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Private Party Lender Database

Private Party Lender & Seller Carry Back Mailing Lists and Telemarketing Lists

Overview: Not all homes are purchased using normal financing methods through a traditional Mortgage Company or Lending Institution. In some situations, alternate financing avenues have to be utilized through a Private Party Loan. This type of financing is more common if a buyer is not able to qualify for a mortgage through a normal lender and has credit problems. Private Party Loans do offer alternative financing options for the Home Purchaser, however, these Loans typically carry a higher interest rate than Loans offered through a typical Lending Institution.

The Private Party Lender: A private money lender is a non-institutional (non-bank) individual or company that loans money, generally secured by a note and deed of trust, for the purpose of funding a real estate transaction. Private money lenders are considered more relationship-based than hard money lenders.

Image of a clipboard being handed from one person to another.Seller Carry Back Financing: A property owner may offer seller carry back financing to help sell their property. This type of financing usually takes place if an interested buyer is not able to qualify (through conventional lending methods) for the total amount needed to finance the property. The seller of the Home will take back a portion of the debt on the home and allow the buyer to make payments for that debt over time. For example, the buyer might take out a traditional mortgage for 70 percent of the purchase price, make a down payment of 15 percent and then the seller will personally finance the remaining 15 percent of the mortgage. The buyer then makes payments to both the mortgage lender and the seller.

Database Quantities: Datamasters offers almost 4 Million Private Party Lenders & Seller Carry Back Note Holders throughout the USA with Postal Information. We have Phone Numbers available for 652,879 of these Private Note Holders, and 329,455 of these Phone Numbers are scrubbed against the National DNC Database and legal to call.

Data Uses: Investors interested in purchasing Private Party Loans, and Lending Institutions interested in targeting refinancing prospects are the two main groups who have successfully utilized our Private Party Lender / Seller Carry Back Information over the years.

Compilation Methods and Updates: The Private Party Lender / Seller Carry Back Information we offer is compiled from Public Records at the County Courthouse Level. We receive the updated Mortgage information from over 800 counties throughout the USA each month and perform a monthly NCOA on the entire Database as well. These update processes are utilized to create the most comprehensive and accurate Private Party Mortgage File currently available.

Selections Available: We can select your Private Party Lender / Seller Carry Back Data by Geography as well as the Property Type, the Loan Origination Date, the Loan Amount, and the LTV on the Mortgage. Please see all of the Available Cross Selections.

Pricing: We can supply any 1000 Private Party Lender Records or Seller Carry Back Records for 18 cents each, any 2000 for 15 cents each or any 5000 for 12 cents each. Substantial discounts based on volume are available: please inquire.

Associated Pages: Also see our related Mortgage Page, New Homeowner Page, Mortgage Protection Data Page and Homeowner X-Date Page for additional information.

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