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Image of an RV featuring the DataMasters logo. The image highlights RV Database & Mailing Lists, ensuring it aligns with the context of the page.Why Choose DataMasters for a Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing List?

DataMasters maintains an extensive RV database that is updated regularly. It is compiled primarily through Point of Sale Transaction Data and supported with Shelby Compliant State Government Data. Our RV direct marketing specialists can help you create a Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing List for your direct mail needs.

A Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing List from DataMasters provides businesses with targeted marketing solutions that enable you to identify RV owners who are most likely to purchase your product or service. With the DataMasters RV database and Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing List, you can quickly contact motorhome owners, travel trailer owners, fifth wheel owners, popup camper owners, and other recreational vehicle owners in specific geographic areas through direct marketing.

Picture of a RV parked in the wilderness

Use Selection Criteria to Create a Customized Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing List for Your Specific Target Audience

The RV direct marketing specialists at DataMasters can help you build a customized recreational vehicle owners’ mailing list or email list using targeted geographic search selections. This list of prospective customers can then be narrowed down with other selection criteria based on your business and marketing needs to build a more robust mailing list. The stronger your mailing list is, the better it will help increase sales and grow your business.

Popular Selection Criteria:

  • Class A recreational vehicle
  • Class B recreational vehicle
  • Class C recreational vehicle
  • Other recreational vehicle types
    • Travel Trailer
    • Fifth Wheel
    • Camper
    • Motorhome
  • Year Range
  • RV owners by geographical range
    • Zip Code
    • Radius
    • County
    • State

Recommended Usage and Target Audiences for Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing Lists

A mailing list of recreational vehicle owners can help promote businesses selling RVs and related products and services. Businesses that sell products and services for outdoor enthusiasts and active travelers who prefer not to use airlines or public transportation will also find recreational vehicle owners’ mailing lists beneficial in targeting potential new customers.

Target Audiences Can Include:

  • Owners of Class A recreational vehicles
  • Owners of Class B recreational vehicles
  • Owners of Class C recreational vehicles
  • Owners of fifth-wheels
  • Owners of popup campers
  • Owners of travel trailers
  • Affluent RV owners
  • Retired people who travel in recreational vehicles
  • People who tow their camper
  • RV owners who enjoy other recreational activities like fishing, biking, boating, and camping

Types of Businesses that Can Benefit from Using Recreational Vehicle Owner Mailing Lists

The DataMasters RV Database and recreational vehicle owners’ mailing list allow businesses to target the right audience for their services or products. Types of companies that can benefit from direct marketing with a recreational vehicle owners mailing list include:

  • RV dealerships, new and used
  • Insurance companies offering RV coverage
  • RV repair facilities
  • RV consignment companies
  • Companies that sell camping equipment
  • Companies that sell small kitchen appliances
  • Auto dealerships that sell large trucks and other towing vehicles
  • Businesses that sell specialty RV accessories
  • Sporting goods stores or other companies that sell fishing and hunting gear and apparel
  • Outdoor outfitters who sell watercraft such as kayaks and paddleboards and off-road vehicles like mountain bikes and four-wheelers
  • Tourism companies
    • Adventure tour companies
    • Private RV sites
    • Public RV sites
  • Tourism-based businesses located near tourist attractions such as state parks, national parks, and national forests
  • Businesses offering GPS navigation services and products
  • Companies that provide satellite internet and television services
  • RV Storage facilities
  • Companies that sell off-grid technology products, such as solar panels, water filters, composting toilets, signal antennas, gray water systems, and other green alternatives to traditional household amenities.
  • RV leasing companies

Benefits of Using Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing Lists for Direct Marketing

Picture of a RV parked in the wilderness

  • Promotional campaigns and offers tailored to your target audience result in higher conversion rates
  • Allows establishing and increasing industry credibility
  • Marketing materials will reach an audience who is most likely to find your product or service relevant and purchase your product or service
  • Ensures customers are getting the latest updates about your business gives you an edge over your competitors
  • Generate more sales when marketing messages about your company’s upcoming events, specials, or sales are sent to specific audiences who are most likely to purchase your product or service
  • It provides an opportunity to get feedback from customers.
  • Allows your business to build brand recognition with customers

Pricing for RV Database and Recreational Vehicle Owners Mailing Lists

  • Pricing varies by state — please inquire.
  • Volume discounts are available based on quantity.
  • Please add $10.00 per thousand if you need Peel & Stick Labels.

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