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Image of Caravan and campervan camping on nature in summer. Reaching and effectively marketing to a specific target audience can be a challenge for businesses. Traditional advertising methods often lead to wasted resources and ineffective results. Imagine spending countless hours and dollars on advertising campaigns that fail to connect with your ideal customers. Your message gets lost in the noise, and your chances of success dwindle with each missed opportunity. Datamasters is here to revolutionize your marketing strategy. Our advanced technology allows us to identify and target RV owners, ensuring that your advertising efforts reach the right audience. With our direct targeted advertising methods, you can finally connect with RV owners who are actively seeking products or services like yours. No more wasted resources or missed opportunities. Let Datamasters help you unlock the potential of this niche market, and watch as your business grows exponentially through effective and efficient marketing strategies.

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RV Owners are changing. This is great news for companies who sell products and services related to RVs. After the recession which began in 2008, the RV market took a hit. Thankfully, it is rebounding beautifully and surpassing expectations. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, also known as RVIA, has shown a wide range of trends when it comes to this rapidly evolving industry. The greatest challenge RV companies face now is reaching these new customers.

DataMasters has long set the standard for direct targeted advertising using superior database records. The RV industry is now exception. We have contact information for thousands upon thousands of RV owners in our extensive RV database. This includes individuals who own motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and pop up camp trailers. Our information is a must-have for any company in the RV industry.

All about RV Owners

The RV industry has experienced vigorous growth coming out of the recession. The overall market has shown nearly an 8 percent increase in year-over-year growth. This has been attributed to better economic standing as well as a change within the RV industry itself. Companies are incorporating more diverse features into energy efficient models that appeal to a wider variety of ages. They’re creating more upscale products as customers request upgrades such as cherry cabinets, convection ovens, washers, dryers, surround sound, better beds, and much more.

When asked, nearly a quarter of households express interest in RV ownership at some point in the future. This is a promising sign for companies specializing in RV sales as well as products and services. These RV companies have created products which are now attainable by more individuals. The average household income of RV owners is below $75,000 with the fastest growing age group being 35 to 44 years of age. As larger amounts of younger individuals and families purchase RVs, the industry has continued to grow and create products appealing to these individuals. Nearly 40 percent of these new owners have children living at home under the age of 18.

Another promising statistic is that customers tend to be lifelong RV owners. Around 70 percent of people who own RVs plan on replacing their current RV with another model at some point in the future. Where many first time buyers may choose a used RV, those who say they’re in the market to replace their current RV prefer to buy new.

All of these statistics point toward a thriving industry with promising growth and RV camps are taking notice, adding features to appeal to the growing demographics such as swimming pools, yoga classes, and more.

Recreational Vehicles Owned by RV Owners

The term “recreational vehicle” encompasses a wide variety of products. A large selection of RV owners own what is referred to as towables. This category makes up over 85% of the RV market and largely features conventional travel trailers with over 60% of ownership. Falling in behind conventional travel trailers are fifth-wheel trailers. These types of trailers come in a variety of makes and models, however, units over 35 feet long make up nearly 60% of this market.  Many RV owners also prefer slideout rooms. These rooms add extra square footage to the interior when the RV is parked. This feature is seen in nearly three fourths of all RVs.

Motorized RVs, or motor homes make up over 10 percent of RVs. These types of RVs come in a variety of options including gasoline or diesel powered, as well as length. The most popular lengths are between 35 and 37 feet.

Marketing to RV Owners

RV owners are expanding to include young, educated, career-driven buyers. They tend to have higher brand loyalty when experiencing a high-quality product. If you can “wow” one of these buyers with their first RV then you’ve likely earned a customer for life. Similarly, if your company provides high quality parts or accessories for RVs, it’s more likely these customers will return to you in the future.

The challenge now is to create appealing advertisements to these target customers. A great way to find out what appeals to these individuals is by polling your existing customers. You can also examine your company’s sale trends. Find out what they gravitate towards and why. Using this information you can begin an advertisement campaign on the right foot.

Using the DataMasters RV database puts you a step ahead of your competition. This comprehensive collection of information provides your company with direct access to the customers who need you most. Apply your target customer profile to our compilation of data to get customers like those you already help. Then, create a unique advertisement campaign especially for that group of individuals. The advertisements are sent directly to the addresses of these potential customers.

This style of focused advertising puts you in contact with RV owners looking for what your company has to offer. We even allow you to narrow your focus further by selecting RV owners by zip code, radius, county, and state. If your company is limited to a specific brand, we can help there as well. You can narrow the data by manufacturer, year, class, and model.

DataMasters Helps Companies in the RV Industry

Our databases help companies across dozens of industries for decades. Our specific RV database is an incredible asset for RV dealerships, repair facilities, consignment companies, accessory companies, storage facilities, leasing companies, and much more. We have the contact information of nearly three million RV owners across the United States of America. These potential customers are waiting to see what your company can offer.

The DataMasters data experts are standing by to walk you through the targeted direct marketing process. Our goal is to help you take your business to the next level. Everyone wins with this advertising model because you reach the customers you need and they find the companies they want. We succeed when you succeed.

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