Hispanic Mailing Lists can be cross selected with almost all of our Data Products. See the following pages: Automotive Page, Boat Owners, Motorcycle Owners, RV Owners pages for Hispanics who own these specific vehicles. With our Consumer Data Specialty Files, you can select Hispanic’s who are Apartment Renters or Home Renters, Hispanic Families with children from 0 to 17 years of age, Hispanics by Occupation to reach Hispanic CPA’s or Hispanic Attorneys or any of our 250+ available Professions and Occupations. Reach Hispanic Seniors or Hispanic Voters. Also, see our Ailment and Pharmaceutical Pages to select Hispanics with certain Ailments or Hispanics who are prescribed specific Medications. Finally, you can select Hispanics with specific Mortgage Criteria, or Hispanics with Mobile Homes or Hispanics with Swimming Pool. Click here for all available Selections that we can combine with the Hispanic Data for further Targeted Direct Mail Marketing.

Lifestyle Selections: Our Hispanic Lists can also be cross-referenced with lifestyle data that can be utilized to specifically target Hispanics who enjoy activities such as Casino Gambling, Mountain Skiing, Exercise, International Travel, Gardening, Cooking, etc. (see our complete list of available Lifestyle Selections).

Data Samples: See a few of our Hispanic Database Samples here (Hispanic Owner Businesses Sample, Hispanic Postal Phone Sample, Hispanic Postal Phone Sample)

Pricing: Our Hispanic Data for Postal starts at 1000 Names and Addresses for 12 cents each 5000 for 7 cents each, any 10,000 for 6 cents each, any 20,000 for 5 cents each or any 50,000 for 4 cents each. Add 1 cent apiece additional for Land Line Phone Numbers either DNC or non-DNC “no additional charge for Spanish Speaking only.” For Hispanic Cell Phone Data pricing starts at 5000 Leads for 15 cents each. For Hispanic Email Marketing Lists, pricing starts at 5000 Leads for 9 cents each. Hispanic Business Data with Postal and Phones starts at 1000 for 25 cents each 5000 for 9 cents each. “Please inquire for additional Pricing options and volume discounts.”

Data Delivery: Data is delivered in via Email or FTP in Excel, ASCII or any format requested. A Word Label File will also be supplied at no additional cost. Printed Peel & Stick Labels will be supplied for an additional $10.00 Per Thousand. A Telemarketing Printout can also be supplied for an additional $10.00 per thousand.

Terms of Use: Before using any of our data products, please review our Terms of Use Information.

Please contact us today to speak with a friendly Hispanic Data Marketing Specialist. (800) 897-1183, or email us.