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Selling cars is an art form.

Sure, the car a customer is interested in matters to a certain extent. And yeah, you the dealer have to close the deal.

But, how does your dealership generating leads for car sales come into play here? And how do you increase your chances of bringing in the qualified buyers you’re looking for?

Is there a way metaphorically speaking… to stack the deck? Creating a tantalizing selection of prospects, that come into your dealership with the intent to buy?

These are all thought-provoking questions, and we can confidently say:

The answer is YES! 

And today you are going to learn how. Today you will learn how to tactfully seduce the specific customer you want by generating more leads for car sales with a targeted mailing list.

So, if your a car dealership that has been struggling to get the quality clientele you’ve been dreaming of, sit back, and buckle up.

We’re taking the fast track, to generating, high-quality leads.

What is a Targeted Automotive Mailing List?

Imagine this, a customer comes into your dealership shopping for a car, they have their eyes locked on a silver mini-van.

What do you do?

Like any great salesman or saleswoman, you engage with the customer, tell them about the van and the features. They seem interested, things look promising, but after some thought, they say thank you and leave. Driving away in a little red convertible.

What happened there? Did that person just pull over because they were bored? Or is there some deeper reason that is unclear on the surface? Either way, there was no sale and no real allure for them to buy.

With a targeted mailing list strategy you can ask questions based on the campaigns you send out to your leads. Things can be much clearer for you on why that person is visiting your dealership, lessening these types of interactions for you or your staff.

A targeted mailing list allows you to reach the specific buyer you’re interested in. Your target audience can be selected for any kind of automotive product or service you provide.

Doesn’t that sound better?

Let’s get further into the details on how an automotive mailing list can be tailored to your dealership’s needs and business model, so you can generate more leads for car sales.

Maximize Your Leads to Their Full Potential

Generating leads can be a difficult puzzle to figure out. When you run a dealership you must have a simple guidance system helping you to create quality leads, or your sales will fail to exist.

By adopting this new concept of using a targeted mailing list you begin generating quality leads with less effort. Then again, that is only when you use the right resource.

DataMasters has been helping dealerships like yours for over 20 years! Offering undisputed quality. But we’re jumping ahead, more on that later.

For now, think about this:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hone in on your ideal lead? Picking the best customers? Like when you are picking tomatoes at the market, you squeeze them, smell them and make sure there are no bruises. You select the best, no?

It should be the same for your leads.

You can select a plethora of characteristics you want to focus on. Such as location, gender or household income. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Maximizing your leads will drive new business, and improves your retention with current customers. Just as important it will give your dealership the brand loyalty it desperately needs in order to stay relevant with your customers.

How can DataMasters Help When it Comes to Generating Leads for Car Sales?

Like we mentioned above, having a targeted automotive mailing list that helps you generate new leads and more car sales is essential.  Moreover, if you want to control the quality of leads your dealership receives, having the ability to whip up a new customized list can’t hurt.

By building a working relationship with Datamasters you are supercharging your dealership’s ability to close on the leads that come through the door.


Let’s take a closer look.

Say you own a Toyota dealership, and you want a mailing list created that will show you all of the people in a specified location who drive Toyotas. With over 211 million names and addresses of car, truck and SUV owners in the United States building that list for you is a child’s play.

Get our drift?

DataMasters is recognized as the leader in automotive owner data.

Let’s check out a few more examples.

How Can You Use Your Automotive Mailing List?

There are so many uses for your target mailing list. DataMaster specialists listen to your needs and make the list you want unique.

A Few Targeted Mailing List Ideas:

  • A list of car owners that needs specialized service work
  • Maybe you sell extended warranties, get a list of car owners who need a warranty
  • Selling Corvettes? Send out mailing campaigns specific to corvette owners.
  • Owners that are coming up on the end of there lease, target them with a special deal
  • Target customers in a zip code surrounding your dealership based on distance
  • Recent car loan applicants, get them into your dealership with a custom deal for them

Quite simply, not only can you create custom mailing lists for your target audience but with some creativity, you can determine the exact qualified lead walking through your door.

It All Comes Down to This

If you want to deliver expected results you need to incorporate DataMasters into your marketing strategy. Whether you want to search by car type, vehicle year, or zip code you have the control.

It used to be a long-drawn-out process to generate leads in the past. You would have to advertise on television or put flyers all over town. And then, after that effort, how do you tell if those leads are good? You couldn’t you just hoped.

Be honest, running a dealership that way stinks. It was like rolling the dice in Vegas, yup you guessed it right…a gamble.

Who has time to gamble with their business?

When you focus on targeted mailing lists, you are making a conscious decision to make the right investment for your dealership. Reaching your defined target audience based on the variables you choose makes you a genius.

Not only that but it creates a predetermined and predictable workplace environment. Because the people walking through the door are primed and ready to buy.

Because that is how you designed it.

DataMasters experienced data specialists will cater to the needs of your dealership and the vision you have for your business. Reach them at (469) 549 -1800.  Let them assist you in generating leads for car sales at your dealership today.