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Corvette owners are slowly reshaping long standing demographics. This shift in people who own Corvettes is challenging companies to reach their new target market. The old demographics no longer cover a wide range of owners and this is impacting marketing ability.

Thankfully, DataMasters has a solution. Our extensive automotive database can provide your company with an incredible opportunity. You’ll be able to easily identify and reach Corvette owners. This allows you to advertise your company’s services and products to the people who need them most.

Demographics for Corvette Owners

Historically, the statistics and demographics for Corvette Owners pointed to an older crowd. The largest age group (12%) fell between the ages of 61 and 63. The next age group (10%) spanned over the ages of 49 to 60. Then individuals between 25 and 40 years old pulled up the rear (3%).

Overall, many Corvette buyers are still over the age of 55 (making up nearly 55% of sales). However, younger people are now buying this incredible vehicle. This is largely due to the release of the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray. Corvette set out to capture the hearts of younger generations and they succeeded. Corvette sales to individuals under the age of 54 rose to over 45% of sales. The C7 Corvette was the most revolutionary design to date. Older Corvette owners either loved or hated the new model, while younger generations fawn over it.

Another interesting statistic is the way the vehicles were purchased. An astounding 40% of Corvette owners pay cash for their vehicle. This tells us that nearly half of the people buying Corvettes have the means to purchase them outright.

Geography also seems to play a part in Corvette ownership. Most Corvette owners live in the states of California, New York, Texas, and Florida. In fact, Florida ranked the highest on Corvette ownership on total volume as well as per capita. Other popular Corvette states include Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

We may continue to see Corvette ownership shift even further towards the younger demographic. This will likely be due to the aging baby boomer generation who will downsize over the next several years. As they continue to get older they may pass on their cars to their children or sell them outright.

Reaching Corvette Owners

The easiest way to reach these Corvette owners is through targeted advertising. Wide advertising, such as that done through television, radio, and newspaper often misses the small mark of Corvette owners. A better alternative is through databases such as the one offered by DataMasters. This provides you with the ability to reach the exact customers that you’re trying to reach.

Using a database provides you with the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for an incredible number of potential customers. The DataMasters automotive database houses more than 210 million names and addresses from coast to coast across our great nation. We also have nearly 70 million email addresses for email marketing. If you prefer to reach your customers via phone, we have a combined 12 million land line and cell phone numbers not on the DNC database. In order to provide the most current content, we update our database weekly.

The database allows you to focus in on your target customer. Rather than throwing your advertisement out to everyone, you can reach only those who are significantly more likely to need and want what your company provides. This improves the return on your investment and helps your advertising dollar get more reach. It’s the most logical form of advertising. If you own a specialized business, it makes sense that you would want a direct connection to your specialized clientele.

Who Needs to Target Corvette Owners?

There are a number of businesses who will benefit from this type of marketing approach. At the top of the list are companies who manufacture or sell products specifically for Corvettes. In many cases, Corvette owners like to customize their vehicles. If your company manufactures or sells aftermarket parts for Corvettes then this is a great way for you to reach your customers. Service shops, mechanics, and autobody shops who specialize in services geared towards Corvettes and other luxury vehicles also use our services.

Our automotive database is also great for companies offering extended warranties, automobile insurance, car detailing, tires, and much more. There are so many companies who can benefit from having a direct line to their ideal customers.

Marketing to Corvette Owners

Another great benefit of reaching out to your potential customers directly is the ability to customize your advertisements. When your target customer base contains several different customers, you try to create an advertisement that appeals to as many of those customers as possible. Unfortunately, these still miss the mark a lot of the time.

With a database, you can filter the information to find automotive customers that fit an exact profile. Not only does this help you understand who you’re marketing to, but you can tailor ads to them. If you have a narrowed group of individuals that fit the same profile, it’s easier to find something that appeals to them. Instead of trying to incorporate a number of factors, you can focus on exactly what that group likes to see.

For example, if you’re trying to reach the younger group of Corvette owners, feature the C7 Corvette Stingray. Statistics show this car appeals to this age group quite well. If you’re targeting the older Corvette owners, select an older model. Then, once you have their attention, your copy and promotion will take care of the rest. Direct marketing advertisements are the best way to connect with potential customers.

The great thing about a database of this size, is that you’re never getting the exact same list as another company. The list is generated based on you parameters. It’s also updated frequently. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most reliable, accurate information for your business advertising.

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