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Have you wondered why your life insurance leads aren’t giving you the results you expect?

Why are some life insurance companies rolling in sales? While your company’s book of business looks like an old Rolodex from the eighties. Why is it so hard?.

Isn’t life insurance something we all need? People should be knocking down your doors! And pleading for permanent policies.

But they’re not.. are they? 

Today you will learn why. Today you figure out what you’ve been missing. And, today you get to peek behind the curtain, gaze upon exactly what changes need to be made and crack the code on generating life insurance leads (the right way)

Does that sound good? It does to us.

So, let’s take a closer look. 

What is a Targeted Mailing List?

In today’s world of business if you’re not precise you’re not growing. And let’s be honest, that is why we created our business. It was to get our message out to as many people as possible.  

Targeted mailing lists are constructed from a wide array of publicly available determinants, which can be explored and placed into a wish list including your target audience. These lists can be used for direct mail, email and good old fashioned phone calls.

We’ll talk more about why we call it a wish list later.

Why are they important?

Being able to know where you are placing your advertising dollars is business 101. Why are you going to waste your money on advertising to people who won’t benefit from your services? You’re smarter than that.

The targeted mailing list is a fantastic way to locate the right leads. 

It’s in your DNA to want access to prospects that are looking for what your company is selling. This desire can be very elusive when not using the proper form of marketing.

Advertising to the masses is ineffective when generating life insurance leads. But easy like Sunday morning with a targeted mailing list.

When should you consider using a targeted mailing list?

When you advertise and market without a plan, you reach potential customers.

Spoiler alert:  But the likelihood you reach people who really want your service is bleak.

Answer some measurable questions when you think about your marketing strategy: 

  1. Do I know all the factors involving your target demographic?
  2. Do I know what data variables I am targeting in my campaign? 

If you cannot answer those questions confidently, you’re being left behind.

Knowing who your target audience is one thing. Knowing how to accurately get in front of them is a skill not easily attainable (until now). If your marketing plan is not adaptable, easy to use and offers a focal point that delivers desirable results, the odds are not in your favor. And It’s time to consider the better alternative.  

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Let’s face it, no one wants to talk about life insurance, or how insensitive life can become when families are left behind without its presence. If people will suffer financially because of the loss of a loved one, it’s almost certain they need life insurance. 

But even some things we need often get avoided until it’s too late. Knowing your client is what this comes down to. DataMasters is who businesses have trusted for decades. They walk you through the steps of getting noticed by the people who need your services most. 

  • Why is understanding this criteria helpful?

Being able to gravitate towards your ideal client saves money, time and unnecessary aggravation. It helps you truly understand who your target demographic is, and what variables you need to focus on.

Is it age, income, location or something else. Knowing the ideal characteristic of your customers is how life insurance companies build loyalty, how they personalize their marketing and stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

  • How can you use your ideal criteria to generate leads?

So, you’ve made a list of must-haves for your perfect client. A wish list of sorts.

Now that you know what you want it’s impossible to hold you back. You can take that list and develop a laser-focused marketing campaign.

One, that will attract your prime lead. One that has the intent to buy. Imagine you needed a list of every male in a specific radius between 24 – 45 years old. That list can easily be created.

Take those people who need life insurance and specifically target them.  

How Can DataMasters Optimize Your Bottom Line?

No business survives without a steady stream of well-qualified customers. Today, choosing the wrong brand can set you back. 

Having the ability to save yourself from business pitfalls is what makes a company thrive. DataMasters mission is literally to help maintain current business and grow your business by providing the most accurate and beneficial contact information available. 

Millions of contacts can be crafted into the targeted mailing wish list you need. DataMasters guides you towards generating  life insurance leads with these questions:

  • Do you know who to search for?
  • Can you find your ideal clients using the necessary terms and keywords?
  • What are the best customer selectors to filter by?  

They seem like simple questions, but they rarely get answered without help. 

What is the most effective ad campaign?

Mailing Lists are known for their effectiveness compared to social media marketing. 

The top life insurance companies in the world have been reaping the benefits of targeted mailing lists. Why not you?

When you personalize your marketing strategy and use specific variables for your target audience those leads are more likely to buy your services, and most importantly it’s been proven they come back for more. 

DataMasters only uses the best software, and database management available to accurately pinpoint your perfect target audience. When executed correctly targeted marketing, is the most effective form of marketing. 

If you want to target parents with kids you can, what about small business owners that’s doable too. How about those clients that just retired… yup, you can find them too. 

What are the benefits of all this?

I know, you’re thinking what the catch. Actually there isn’t one. It’s all about the long game, Targeted marketing zooms in on the specific client. You’re not blindly sending out advertisements, you’re being strategic. You’re generating specific life insurance leads that are more likely to be interested in what you’re offering.

You’re not being ineffective, you are identifying which customers are going to benefit the most. Create the list by age, location, homeownership and more. 

Targeted Mailing lists are personal, allowing your insurance company to glow in the eyes of your clients. Send birthday cards, send reminders to get regular check-ups. You can maintain your brand loyalty and stay relevant to your current customers. While conveying personalized messages appealing to new groups.   

Let’s Finalize This and Start Generating Life Insurance Leads

Today you learned why the targeted mailing list is a must-have resource. Whether it’s direct mail or email, simply mass-producing marketing flyers and wishing for success does more damage than good for your reputation. 

Be different and really have a plan of action. You have no excuses, the secret of success for businesses large and small is no more.

What will you do with it?

If you’re struggling with generating life insurance leads, give DataMasters a call at (469) 549-1800.