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DataMasters now offers a brand new Business Database of 27,062,894 Companies.

This unique Database is a de-duplicated mega file that is only available through DataMasters.

The Database is compiled from several hundred different sources bringing you a unique and exciting new Business Lead Source!  We take in just over 75 million records and de-dupe them down to 27 million unique businesses with over 50 million contact names.

We guarantee you will receive higher counts and more accurate data versus any other single-source Business Database!


  • Click on the attached Pivot Table for State Counts & SIC Counts.
  • Over 14 Million of our businesses is confirmed from 2 or more sources.
  • Over 5.9 of our Businesses are Home Based Businesses.
  • We have 50,464,594 Executives by Title.
  • We have 19,971,651 Companies with Telephone Numbers.


The DataMasters Business file is compiled from multiple data sources such as telephone directories, government filings, annual reports + over 21 million phone calls annually to verify information, such as owners contact info, employee size, sales volume, URL, Telephone Number, etc. Because there are changes to over 70% of the records every year, the database is continuously updated. New information is added on a daily basis.

To further ensure deliverability we utilize the latest USPS processing routines to give you the most complete and up-to-date address information currently available. We include nearly every single business, no matter how small, how large, or how newly established.

The value of our data lies in the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the data.

Below is a list of the Selections we offer on the Business File.

Ad Size Female Owned/Operated Line of Travel Sales Volume
Area Code Fortune Rank Mail Score SIC
CBSA Code Franchise by Name Metro/Micro Code Stock Exchange
Census Block Group Franchises Minority Owned Stock Ticker
Census Tract Government Type MSA Telephone Number
City Population Headquarters/Branch NAICS 1 Title
Contact Name Gender Home-based Business (SOHO) Parent Foreign Entity Toll Free Number
CSA Code Import/Export Professionals Web Address
Employee Size Individual/Firm Public Company Year First Listed in YP
Ethnic Code Language Spoken Religion Code Year Founded
Fax Number Latitude/Longitude    

Image of young male and female looking at woman drawing on a white board on the wall.We typically can offer any 1000 of these Businesses with all of the above selections output for 12 cents each or any 5000 for 8 cents each. “Volume Discounts apply, please inquire.”