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What is Direct Mail?

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What is Direct Mail?

If you are seeking direct ways of marketing your business, direct mail may be one of the better options you can choose. Instead of marketing through email or your website alone, you can try and add direct mail marketing into the mix to make sure you are hitting as many customers as possible. There are quite a few benefits of trying to reach out to customers through the mail. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider reaching customers through their mailboxes.

Benefits of Using Direct Mail Marketing to Reach New and Current Customers

There are two incredible benefits that come along with using direct mail marketing campaigns. Both of them help your business get more customers. Plus, they have the ability to save your company money! If you specify your target audience, you can send out mail directly to those who need your help. Then, when that need comes up, they know who to turn to without hesitation.

The first benefit is reaching specific customers that have needs your company can meet. No matter what type of niche your business runs in, you have a specific audience. That audience has needs that you have the ability to fill. When you reach out to those customers through direct mail marketing, they will learn that you can help. Your website can only do so much, especially for those who do not look everything up online. However, everyone has the ability to get mail. This means you have a wide reach of potential customers that you can work with.

The second benefit is the money you can save through direct mail marketing. Instead of sending out a bulk mail to anyone and everyone, you get to pick and choose to some extent. What you do is work with a company that has extensive mailing lists. Then you narrow down the people you believe fit into your target audience. Once you have those narrowed down, you can send out mail to just those people. Not everyone will read the mail you send out, but the ones that do will know just how you can help them.

Ways of Reaching Customers Through Direct Mail Marketing

There are several ways of reaching customers through direct mail marketing. This can be through simple mail efforts like postcards with deals or savings on them, or more significant efforts. If you really want to entice the people who receive your mail, figure out what options they will respond to best. Here are a few of the best options for direct mailing your customers.

Send Your Customers a Catalogue

Customers that you know are likely to buy your wares should get a catalogue. That way, whenever the need comes up for anything you have to offer, they have a handy point of reference to turn to right away.

Sales Postcards Can Give Them Reasons to Turn to You

Postcards are simple ways of sending out information, and they are very inexpensive. Send out a postcard prior to your next sale or for a percentage off their next purchase. Then, when they see what you have to offer, they can decide how to use that postcard to their advantage.

Samples May Cost a Little More, But Can Go a Long Way

If you really want to entice potential customers to come and see what you have to offer, consider random samples. This can give customers a hands-on experience with your product. Then, if you ask them for honest feedback on the sample, you can get some testimonials to use. Those words can entice others to see what offerings you have, and go a long way towards promoting your product.

Send Out Announcements to Current and Potential Customers

When you have something new coming to the table, it is important to let people know. If you are about to offer a new service or product, tell both your current and potential customers. Even a quick note or postcard can go a long way. Just reach out, keep it simple, and let them know what is about to come. Then, leave it up to them to come in and see you.

We Can Help You with Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

When it comes to having the right direct mail marketing campaign, you need a company with the right know-how. Here at DataMasters, you are sure to find a company that understands your needs and knows how to make your goals come true. We can help get you set up with the type of direct mail marketing campaign for your business. Using a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with it comes to marketing over the mail. You need to target your audience, and specify what problems of theirs you can solve. The more direct you can be with meeting their needs, the greater the impact that you can becomes.


For more information, reach out to us here at DataMasters. We can be reached by calling (469)549-1800. Let us help you reach the right audience and offer them the best possible deals with your direct mail marketing campaign!