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Business Growth with Email Marketing

With most forms of advertising, businesses have no way of knowing who they are reaching. To yield a positive return on investment (ROI), companies need to create broad advertisements that target a wide variety of potential customers. When businesses use direct marketing, like email marketing, they create custom advertisements that appeal to a specific group of people.

When businesses advertise to a target group, they know who they’re reaching. They will have a higher ROI because they target only potential customers who are likely to purchase their service or product.

What Is Email Marketing?

Direct and digital marketing is a powerful marketing channel that uses email to promote your business’s services or products. Email marketing can be integrated into your marketing automation efforts and helps make your customers aware of your latest items or offers. I

When you create an email marketing campaign, you’ll identify your target demographic and create a custom advertisement that appeals to that specific group. Email marketing can also play an essential role in your marketing strategy, as it involves brand awareness, lead generation, building relationships with customers, or keeping customers engaged between purchases through different marketing emails.

Types of Marketing Emails

There are several different types of marketing emails, and every kind of marketing email serves a different purpose and will take a different avenue to engage with your audience. Some of the most commonly used marketing emails include:

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are quite common, usually generic in nature, and sent to a large audience. They are typically used to maintain awareness of your business and its products and services or to tease new products and services. The frequency with which you send out promotional marketing emails will be determined by your business’s marketing rhythm and sales.

Promotional email marketing campaigns can consist of one email or a series of emails, usually between three and ten, sent out over several days or weeks. These emails promote your brand, new product releases, special offers, and gated content like ebooks and webinars.

Every promotional email will have a clear call to action (CTA). The CTA represents the action you want readers to take, such as visiting a webpage or using a coupon to make a purchase.

Informational Emails

Email is a great way to inform your customers about new product releases, changes to your services, company announcements, and much more. One of the most popular information emails businesses use is newsletters.

Newsletters are a type of informational email that shares news related to your business, like new product capabilities, upcoming sales, new milestones reached, and special events. Newsletters are sent at regularly scheduled intervals (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and can help you maintain consistent touchpoints with your email subscribers.

Informational emails with newsletters allow your business to share whatever will bring the most value to your audience, whether that is insights, thoughts, tips, or something else.

Retention Emails

Retention emails are designed to keep your current customers happy and wanting to come back for more. These types of emails will engage your customers with your brand. You can use retention emails to target uninterested contacts with a campaign designed to win them back, send out surveys, introduce products, or share tips on using a product.

Examples of retention emails include: 

  • Achievement emails
  • Company news, stories, and events
  • Contests
  • How-to-use-our-product emails
  • Next steps
  • Reactivation or re-engagement emails
  • Resources
  • User-generated content
  • Welcome emails

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are an essential type of email marketing. They are automated messages triggered by a customer’s action, such as purchasing a product from your online shop.

Using transactional emails is essential for customer satisfaction. These emails give customers an immediate response and confirmation that they are getting what they requested.

Examples of transactional emails include: 

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Order confirmations
  • Password reset notices
  • Product review requests
  • Thank you emails

Why Email Marketing Is Important

Email marketing gives you direct access to your target audience. While all businesses can benefit from email marketing, small businesses will find it ideal.

Email marketing has several advantages.

  • It’s the marketing channel with the highest conversion rate.
  • Brands can personalize email marketing campaigns much more than those used on social media.
  • Emails are not affected by constant algorithm updates.
  • It’s more cost-effective than other marketing channels.
  • It’s easy to track and analyze email marketing performance.
  • Email marketing can improve conversions of your social media content.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing allows businesses to reach many prospective customers with just a click. Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive digital marketing tool that offers a potential return many times more than the initial investment.

Using email marketing can help businesses achieve three main objectives:

Drive Sales

If your business is launching a promotion or sale, sending an email marketing campaign to your email subscribers can drive sales. Using these email techniques can help boost conversions further and increase sales:

  • Set up abandoned cart emails that will be triggered when someone adds an item to their online cart but doesn’t check out.
  • Send special offers or coupons in welcome emails for email subscribers’ birthdays or anniversaries and to reengage with your audience.

Increase Brand Awareness

One key benefit of email marketing is its scalability, which means emails can be sent to a large number of subscribers while still remaining cost-effective. Email is a form of one-to-one communication that lets you reach someone directly.

Personalized marketing emails have more impact than social media ads, print ads, or television ads, where you have no way of knowing if someone has seen your message. These emails can help keep your brand current in your customers’ minds.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Email marketing is a powerful way to build a community and customer loyalty, from lead nurturing to conversion, onboarding, and retention. It is also a tool that can streamline communication.

Where to Get Email Marketing Lists

DataMasters can help businesses with their email marketing needs with our databases and targeted email marketing lists. We can help you use direct marketing to find new customers in strategic, targeted markets with effective mailing lists explicitly designed for your target audience.

The DataMasters database houses information for owners and renters of single-family dwelling units, including landline and cell phone numbers and email addresses. Our database is entirely customizable to your needs.

Custom Email Marketing Lists

Custom email marketing lists are the same as targeted email marketing lists, but you customize your advertising audience with your chosen target audience.

Our database customization is extremely powerful, and our highly trained, experienced data specialists will work with you to ensure you’ll reach the people who fit your target customer profile and are most likely to do business with your company. Our data specialists can help you create a customizable email mailing list by narrowing our list down to your ideal customers using filters like:

  • Age
  • Car Model
  • Dwelling Type
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Income
  • Length of Residency
  • Marital Status
  • Net Worth
  • Presence of Children
  • Presence of Pets (Dog/Cat)
  • Specific Interests
  • State
  • Town or City
  • USPS Mail Carrier Route
  • Zip Code

Using Targeted Email Marketing Lists Effectively

Targeted email marketing lists provide businesses with a list of prospective customers who are likely to need and purchase their service or product. When used effectively, targeted email marketing lists lead to a much higher rate of success than nontargeted advertising methods like television and radio ads, billboards, and newspapers.

Get Started with Targeted Email Marketing

A targeted or targeted marketing list is a list of customers in your target audience used for marketing. Targeted marketing lists can help your business. They are created from information collected and inserted into a specialized database. This specialized database can be sorted based on several different filters. Selecting filters matching your target customer profile helps you create a list of potential customers with the same qualities as your target customer. This means they will likely be interested in the product or service you are offering.

DataMasters is a Trusted Provider of Email Marketing Lists

Our data experts can help your business use targeted email marketing lists to reach your chosen target audience effectively. Call DataMasters today at (469) 549-1800 or toll-free at (800) 897-1183 for more information on email marketing and to learn how our data specialists can help you reach potential customers.

Databases for Sale Postal, Phone Numbers & E-Mail Addresses

Below are some of the Databases we offer. “Please contact us for individual Database Prices.”

Over 100 Million US Consumer Database with Email:

  • “UK Yellow Pages” file size over 300 MB
  • 1 Million USA Timeshare Owners with Email
  • 180k UK-consumer addresses 180k
  • 2.3m UK e-mails 2.3m
  • 350k addresses of UK business people 350k
  • 47902 Internet Opt-Ins 48k
  • 5000 Internet Opt-Ins 5k
  • 53953 Internet Opt-Ins 54k
  • 800k UK e-mails 800k
  • 880k UK consumers 880k
  • USA Accountants, home address, home phone 911,326 records
  • Accountant, CPA, Bookkeeper Database with Emails 18,120 records
  • Active Army 1 Million records with Emails
  • Acupuncturists – 23,988 records 1,826 emails
  • Affluent People Database 8,791 records with emails
  • Alternative Medicine – 1,141,602 total records with 36,320 emails and 38,935 fax numbers
  • America Industrial Directory 536,797 records
  • American Business Email List – 2 million emails various businesses
  • American Consumer Database- 1 Million records all with emails
  • American Seniors 1million with Email
  • Canadian consumers DB 11m
  • Argentina Contact Names with Emails 19,903 records
  • Australia Business Database 1.4 Million records with 180,000 Emails
  • Australia Consumer Database 7 Million records with Phone and Mobile Phone where available
  • Australia Detail Business Database 1,091090 records with 13,263 Emails
  • Australia Detail Company Profile 30499 records
  • Australia Detail Consumer Database with Emails 24,707 records
  • Australian business database 420k
  • Australian business people 150k
  • Australian companies and contacts 1m
  • Australian companies with web presence 1m
  • Australian consumer detailed database 22k
  • Australian consumer records (detailed) 1m
  • Australian Exporter Database 7406 records
  • Australian residential database 7m
  • Australian business directory 1.6m
  • Austria Business Database with Emails 178,880 records
  • Austrian business 170k – sample: 032.csv
  • Auto Warranty Database with Vin Number over 40 Million Records with 5 Million Phone and Email
  • Auto, Motor & Car Dealers Database with Emails 43,659 records
  • Automobile Dealers New & Used Database 18,261 records with direct emails
  • Automobile Dealers New & Used Database 8,261 records with direct emails
  • Automobile Owners with Vin Number 10 Million records with 300,000 Emails
  • People with Bad Credit home address, home phone, 842,703 records
  • Bank Executive Database 117,950 records with emails
  • Beauty Professionals Database with Emails 13,582 records
  • Beauty Salon Owners and Managers Database 8,574 records with direct emails
  • Belgium Business Database with Emails 150,022 records
  • Bet 365 Gambling Database 47k
  • Brazil Contact Names with Emails 19,276 records
  • Brazil individuals 7.6m
  • Brazil white pages 3.1m
  • Builders & Contractors Database with Emails 42,521 records
  • Business list UK 1.3m
  • Business Opportunity Leads with Email 2 Million
  • Business Opportunity Seekers 2 Million records with Email
  • Business Opportunity Seekers 930,000 records with emails
  • Business Owner Database 18,198 records with emails
  • Business Owner Database 320,018,198 records with emails
  • Business seekers list 108k – sample: 100.csv
  • Canada Company Profiles 52,987 records with 40,913 Company Emails
  • California High-Tech Company Database 30,045 records with 15,137 Emails
  • Canada Business Database with Emails 570,720 records
  • Canada Company Profiles 52,987 records with 40,913 Company Emails
  • Canada Contact Names with Emails 74,896 records
  • Canada Detail Business 85,183 records with 37,130 Emails
  • Canada Detail Business Database 1.1 Million records with 400,000 Fax
  • Canada Detail Company Profiles 40,000 Companies with 250,000 Executives
  • Canada Detail Consumer Database 13 Million records
  • Canada Executives with Email 200,000 records
  • Canada Opt-in Consumer database with ethnic code 1.5 million
  • Canadian Associations 10,442 records with 7,305 emails
  • Canadian business database 400k
  • Canadian business detailed mailing database 510k
  • Canadian business fax database 300k
  • Canadian business list 140k
  • Canadian Consumer Email only 2.7 million records
  • Canadian consumers 250k
  • Canadian consumers 12m
  • Canadian Trade Index Companies 30,000 records with 12,304 Emails
  • CEO Database 2,752,149 records with 909,955 Emails
  • Certified Public Accountants Database 13,016 records with direct emails
  • China Business Database 233,132 records with 6,800 Emails
  • China Contact Names with Emails 65,930 records
  • China Detail Business Database 50,654 records with 776 Emails
  • Chiropractors – 108,421 total records 3,414 emails and 6,553 fax numbers
  • Christian Church & Ministry Database with Emails 72,021 records
  • Churches Database 132,103 records with email
  • CNA- Nurse Assistant 4015 records with email
  • Colombia Business Database 300,749 records with 37,761 Emails
  • Colombia Contact Name with Emails 6,167 records
  • Consumer with Credit Score 15,799,254 records with Emails
  • Consumer with Loan Amount and Mortgage Lender Info 14,858,996 records
  • Credit Inquiries Database – 1 million Full Data Records all with emails
  • Credit Inquiries Full Data Opt-In 1million records
  • Credit Repair Database 2,142,031 records
  • Criminal Attorneys – 142,906 total records, 99,857 emails
  • Cruise, Travel & Vacation Professionals with Emails 36,230 records
  • Debt consolidation leads 2.6m
  • Debt consumer leads 1.5m
  • Debt Leads 25,000 records with Email
  • Debt-loan-related companies 63k
  • Denmark Business Database with Emails 62,598 records
  • Dentists – 164k records, 45k emails, 77k fax numbers
  • Dentists Database 141,762 records with 28,800 emails
  • Detail Active Boat Owners 650,000 Records
  • Detail Association Executives 40,000 Records
  • Detail Health Survey 580K records with Emails
  • Directors Database 115,532 records with direct emails
  • People on Disability 578,000 records with phone
  • Domain and Who is Database 100 Million records
  • Email Addresses and Web Sites by Categories 532,596 records
  • Engineers Database with Emails 18,921 records
  • European Detail Executive Database with Emails 240,651 records
  • Executives of E-Commerce Companies Database 13,224 records with direct emails
  • Eyeglass Wearer 600,000 records with emails only
  • Finance and Money Professionals Database – 116,568 records all with emails
  • Financial Interest opts in 17k records with Email
  • Financial Planners 148,857 records with Email
  • Food & Restaurant Database with Emails 27,758 records
  • France Business Database 4.1 Million records with 400,000 Emails
  • Franchises List Database 18,970 records with 1278 Director Contact Info
  • Insurance brokers (3970 records and 3869 emails)
  • Gamblers Database 13,744 with emails only
  • Gay Database 7,616 records with emails
  • Generation X consumer files 1.9m
  • Germany Business Database with Emails 613,711 records
  • Germany Consumer 350,000 records with Emails
  • Health & Wellness Professionals Database with Emails 77,637 records
  • Health and Beauty Interest Consumer 50,257 records with emails
  • Hispanic Database 9.3 million records with emails
  • Hong Kong Business Database 36,117 records with 30,349 Emails
  • Hospitals – 23,747 Hospital Administrators in over 7,145 Hospitals
  • Hotel Manager Database 7,550 records with emails
  • Hotels – 34,815 total records 1,642 emails
  • HR Directors & Managers Database – Over 20,000 of the UK’s leading HR Directors and Managers (15,900 emails)
  • Human Resource Executives 236,064 records with direct emails
  • Independent Insurance Brokers Database 51,979 records with emails
  • India Businesses Database 95,097 records with 3,648 Emails
  • India Contact Names with Emails 71,075 records
  • Indonesia Contact Names with Emails 29,425 records
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers Database with Emails 36,991 records
  • International Large Company Database with Emails 345,110 records
  • Internet Pay-Per-Click Advertisers 106,564 records with 10,199 Emails
  • Investors List with Email from Scottrade 1,073,942 records
  • IT Executive Database 15,031 records with emails
  • IT Executive Database 215,031 records with email
  • IT Professionals Database with Emails 120,486 records
  • Italy business 180k – sample: 036.csv
  • Italy Business Database with Emails 180,562 records
  • Japan Businesses Database 186,594 records with 15,441 Emails
  • Japan Contact Names with Emails 157,608 records
  • Latino residents of USA 7m
  • Lawyers Database 269,787 records with direct emails
  • London Business Database 40k
  • Macedonia Business Database 19,632 records
  • Malaysia Contact Names with Emails 12,124 records
  • Manufacturers Database – 1,057,119 records with 476,509 emails
  • Marketing Executive Database with Emails 59,161 records
  • Massage Therapists – 76,701 records and 8,305 emails
  • Media Industry Database 195k records with 175k direct email
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers – 167,425 total records with 6,940 emails and 5,812 fax numbers
  • Mental Health Counselors – 283,184 records 7,206 emails
  • Mexico Businesses Database 253,690 records with 3,623 Emails
  • Mexico Contact Names with Emails 19,407 records
  • Mortgage brokers with emails 49,847 records
  • Mortgage Leads with Emails 2,124,776 records
  • Motorcycle Owners Database 6,488 records with emails
  • National Health Service Corp Clinics – 1,300 records with emails for government run free clinics
  • Nationwide ARRA Decision Makers & Buyers Contact List 10k records with Emails
  • Netherlands Business Database with Emails 240,964 records
  • New Timeshare Owners Database 100k records with Emails
  • New Zealand Consumer Database 855,942 records with phones
  • New Zealand Detail Business Database 127,013 records
  • Norway Business Database with Emails 54,393 records
  • Nurse Database 557,279 records with emails
  • Nursing Homes – 31,589 Senior Administrators, 11,288 Nursing Directors in over 14,706 N/H
  • Part-time Job Seeker 186,000 records with Emails
  • Payday Database 2 Million records with Email
  • People with Diabetic 230k records with Emails
  • People with Diabetics 90,000 records with phone
  • Peru Business Database 19,449 records with 1,955 Emails
  • Peru Contact Names with Emails 3,081 records
  • Pharmaceutical Companies – Email only list 47,000 emails of pharmacy company employees
  • Philippines Contact Names with Emails 3,025 records
  • Physical Therapists – 125,460 total records with 5,483 emails and 4,405 fax numbers
  • Physician Database 88,897 records with emails
  • Physicians (34 specialties) – 788k records, 17k emails, 200k fax numbers
  • Physicians Database 726,000 records with 20,381 emails
  • Police and Sheriff Services – 42,987 records and 114 emails
  • Prepaid Cell Phone users with Email
  • Professional and Technical people, home address , home phone 1,530,596 records
  • Property Management Companies Database 5,977 records with emails
  • Psychologists – 272,188 records 9,874 emails
  • Real Estate Agent Database 1.5 Million records with email
  • Real Estate Investors Database 5,073 records with emails
  • Recent USA B2C list 262k
  • Registered Nurse 12,739 records with email
  • Restaurant Database 34,063 records with emails
  • RV Owner Database 50,656 records with Emails
  • Singapore Businesses Database 166,222 records with 51,672 Emails
  • Smokers opt-in Email Database 3,688,257 records with emails
  • South Korea Contact Names with Emails 163,437 records
  • Spain Business Database with Emails 130,324 records
  • Spain Businesses 130k
  • Spain Consumer Database 2,134,214 records
  • Sweden Business Database with Emails 43,546 records
  • Swiss business employees 800k
  • Swiss Companies Profiles 12,437 with 9619 Direct Executives Emails.csv
  • Switzerland business 200k
  • Switzerland Business Database with Emails 204,758
  • Taiwan Business Database 28,345 records with 7,537 Emails
  • Taiwan Businesses 28k
  • Thailand Contact Names with Emails 19,995 records
  • Timeshare Owners 7m
  • Oncology Doctors – 2,200 records all with emails
  • Optometrists – 63,837 records 2,015 emails
  • UK “1st call” 2 batches 270k
  • UK 3M mobiles database 2.8m
  • UK ATM locations 62k
  • UK B2B 1m – sample
  • UK B2C records 6.8m
  • UK biz-db 370k
  • UK biz-dir 230k
  • UK business database 1M
  • UK Business Database with Emails 407,245 records
  • UK Business Email Database – 895,000 records
  • UK Business Email List – All Counties – 1,287,251 records and 500k emails
  • UK business list 100k
  • UK business list 500k
  • UK Cell Phone only Database 60,000 records
  • UK CEO’S (5699 records and 4327 emails)
  • UK Chairman Deputy Vice (3399 records and 2155 emails)
  • UK Clean Mobile Data 750k – sample:
  • UK cleaned mobile records 2.1m
  • UK Commercial Insurance Database (28 k records – NO EMAILS)
  • UK Consumer Database 13 Million Records
  • UK Consumer Database 880,000 records with Emails
  • UK Debt Database 63,566 records
  • UK debt leads 63k
  • UK Business Database 1,680,935 records
  • UK Company Profile 352,469 records
  • UK Consumer with Emails 30,778 records
  • UK Hotels (13517 records and 11079 emails)
  • UK HR Directors Email Database – over 20,000 records
  • UK Insurance Brokers Email Database over 5,000 records
  • UK IT Directors Email Database – over 5,000 records
  • UK JB Address Master 7.5m
  • UK large consumer address book 46m
  • UK large consumer database 7.5m
  • UK large consumer phonebook 12m
  • UK loan-related mobile records 1.2m
  • UK Managing Director Email Database – over 18,000 records
  • UK Managing Directors (9014 records and 6831 emails)
  • UK mobile users-numbers 600k
  • UK mobile/e-mail consumer records (file 2) 500k
  • UK mobile/e-mail consumer records (file 4) 740k
  • UK Prime subscribers 2.5m
  • UK regional consumer lists 2.5m
  • UK region-wise consumer database 18.5m
  • UK Region-wise Consumer Database 2.5m
  • UK residential database 13m
  • UK residents 25.5m
  • UK Sales & Marketing Directors Email & Mailing List 5K Contacts (3k emails)
  • UK Sales & Marketing Directors Email Database – over 5,000 records
  • UK Trace smart database 2.2m
  • UK various (mostly) loan/payday/mortgage mobile-related leads, in total 2.8m
  • UK White Pages 13m
  • US 2008 Detail Life Insurance Leads 1.09 Million records with Email
  • US 3G Cell Phone Database 1,487,422 records
  • US Aged Mortgage 2005-2008 8 Million Records with Email
  • US AMA Physician Database 3 Million records with over 700,000 Fax #
  • US Boat Owner Database 3 million records with email