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Are you a dentist that’s looking for a steady stream of new patients? Are you having difficulty cracking the code? 

Maybe you feel you’ve tried everything, and you’re beginning to notice your appointment book thinning out. As a business owner, you know you’re not alone, but being in the same boat as another struggling business isn’t the kind of company you want to keep. Can we agree on that?

What you need is answers, and fast.

If you’ve been looking for results with no success, stick around because today you’re going to learn about mailing list marketing for dentists. 

If you’re not familiar with targeted mailing lists that’s okay. This attested way to attract new customers is used by the most successful businesses in the world. 

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some dentists have a waiting room full of patients, while your office seems to be down to a trickle?  Sure, it’s common knowledge most people don’t enjoy the dentist, that’s a valid argument, but that doesn’t stop some dentist offices from turning away newcomers because they’re completely booked, does it?

Of course, it doesn’t. 

The good news is deep down you know you can do better, that’s why you’re here.

People need dentists and that will never change. What does need to change is your approach to how you target your audience. Are you ready for that?

Let’s drill down to the root and get started. 

What is A Mailing List — The Basics

Quite simply, without patients, you don’t have a practice. Mailing lists help inform people in your surrounding area about your dental services. This is done with a collection of names, addresses, phone numbers or emails of people in your area. 

What supercharges a mailing list from just a list of names into a targeted strategy is the specification you include as the pioneer of the list.

Okay, you might be thinking. “I need more depth”, and you’d be right.

 Before you can truly grasp the power of a mailing list you need to understand what makes it powerful. With that thought in mind let’s continue on, and learn more.

What Makes a Targeted Mailing List Powerful?  

Earlier in this article, we used the phrase “targeted strategy”. What do you suppose we mean by that? 

When you begin to work with mailing lists there is more than one way to approach it. And if your not careful and you don’t work with a trustworthy source for your list, you won’t be creating a targeted strategy at all. 

Instead, you will be randomly marketing to people hoping for success. Yes, you might get a few people through your doors but it won’t be long term clients. Your goal hopefully is to create life long, loyal customers that you can build relationships with. That is the sign of a caring and trustworthy dental practice. 

Datamasters works with businesses all over the world, to help target the exact client you want coming through your door.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we will talk more about their phenomenal services a bit later. 

Now, back to what we were saying.

You need to have a specific target audience and a clear plan on what you want so your not stuck just holding a list of names and addresses that hold minimal value. 

Be More Personable

As a Dentist, you offer specific instructions for your patients to follow for good oral hygiene, so they can have a healthy mouth. Is that safe to say?

You tailor your advice to your patient, based on specific criteria. You wouldn’t tell every patient the same thing. Why?

Because each person that sits in your chair has different needs. And it would sound silly to tell someone who doesn’t have braces to come back in 30 days to change their rubber bands! 

Your advice is custom and personal to each person. 

When you use a targeted mailing list, give specifics info about the demographic you want to market. 

You look for variables that are important in a patient. And you create mailing lists that meet that criteria (your customizations). Which gives you a definitive marketing strategy and a clearly defined outline to examine throughout your marketing campaign. 

Intelligently you can now see if things are working how you planned.   

Let’s move on to some examples for your targeted mailing list. And examine how each list you create can be tailored to your dental practice. 

DataMasters: How You Create Unique Mailing Lists 

Earlier we mentioned Datamasters is the premium resource for creating your ideal mailing list. 

The simple truth is you can cause yourself undesirable frustration, by not selecting the best professional service for your customized mailing lists. This will squander irreplaceable time and energy, so don’t cut corners with your dental practice. 

Datamasters has over 20 years of experience crafting mailing lists, marketing for dentists and other specialists. The focus is always on continuing its reputation as the industry leader in providing accurate and effective data to clients and growing your business. 

So, what are some examples of criteria you can use to create your targeted mailing list?

Imagine this, you offer denture services at your practice. You can specifically target senior citizens in your local area, or in the surrounding area.

All you need is to pick zip code and the age range. DataMasters can pull up all the people meeting your criteria. 

Say you specialize in pediatric dentistry, create a tailored list targeting parents with children. With access to a database with millions of prospective clients, you always have the ability to target exactly what you want.

Remind a current customer that it’s been a while since there the last visit. Or, send out postcards with personalized discounts. 

In addition, you can let parents know that their teenager’s oral health is important and to consider getting them a check-up. 

The possibilities are endless when you’re talking about mailing list marketing for dentists. 

The Bottom Line

DataMasters has one on one consultations, highly trained data specialist and designs printed content proven to get results. Did we mention they print, process and mail everything for you! 

The thought of clinging to an obsolete and tarnished style of finding customers will haunt you in your sleep.  The secret is to, make a monumental shift and practice what you learned today. 

Let’s recap:

In this article, you learned what a targeted mailing list is, why they are so fantastic and how you can get started using them right now. Make no mistake about it, most people know they should get started but hesitate — waiting far too long to take action. 

Attention: This is the point where you decide to be different.

The first step in getting started is very easy and simple, here’s what you do:

Contact DataMasters today, they can be reached at (469) 549-1800. Like all important information, just knowing about something does nothing — Taking action by using it is what will propel you towards success. Let DataMasters help, and show you why they’re the best choice for mailing list marketing for dentists.