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Golf marketing to seniors is much more effective when done using a direct mail marketing campaign. Direct mail campaigns are often overlooked by companies. However, this useful method of advertising has proven to be far more effective than any other medium. It also produces the highest return on investment over broader advertising strategies.

DataMasters helps companies like yours reach the market you need to succeed. We do this by providing a high-quality, current database that allows you to reach the customers your business needs. Targeted marketing using our Senior Citizen Database helps you connect with customers who are interested in what your company has to offer.

This style of marketing is proving to be much more effective than options that attempt to reach as many people as possible. By focusing your marketing efforts on people who want your products and services you see a much better return. This is also beneficial for the customers. In return, they are contacted by companies who offer products or services that are in line with their interests. With direct mail marketing campaigns, everyone wins.

Using a Direct Mail Campaign for Golf Marketing to Seniors

A direct mail campaign uses a filtered database to reach a very specific type of customer. The data is collected from a variety of public and volunteered sources and combined to create a comprehensive collection of addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. This information can then be used to directly market to these individuals. Marketing campaigns can focus on email advertisements, telemarketing advertisements, or the increasingly popular direct mail campaigns.

To create an even more effective campaign, the list can be focused even further. Filters include age, income, location, and even interests and hobbies. If you are marketing for your golf company then you can target individuals who enjoy the sport of golf. There are many levels of customization that you can utilize to reach your ideal customers.

As baby boomers become senior citizens, the marketing potential increases. Now, more than ever, senior citizens are enjoying the fruits of their labor. They are traveling more, eating out more, and enjoying more activities such as golf. These baby boomer senior citizens make up nearly a quarter of the US population. They also account for a large number of leisure dollars spent each year. You don’t want to miss out on marketing to this generation.

Tips for Golf Marketing to Seniors

The key to marketing senior citizens is to not make them feel old or impaired in any way. Many baby boomers don’t actually view themselves as senior citizens. They’re far more likely to behave the age they feel rather than the age that they are. Having a younger outlook on life generally indicates better health, economics, quality of life, and activity level. When marketing to this group you need to avoid terminology and imagery that depicts this demographic as being old.

Start by using images and models that exude a young persona. They don’t have to necessarily look younger, but you want the image to feel younger. Show seniors actively enjoying life. Images of them golfing with their friends and enjoying the outdoors are great ideas for golf marketing to seniors.

It’s also important to build trust with the baby boomer senior citizen generations. This group has a tendency to spend more time researching and planning how they want to spend their hard earned money. You can earn their trust by providing consistently great customer service. Include satisfaction guarantees on your advertisements and stand by them. This helps them feel more relaxed about doing business with your company. They’re much more likely to develop into loyal, lifelong customers if they feel that they can trust your company.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

When targeting a specific group of individuals you can customize your advertisement for the group. In addition to being mindful of the images you select, you want to carefully think about the text. Promotional offers including big discounts or the word “free” are a great way to grab attention. However, this only works if the promotion is simple. Complicated steps greatly reduce the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.

More specifically, for golf marketing to seniors, offer them a free tour of your golf course. You can also offer a free lunch with the purchase of a round of golf. If your company sells golf merchandise then consider a “free with purchase” gift. There are a number of different ways to entice people to give your company a chance. The most important thing to remember is to not treat senior citizens as though they are incapable of doing something themselves. These days, seniors are living more active lives than they have in the past.

DataMasters Helps Companies Market to Senior Citizens

DataMasters has been providing high quality service and database information to businesses just like yours for several years. We are committed to helping your buisiness increase your bottom line. Our databases are among the most effective in the industry for providing a high return on investment for your company.

To take things a step further, our expert staff can also work with your team to help you create an effective advertisement. We will also help you with all of your printing and mailing needs. Over 44 million Senior Citizens are just within reach of your company. Our lists are updated monthly to add an additional 250,000 people who join the ranks of senior citizens.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to increase your business by reaching the customers you need. You’ll see a higher return on investment with this form of advertising due to the specialized targeting. Direct mail marketing campaigns can also save a significant amount of money over alternate, obsolete forms of advertising. Let us help you reach your business goals and take your company to the next level.

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