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Swimming Pool Building Permits

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Swimming Pool Building Permit Data.

Datamasters now has access to Swimming Pool Building Permit Records Nationwide. We Compile an average of 163,000 USA Pool Permits Yearly. See the State Counts pool build averages. We can also identify Construction Permits for Pool remodels, pool demolitions, as well as pool fencing and pool decking.

By marketing to Pool Permit Records you will be able to reach New Pool Owners before the Pool Owner Records are picked up by the County Tax Accessors and on to the Various Pool Databases that are widely available.

Pool Construction Permit Data Pricing:

1000 Pool Build Permit Records = $1500 Flat
2500 Pool Build Permit Records = $2300 Flat
5000 Pool Build Permit Records = $2900 Flat
10,000 Pool Build Permit Records = $5500 Flat

We can append Emails to approximately 60% of the Postal Data at 8 cents per email added, and we can also append Phones to approximately 70% to 80% of the Pool Permits for 2.5 cents per phone added.

We also offer various packages for Monthly Pool Permit Data Feeds. Please inquire regarding availability and pricing.


2021 State Counts for Pool Build Permits

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