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Hearing professionals marketing campaigns can be hit or miss depending on strategy. This is because blanket marketing campaigns aren’t typically successful for specialized companies. Companies that offer special products or services for specific customers often have a hard time reaching those customers. Television ads, as well as bill boards, cast a wide net. They advertise to the masses in hopes that the right customer will see their ad. However, this can result in expensive advertising costs with little return.

DataMasters offers a better solution. We have a number of databases available that contain information on millions of Americans. This information can be filtered and sorted to create a list of individuals that match the traits of your target customer. You would then market directly to these individuals. This is called targeted direct marketing.

Direct Marketing Improves Hearing Professionals Marketing Strategies

Direct marketing can benefit companies in every field. Companies that offer products and services related to hearing can now target people who are more likely to use their products and services. This is a great benefit to hearing professionals and hearing aid providers. Instead of paying for expensive television or billboard campaigns, you can target your ideal customers directly.

By adding targeted direct marketing to hearing professionals marketing strategies you can increase your customer base. One of the databases that may be particularly useful is our senior citizen database. One of the most common conditions affecting senior citizens is hearing loss. Using this database will open up a whole new set of doors when it comes to hearing professionals marketing success.

Hearing Professionals Marketing to Senior Citizens

The DataMasters senior citizen database offers a list of over 44 million senior citizens. This database is updated monthly to maintain its relevance. It also provides a steady flow of people who are reaching the age of 65 each month. That’s approximately 250,000 new leads every calendar month.

All of these leads can be filtered to create the ultimate customer profile. Some of our most common filters include age, location, occupation, ailment, lifestyle preferences, and more. This allows you the unique opportunity to target people who are highly likely to need your products or services. This is a much more cost effective way of advertising than other traditional methods. Not only are costs lower, but the rate of return is also much higher. Low cost with high rate of return is a fantastic accomplishment for any marketing campaign.

Hearing Professionals Marketing Tips

The goal of many hearing professionals is to attract first time hearing aid users. However, these customers can often be difficult to attract. When marketing to senior citizens it’s important to pay close attention to how you portray them in ads. Senior citizens don’t want to be show in any way that makes them seem feeble or impaired. This can create a wall between hearing professionals and people who need their services, but don’t quite want to use them.

There’s a path that most people follow when their hearing begins to decline. This path from awareness to action is often lengthy. Understanding this process is key to effectively marketing to these individuals. They begin on this path by suspecting that they may have hearing loss. This can happen when they miss parts of conversations or have to ask people to repeat what they say. The next stop on the path is experiencing the consequences of hearing loss. This could mean that they miss out on things due to their hearing loss. As the consequences of hearing loss accumulate then they may finally acknowledge the problem and decide to take action.

Strategic marketing and outreach programs can help your company reach these individuals directly. You can carefully guide them down the path to the point of action. Then, when they’re ready, you’ll be there to help them. This can be accomplished easily using the DataMaster’s senior citizen database.

Customizing Hearing Professionals Marketing Strategies

Direct mail marketing campaigns are customizable based on your needs. For example, using our database you can select senior citizens in a specific area that have reached a specific age. You can even narrow down the list by occupations that are known to cause hearing loss. You can then mail each of these individuals with important information about your products and services. Show positive imagery that will catch their eye. Focus on hearing devices that are discrete, yet perform well.

Positive phrases and non-threatening advertisements are key to appealing to this group of individuals. You can customize advertisements based on various demographics as well. Our lifestyle preferences section will allow you to further narrow your list based on lifestyle activities. For example, if someone enjoys the theater then you can advertise using an image of someone wearing a discrete hearing device while enjoying a show.

Another great option for direct mail is to invite individuals to a lecture or an event. Help teach them about hearing loss and the technology that can help them. This allows them to learn more about what your company has to offer. Information is also on the path to action. Providing them with this valuable information in a no-pressure setting will help them understand more about their situation. It will also show them that there are other people who are in the same boat. They’ll know that they aren’t alone and walk away with information on what they can do to improve their hearing.

DataMasters Can Help

The benefits of using our senior citizen database are endless. The high level of customization will allow you to reach the customers who need you most. You’ll be able to provide valuable information and build a relationship between your company and the individuals you reach. With DataMasters you know that you’ll get a high-quality list with the most up-to-date information available. We have been helping companies like yours expand and become profitable for over 20 years. We want to share this same success with you.

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