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Michael Phelps is legendary for his routine. The 28-time Olympic medalist prides himself on following a results-driven formula. A formula that is measurable and flexible. If results don’t show up he makes adjustments. 

So, how did a scrawny kid from Baltimore Maryland skyrocket to the peak of his performance and become a household name? 

He started with a plan.

Email marketing for a small business is also about planning. It’s about having a routine that can be measured, it’s about knowing how to be flexible so you get the results you command.

Why do some businesses have the Midas touch, while you struggle to grow? What’s the secret?

Not quite sure? We’ve all been there.

But after today, there will be no mystery on how to grow your small business. 

Let’s discover how to use email marketing to orchestrate your meteoric rise.

But before we do, let’s quickly review the basics, with a brief backstory on email marketing. 

What is Email Marketing? 

At its core, email marketing helps small businesses promote services and products. But this is a mediocre way to approach this subject. An adroit approach is to envision email marketing as a way to engineer relationships with customers or clients. 

Email marketing is one division of internet marketing, which encompasses, social media, websites, blogging and more. 

There are a hundred ways to do something. Some are more efficient than others. In this article, we focus on the most efficient and proven way. 

Email marketing is very rewarding if done convincingly. The danger lurks in your approach.

When considering using email marketing ask yourself some questions:

  • How can I properly market to a potential client?
  • How can I use email marketing to nurture relationships with my clients?
  • And, how can I avoid mistakes unsuccessful small businesses have made?

Email marketing gives you the chance to build relationships that can last a lifetime. But, without finesse and a proper guide, you can sever those relationships and burn the bridge forever. 

Remember: Careless marketing is the worst kind of marketing. 

Why Does Marketing Fail?

It’s a fact, out of the people who use email, 91% of them check that email at least once a day. This means business is booming if your email marketing strategy is cohesive.

Small businesses fail to grow because of untamed problems. The lack of customers is one that screams for your attention.

Here are 3 marketing-specific reasons small businesses fail: 

  1. They fail to properly plan for a marketing campaign

We can’t deny it. Remember the story at the start about Michael Phelps. Planning is everything. Leave this out and you won’t make it long. Email marketing is a flexible plan, allowing you to make adjustments if needed.  

  1. They follow what’s trending instead of proven strategies

Look… social media is great, and running ads could be working for some small businesses, but if you aren’t taking email marketing seriously, you’re wasting precious time. Not everyone will generate on-demand results with ads. Email marketing for a small business creates tangible results. 

  1. They fail to understand the advantages of email marketing

Knowledge is power, but informative knowledge tailored to a specific client is cosmic power. Smart business owners understand having the right information, knowing how to use it, and tailoring it to their needs is how you take luck out of the equation. This approach demands results. 

Have you taken a look at your spam folder lately?

That is where ineffective email marketing goes to die, sitting in purgatory until you release them by finally deleting the contents of that folder.  Your email strategy needs to entrap your client’s attention. 

Sending out random email blasts gives email marketing a bad name. That is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about cutting edge procedures that allow you to control your success.

DataMasters has well… mastered email marketing for small businesses. They use the best market intelligent software available which precisely targets your demographic. 

How Can Targeted Email Marketing Improve Your Business?

Targeted email marketing will maneuver your business into the winner’s circle. It’s what successful small business owners have been using for decades to build loyal and testimonial, worthy clients.

It’s the secret sauce to the big mac of business. It is the behind the scenes look you get from a news platform like Sixty Minutes. It is the bridge that gets you involved with your ideal clients and keeps them loyal.  

You might be thinking,  what does targeted email marketing even mean? And how can I exploit it for my business?

Let’s start with target mailing lists and the benefits they provide. Then move onto how to use it.

A great way for small businesses to market is through targeted email lists.  

Targeted mailing lists allow you to :

  • Find your target audience using specific keywords and data you choose 

Say you run a business that helps young Hispanic students get scholarships for college. You can target families in that demographic to send tailored emails too, it’s personal, and shows you care about their child’s education. 

  • Take advantage of a proven system that’s affordable and easy to start

Email marketing offers affordable pricing and is extremely easy to get started and manage. Compared to other forms of marketing, using email is an inexpensive way to promote your services and products. 

  • Maximize your return on your investment 

An email has a higher conversion rate than marketing on social media, 2.3% for email compared to 1% with social media. You’re lucky if your ad gets seen on social media. When you use email, it makes it to your client’s inbox. Also, global statistics show you receive $42 in return for every $1 spent on email marketing!

So How Can You Start Using Email Lists For Your Business?

It’s quite simple, the answer is DataMasters. They have been building businesses and guiding them on email marketing for decades.

Email marketing for small business owners is their specialty. Do you own a car dealership? Let them help you grow, get started, or help optimize the trust you have with your current clients.  

They have a large and accurate database, storing millions of contacts allowing you to create an email list highlighting the client you need. If you need a person that has a specific annual income they can find them.

Do you cater to the senior citizen population? Email special coupons for a specific age group. With free consultations, high-quality customer service and experienced data specialists it’s easy to see why DataMasters is on the leading edge of email marketing. 

Let’s Wrap This Up      

We often see the success of others and wish we knew their secret. Today you’ve learned how to increase your sales, generate more leads and use an ironclad marketing strategy to avoid the business graveyard. You also learned building relationships with clients is what email marketing is all about. 

The secrets out. 

DataMasters offers tailored marketing strategies for your business, they make marketing easy. They have a proven track record of caring for the clients they work with. Reach them at (469) 549-1800 and use email marketing for your small business, and go for the gold.