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Senior Citizen Mailing & Email Lists

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DataMasters offers the highest quality Senior Citizen Direct Mail Marketing Lists, Senior Email Lists and Senior Telemarketing Lists available.

We offer:

  • Over 44 million Senior Citizen age 65 and over in over 32.3 million households
  • Almost 14 million single opt-in email addresses
  • A Senior Citizen database updated monthly with standard NCOA methods and home purchase and sale information
  • A Senior Citizen database that is cleansed against the Consumer Referential Database, the USA’s leading historical database

Purple and blue background image with a male and female senior citizen in embrace.Why buy from DataMasters for your Senior Database and Mailing lists?

We have been helping companies and individuals reach out to Senior Citizens for over 20 years. High-Quality data combined with superior Customer Service makes for an unbeatable resource for any organization needing to reach out to Senior Citizens.

Database Quantity

For Direct Mail Marketing, we currently have available in the USA:


The DataMasters Senior data has been successfully utilized for Targeted Direct Mail by thousands of our customers for over 20 years. It is applicable for literally hundreds of products and services, such as:
  • Senior Citizen Care Centers
  • Medicare Supplement offers for Seniors turning 65
  • Senior Living Community offers
  • Alternative Healthcare Facilities for Seniors
  • Assisted Living Facilities for Elderly People
  • Medicare Supplement offers
  • Retirement Planning offers
  • Reverse Mortgage offers
  • Offers from Charities
  • Medical Alert Device offers
  • Cruise and Travel offers
  • Eye Care Centers
  • Golf offers
  • Hearing Aid Centers
  • Nursing Home offers
  • Offers for Senior Home Health Care

Target Senior Citizens Turning 65

DataMasters can identify seniors by their date of birth.
We have:

  • Approximately 240,000 to 250,000 people turning 65 each month in the USA with postal information
    See our Postal Counts for Seniors with 1951 and 1952 birthdays.
  • Phone numbers available for an average of 142,000 of these people turning 65 each month both DNC and NON DNC
    See our Land Line Phone Counts for 1951 and 1952 birthdays.
  • An average of 105,000 email addresses each month for people turning 65.
    See our Email Counts for 1951 and 1952 birthdays.

Pricing for Senior Citizen Data

Type Quantity Price
Senior data 1,000 $0.08 per lead
Senior data 5,000 $0.06 per lead
Senior data 10,000 to 20,000 $0.05 per lead
Senior data 20,001 to 50,000 $0.04 per lead
Senior data 50,001 to 100,000 $0.03 per lead
Peel & stick labels $10.00 additional per thousand
Senior Email Marketing Lists $0.08 per record with $400.00 minimum order
Telemarketing Printout $10.00 additional per thousand

Additional volume pricing is available – please inquire.


Please contact us today to speak to a friendly Senior Direct Marketing Specialist (800) 897-1183 or email us.

Senior Database & Mailing Lists – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are the data sources compiled?
Our Senior Citizen and Baby Boomer data is compiled for Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email Broadcasting.

The Senior Citizen Lists are compiled through Public Records, Census Data, Credit Bureau Information, plus multiple proprietary data sources. The Senior Citizen database is:

  • Updated monthly with standard NCOA methods and home purchase and sale information.
  • Matched and scrubbed against the National Deceased Database from the Social Security Administration every month.
  • Cleansed against the Consumer Referential Database, the USA’s leading historical database. This is an elite file that validates an individual as far back as 40 years, giving them an ongoing identification that further enhances our ability to remove deceased individuals and omit duplicate records as millions of data transactions are added to the database monthly.
2. What are the different selections available to cross-reference the Senior Citizen data?

Consumer & Property Selections: Our Senior Citizen Data is cross selectable with hundreds of standard consumer selections (see our various consumer options here). We can also cross reference our Senior Data with our Automotive Data, Boat Owner Data, RV Owner Data, Motorcycle Data, as well as our Ethnic, Hispanic, Occupation, Voter, Ailment, and Pharmaceutical Databases. We can also cross select our Senior Information with our Mortgage Data for Reverse Mortgage Offers and our Mortgage Protection Data for Mortgage Protection Offers. Also the Senior Data can be matched with our Property Data for seniors with Mobile Homes or seniors with Swimming Pools.

Lifestyle Selections: Our Senior Direct Mail Lists can also be cross-referenced with lifestyle data that can be utilized to specifically target Seniors who enjoy activities such as Casino Gambling, Mountain Skiing, Exercise, International Travel, Gardening, Cooking, etc. (see our complete list of available Lifestyle Selections).

3. How is the data delivered?
Data is delivered via email or FTP in Excel, ASCII or any format requested. A Word Label File will also be supplied at no additional cost. Printed Peel & Stick Labels will be supplied for an additional $10.00 per thousand. A Telemarketing Printout can also be supplied for an additional $10.00 per thousand.