Antique Database & Mailing Lists

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Contact Antique Vehicle Owners in your area through Direct Mail!

Datamasters offers one-of-a-kind Antique Vehicle Owner databases & mailing lists.

We offer:

Over 4.3 Million Pre-1980 Domestic Vehicles
Over 559,000 Pre-1980 Imported Vehicles
Vehicle purchase and sale information, which are updated monthly
Monthly NCOA, to guarantee maximum deliverability of your Direct Mail Piece

Please see our Domestic Counts and Import Counts by state.

Click here for a sample of the data.

Our Antique Vehicle Owner Data is the highest quality and most accurate and comprehensive Antique Automotive database available.

Antique Vehicle Owners

The Antique Vehicle Owners typically have disposable incomes and a high net worth.

They are ideal candidates for:

Antique Auto Shows
Antique Car Clubs
Antique Car Rallies
Magazine Offers
Aftermarket Parts
Service Offers
Vacation Destination Offers
Vacation Property Offers

Antique Vehicles

You can select the Antique Vehicles by:

Year Model
Standard Consumer Selections:
   Length of Residency
   Children present
   Homeowner vs. Renter
   Marital Status

There are also over 200 Demographic and Lifestyle Selections available for further detailed targeting.

Additional Option

Classic car restored GTO with all insigna's removed. Convertible American car from the 1960's.

You can cross select the Antique Vehicle Owners with our RV Owner Data, Motorcycle Owner Data or Automotive Data for a Dual Product Offer that, for example, targets Antique Vehicle Owners who also own a specific type of RV, motorcycle or late model vehicle.

The selection options are almost limitless!

Pricing for Antique Vehicle Owner Data

Vehicle owners1,000$0.20 each
Vehicle owners5,000$0.14 each
Vehicle owners10,000$0.12 each
DNC scrubbed phone numbers (approx. 15% of the file)$0.01 each
Email addresses (approx. 15% will match with email addresses$0.09 each
Peel & stick labels (names and addresses)$10.00 additional per thousand
  • Volume discounts apply – please inquire
  • No additional charge for Standard Demographic Selections
  • If a 100% email project is required, the project must be managed in-house – please inquire for further details and pricing

***Pricing may vary by state. Please inquire.***

Please call or email us with any questions or for Antique Auto Owner Counts in your specific area.