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Eye Care Marketing can be difficult because the market is very competitive. In order to appeal to new customers you must fight to set yourself apart from several other companies. This can lead to costly advertisement campaigns that provide little to no return. Instead of trying to win an overcrowded race, reach your ideal customers by taking the road less traveled.

DataMasters provides high quality consumer databases that allow you to reach out to your ideal customers. Having a direct line to customers who can use your products and services is incredible. You save significant amounts on advertising by reaching people who are more likely to make a purchase. You also have the benefit of getting a higher return on your advertising dollar. Every company wants to have an affordable and effective marketing campaign. We can help make this a reality for your company.

Direct Mail and Eye Care Marketing

Direct mail is a great way to advertise to potential clients and customers. It’s also much more affordable than large, impersonal advertising mediums like billboards and television ads. The process is relatively simple as well. The first thing you’ll do is figure out who your target customer is. Once you have a clear picture of your target customer then you can begin your marketing campaign toward that type of person.

Direct mail marketing begins with a list. You simply would get a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of people that match your target customer. You then create advertisements that are appealing to these individuals. The advertisements are delivered via the postal service directly to these potential customers. Our databases can be filtered by a number of selections. You can even create multiple campaigns based upon the filtered data.

This focused approach allows you to fine tune your advertisement. Instead of creating an ad that appeals to as many people as possible, you create an ad that appeals specifically to the group or groups you are targeting. This provides a high success rate when done properly.

Eye Care Marketing to Senior Citizens

One of the most valuable databases offered by DataMasters to eye care professionals is our senior citizen database. Around 75% of adults need vision correction. This percentage is slightly higher for senior citizens. Over half of Americans will develop cataracts by the time they are 70 years old. This percentage climbs to 70% after the age of 75. These statistics show us that senior citizens are a significant portion of the customer base for eye care.

Our senior citizen database houses over 44 million senior citizen leads. We also add an additional 250,000 leads every month as more reach the age of 65. This continuous flow of leads can be extremely beneficial to your eye care marketing strategy. Our data experts are standing by to help you learn how you can use the information from our database to create a high quality marketing list.

Maximizing Eye Care Marketing Strategies

The best way you can maximize your eye care marketing strategy is to become familiar with your target group. Not all senior citizens are interested in the same things. Narrow down your leads by location, age, employment status, interests, and anything else that sets your target customers apart. Avoid stereotyping and anything that features senior citizens in an unfavorable light. Everyone grows older, but show age gracefully. No one wants to be associated with an image that makes them feel weak. Show other senior citizens enjoying life while using your products.

For example, if you are targeting senior citizens who love to travel, show someone enjoying the sights of a museum before having lunch in the piazza while wearing their transition lenses. Just because senior citizens have reached a certain age, doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy the same things that everyone else does. You can also advertise bifocal lenses to someone who is more family oriented. Show them enjoying a book outside and looking up to see their grandchildren playing. Or, if they enjoy cooking, feature someone in the kitchen reading recipes and baking with their child or grandchild.

There are so many ways to portray senior citizens in fun activities that they enjoy while using the products that your company offers. Perhaps a fashion forward senior citizen would appreciate a promotion on designer frames. The possibilities are endless when you have the ability to select exactly who you’re marketing to.

Additional Tips for Your Eye Care Marketing Strategy

There are a few additional things you can do to help make your marketing campaign to senior citizens more effective. Keep things simple. This doesn’t mean that they have to be overly simple, but avoid trendy words. Your message should be straightforward and easy to understand for someone that isn’t aware of the latest jargon. Apply this approach to your imagery as well. Instead of piecing together a collage of images, it’s best to use a single image that conveys your message.

It’s also important to make your potential customers feel special. Simple promotions that don’t require the customer to jump through hoops can achieve this. If your promotion is overly complex then many people may not feel as though it’s worth the hassle. Keeping it simple will provide you with a much better return.

You want to be very careful when asking for information. It’s important for your potential customers to know that they can trust you. If you need to collect information then be sure to explain why you need it and how providing it will benefit them. It’s also important to let them know that you will not sell their information or send inundate them with spam. Trust is the foundation of the relationship between your company and your customers.

You also want to ensure that you always follow up and provide superior customer service. Once you’ve started building a relationship you need to nurture it. Respect your customers and provide high quality service. This will help establish brand loyalty. Then, when their friends or family members are looking for recommendations, they will recommend your company.

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