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Ferrari owners are becoming more diverse each year. Currently, due to the housing boom, many new Ferrari owners are those in the construction and home improvement industry. This change in demographic has some businesses reeling and wondering how to reach these new owners.

Thankfully, DataMasters offers you a direct link to these potential customers. This connection places you ahead of your competition and helps stretch your advertising dollar. The dream of any business owner is to find customers that want and need their services and products. Well, now you can do that using laser focused target customer databases.

The Changing Demographic of Ferrari Owners

These days, people are doing more to reward themselves with their hard earned money. Low unemployment levels, stronger business confidence, and a better return on investments are all contributing to Ferrari sales.

Data also shows that more Ferraris are heading to the suburbs. These are individuals who’ve longed to own a Ferrari since they were young. Now that these small business owners and tradesmen have the means to purchase their dream car, they are.

The average age of Ferrari owners is also dropping, indicating a shift in Ferrari demographics and preferences. Globally, Ferrari owners average in at 51 years of age. This is the youngest average age in the western world. The only country with a lower average age for Ferrari ownership is China. More people in the U.S. are now able to afford this beautiful vehicle.

There’s also something to be said for the limited supply of cars. Deliberately limited supplies of Ferrari increase the desirability for both new and used models. This means that some Ferraris appreciate in value over the years.

Owners of the vehicle not only have the means to purchase it, but also for the maintenance requirements. There’s a significant waiting period for the dream car, so when someone is able to purchase one, they take extremely great care of their Ferrari. Many Ferrari owners, 65% in fact, aren’t giving up their older models when they purchase the latest release. They tend to value and appreciate each model like a work of art. They become collectors of the fine vehicles.

Specifics of Ferrari Owners

Most Ferrari owners have an annual household income close to one million dollars per year, or more. Though there are some outliers making between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per year who still manage to afford this luxury vehicle.

The vast majority of individuals who own a Ferrari are male, at a staggering 98%. The current age grouping for Ferrari owners is between 35 and 55 years of age, with most of them coming in at 51 years old. And, most of these people are self-employed. In fact, over 80% of Ferrari owners are their own boss. These are entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals with a college graduation rate of 79%. Another fun statistic for Ferrari owners is that half of them own at least five vehicles.

These numbers vary greatly from typical car buyers. Average new car purchase demographics cover a wide variety of individuals. Mostly they have a median household income around $70,000 and an age span of 47 to 51. However, these numbers are for new purchases only. Used vehicle purchases widen the demographic even further.

Who Markets to Ferrari Owners?

There are a number of companies who can benefit from targeted marketing to Ferrari owners. These include a broad range of insurance companies and extended warranty companies. Other businesses that focus on the specifics of Ferrari ownership can also benefit from tailored Ferrari marketing strategies. These tend to be more along the lines of companies who offer products and services for the customization and maintenance of Ferraris. These companies tend to offer after-market parts, tires, as well as maintenance and repair services.

All of these companies can benefit from having a direct line to their customers. Ferrari ownership is a small club and it can be difficult to know where to find these customers if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, we have the most extensive and current database available. Our database allows you to search for owners of specific makes, models, and years of automobile.

In addition to generating a list of individuals who own a specific type of vehicle, you can narrow the auto customer list further by individual traits. You can select gender, household income, homeownership, the presence of children, and many other factors. This allows you to reach the people who fit your target customer profile.

The ability to reach people who fit your target customer profile is incredible for your business. It fast tracks your advertising by delivering what you have to offer directly to the individuals who need it most. This stretches your advertising dollar and provides an incredible return on your company’s investment.

Specialized Marketing Strategies

Another great aspect of using a database to market to your potential customers is the ability to customize the advertisement they see. This allows you to form a relationship with customers that make them feel special, important, and like they want to do business with you. This bond starts to form when they feel a connection to your advertisement.

This is why it’s important to have a target customer profile. It not only helps you identify your target customer but you can see what they prefer and what they’re drawn to in order to create the ultimate advertisement. Focusing on the preferences of this group of customers can also help you develop a campaign that is sure to catch their eye.

The first step on this advertising journey is finding the customers you’re going to market to. The best way to do this is with a current, extensive automotive database that includes all the information you need to reach your customers. You can contact them via phone, e-mail, or through the mail. Our professional data staff is standing by to help you elevate your company to the next level. We want your business to succeed and we want to do this by helping customers get the goods and services they want and need.

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