Vehicle Lease Expiration Data

Vehicle Lease Expiration Data


DataMasters now offers an Automotive Lease Expiration Database of people that currently drive leased vehicles.

We offer:

The most accurate Leased Vehicle Data currently available
Over 2.19 million Vehicle Lease Expirations ending in this year
Vehicle Lease information not sourced from the Credit Bureaus

Why buy Automotive Lease Expiration Data?

Current New Vehicle Financing Statistics indicate that close to 30% of New Vehicles in the USA that are financed are leases. Because of this vehicle leasing trend, DataMasters is now offering a New Database of Drivers of Leased Vehicles. Currently, we have identified a little over 2.19 million Vehicle Lease Expirations ending in this year.

See our expiration counts here broken down by State and by Make.


As the drivers of Leased Vehicles are coming up to the close of their Vehicle Lease contract, they will "in 87% of the instances" be either purchasing a New or Used Vehicle, or they will be getting into a new Leased Vehicle. With the expiration date of the Vehicle Leases, our clients schedule their mailings to coincide with the Vehicle Lease end date. So this audience tends to be the most qualified prospect available for:

New and Used Car Dealers
Vehicle Leasing Organizations
Individual Automotive Sales Representatives for Telephone prospecting
Individual Automotive Sales Representatives for Email prospecting

Sources and Compilation Methods

Our Vehicle Lease Information is not sourced from the Credit Bureaus, so no mail piece approval process or mail piece guidelines are required. These Bureau Restrictions have always been the main roadblock in the past when pulling Vehicle Lease Information. Our Leased Vehicle Data is aggregated from a variety of contributors. Our Proprietary Algorithm Methodology, along with Vehicle Warranty Information and Financial Institution Transactional Records are all incorporated to produce the most accurate NON CREDIT BUREAU SOURCED Leased Vehicle Data currently available.

Automotive Lease Data Options

We will be able to supply for output the Leased Vehicle:

VIN Number
Expiration Date

Data Available for Output or Cross Selections

See our available cross selections here.

Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

We have validated email addresses available on about 50% of our Auto Lease Postal Records.
We have DNC scrubbed land lines available on about 15% of the Auto Lease Postal Records.


Vehicle Lease Expiration Leads5,000$0.15 each
Email Addresses$0.07 each additional
DNC Scrubbed Land Lines$0.015 each additional

Please inquire with questions regarding additional selections.

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