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Senior Living Marketing is a targeted marketing plan designed to specifically reach senior citizens. With increasing lifespans, there are now more seniors than ever before. Many companies offer goods and services that tailor to the specific needs of senior citizens. Now, there’s a way for these companies to reach out to seniors directly.

DataMasters presently offers senior living marketing lists. We have the highest quality senior citizen direct marketing lists available. Our lists have helped a variety of companies increase their sales and grow to their full potential. We do this all while helping senior citizens get the goods and services that they need.

Who Benefits from Senior Living Marketing?

Many companies produce products or services designed specifically for seniors. The challenge faced by these companies is actually reaching the people they can help. Blanket advertising can quickly fall short of goals. This is why targeted marketing is so important. It offers a relatively inexpensive way to reach the people that can benefit from certain products or services.

Around 250,000 people turn 65 each month in the United States. This steady flow of senior citizens may not always be aware of the products and services available to them. Having the ability to reach these individuals before your competitors can give your business a unique edge.

Some companies who offer senior living include senior citizen care centers, senior living communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more. These companies can all benefit from specific senior living marketing strategies.

Senior Living Marketing with DataMasters

DataMasters can help your business target these specific individuals. Our database provides access to over 44 million senior citizens. This includes 25 million phone numbers, 14 million email addresses, and so much more. Our extensive database makes us the superior choice when it comes to senior living marketing.

To take things a step further, our database can be further narrowed based upon other factors such as date of birth. This allows you to narrow your focus on individuals who share characteristics with your target customer. Using the database you can reach out to these senior citizens through email, phone, or with the postal service. These forms of direct marketing allow you to reach the people who need your company the most.

Using a database such as this one also allows you to personalize advertisements. Adding a personal touch helps consumers feel at ease. It also begins the important step of building a relationship with each potential customer. A strong company and consumer relationship increases the likelihood that you’ll gain customers. Direct marketing methods have been shown to be much more cost effective than other methods. They also tend to provide a higher return on investment. Lowering advertising costs while gaining a higher return on investment can help take your company to the next level.

Tips for Effective Senior Living Marketing

More so than any other demographic, marketing to senior citizens requires building a relationship. Companies must create a foundation of trust while offering opportunities for learning and interaction. The senior citizens today tend to develop long-term loyalty to brands. This is fantastic if they choose to do business with your company. However, you must first convince them that your company is the best choice for them.

Direct mail advertising has shown more success with senior citizens than web-based marketing. Keep in mind that your advertisements should be easy to read as many seniors suffer from eyesight difficulties. Use direct mail advertising to invite senior citizens to participate in events to help grow the consumer and company relationship. Most seniors prefer personal interaction. Hosting events at your senior living facility will allow them to meet and interact with other people their age. A health fair or activity fair are also great ways to help your target senior citizens get to know your company. Many seniors who are considering entering senior living are looking for confirmation that they will get the amenities and social interaction that they may be lacking. The best way to assure them of this is to show them through these events.

Keep things simple. Today’s seniors typically prefer things to be simple and straight forward. Complicated instructions or requirements for promotions may push them away. Be respectful with your wording as well. Avoid terms like “elderly” and instead use words like “seniors” or “senior citizens”. It’s also important to be mindful about how you portray senior citizens in your advertisements. Tasteful and nostalgic references can also help seniors relate to your advertisement.

Follow Up Senior Living Marketing

It’s also important to use follow up marketing. When you host an event be sure to keep track of the seniors that attended. You can then send them mailings thanking them for their attendance and inviting them to the next event. If they were unable to make it, you could send a similar mailing saying that you hope they can make the next event. This personal touch will help them feel more of a connection with your company.

Remember that the extra effort goes a long way. Many senior citizens have strong brand loyalty. Once they become a customer they will likely be a customer for life. Showing them that they matter and are important to your company is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Understand that it may take them a while to make a decision. Pressuring seniors to make a hasty choice rarely works out for the aggressive company.

Choosing DataMasters for Senior Living Marketing Lists

We’ve been helping companies like yours reach out to senior citizens for over 20 years. We offer superior data and high-quality customer service. This makes us an unbeatable resource when it comes to reaching out to senior citizens. Our database is compiled through public records, census data, and more high-quality sources. We update our database monthly to ensure that you are getting the most current information possible. We want to help your company be successful and help seniors get the products and services that they need.

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