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Image of Close-up view of motorcycle handle bar with switches and mirror. Marketing to a specific target audience, such as motorcycle owners, can be challenging. It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of their preferences, behaviors, and needs. Without accurate insights into the motorcycle owner market, your marketing efforts may fall flat. You could end up wasting resources on ineffective campaigns that don't resonate with your target audience. Introducing Datamasters - your ultimate guide to successfully marketing to motorcycle owners. With Datamasters' comprehensive database and expert analysis, you'll gain valuable insights into this niche market. You'll know exactly what makes motorcycle owners tick, enabling you to craft tailored marketing strategies that cut through the noise and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Get ahead of the competition with Datamasters today!

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Motorcycle owners are the target customer for any company specializing in motorcycle products or services. While many stores keep records of customers who purchase motorcycles, parts, and accessories, they may not know how to expand their customer base. Reaching new customers is vital to any business.

DataMasters understands the need of specific markets and has been helping companies reach their target customers for years.  We have a variety of databases for targeted customer groups including a motorcycle owners database. This information provides you with a direct link to your future customers.

Demographics for Motorcycle Owners

Many individuals choose to embrace life by purchasing a motorcycle. Understanding these motorcycle owners is the first step in connecting with them. Learning more about the demographics of motorcycle owners helps you appeal to them through your advertising.

There are several names of motorcycle manufacturers, but Harley-Davidson dominates the industry. Most motorcycle owners are men, though the number of women who own motorcycles has been climbing over recent years. Still, over 90 percent of American Motorcyclist Association members are men.

Motorcycle ownership tends to favor some states more than others. California has the highest number of registered motorcycles in the US at an astounding 800,000 registrations. When we look at the number of motorcycle owners per capita, we see South Dakota topping the charts. Here, one in twelve individuals owns a motorcycle. New Hampshire is next on the list with a motorcycle for every seventeen residents.

Once an individual has purchased a motorcycle and joined a biking association they tend to be a lifelong rider with the average motorcycle ownership lasting 26 years. This is fairly impressive considering the average United States motorcyclist’s age is 48 years. The individuals who join these associations also tend to be frequent riders. Those who only ride occasionally are less likely to join motorcycle associations.

Just over a quarter of motorcycle owners have a four year college degree while another 15 percent have studied post-graduate work. This puts the average household income of motorcycle owners around $85,000.

How Motorcycle Owners are Using Their Motorcycles

Motorcycle owners tend to use their motorcycles an average of ten months out of the year. This can vary from location to location, as weather conditions play a large role. The average owner will ride their motorcycle about 100 days each year, including commuting to work or school. Around 13 percent of individuals say they ride their motorcycle at least 300 days each year. Nearly one third of motorcycle owners ride at least 10,000 miles every year.  Almost half of purchased motorcycles are touring bikes, with 80 percent having windshields and either a saddlebag or luggage carrier. These statistics all show that motorcycles are used fairly frequently by the people who own them. In many cases, they are the primary mode of transportation when weather allows.

Who Purchases Motorcycles These Days?

First time motorcycle buyers make up 22 percent of all motorcycle purchases. Younger women are purchasing motorcycles now more than they ever have before. About a third of motorcycle owners perform the required maintenance work on their own motorcycles. An additional 60 percent say they do as much as they are able to when it comes to routine care. This shows us that people who purchase motorcycles tend to have knowledge about their care and maintenance. Many are able to handle basic maintenance needs on their own.

Now, motorcycle manufacturers are targeting younger crowds. They’re also trying to increase sales to women. However, statistics show that the older motorcycle owners are the ones who are more likely to spend additional money on accessories and replacement parts. Younger motorcycle owners are more likely to purchase a new motorcycle.

Marketing to Motorcycle Owners

Your company’s products and services will largely determine who your target customers are. Knowing that older motorcycle owners are more likely to repair their motorcycles vs. buying a new one means they’re more likely to respond to advertisements for parts and accessories. Younger owners are more likely to replace their motorcycle if involved in an accident.

If your company offers replacement parts and accessories or even aftermarket parts, you may have more success targeting older motorcycle owners. While companies who sell the latest motorcycle models may consider focusing on younger owners. You can also look at who your current customers are and create a profile on those who already purchase your company’s products or services.

You can take what you’ve learned about your target customers and existing customers and apply it to our motorcycle database. This database contains the names and contact information of over 6 million motorcycle owners. DataMasters has the most comprehensive and up to date database in the country. Using this information you can contact a large number of potential customers more effectively.

Our database is customizable to ensure you’re reaching the customers who will benefit from what your company has to offer. You can narrow the fields by manufacturer, year, new or used purchases, engine size, fuel type, and type of motorcycle. Customer specific can also be applied to the data allowing you to select homeowners or renters, how recently they purchased their motorcycle, age, ethnicity, language, household income, net worth, gender, and much more.

Why Database Marketing Can Help Your Company

This type of direct, targeted marketing helps companies in a number of ways. You can use the information to appeal to people who are due for service work, expiring warranties, and scheduled routine maintenance parts. You can even focus on those who are more likely to purchase aftermarket accessories and parts.

Using your targeted list, you can create advertisements that meet your goals. You can customize these advertisements to appeal to specific groups of people in order to increase effectiveness. This method of direct advertising provides a higher return on investment. This is because you’re directly contacting people who already have a need and want for what your company offers. DataMasters can guide you through the process to help you maximize your return.

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