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Have you been considering starting a direct mail marketing campaign for your company? If so, there are quite a few perks that come with this choice. While many people have the misconception that direct mail is a dead source of attention and revenue, it simply is not true. There are many people who feel stronger about ads and pieces of mail they get through traditional methods, than they do about any type of digital marketing campaigns. Here are a few important things to know if you think your business may benefit from a direct mail marketing campaign.

People Like Getting Personalized and Helpful Direct Mail

Big companies do not necessarily like getting a large stack of mail each day. However, the average person likes going to their mailbox and finding something addressed to them. The more each piece of mail is tailored to the recipient, the more likely the recipient is to read it. Consider this, approximately 70% of American adults believe direct mail marketing to be more personalized than digital mail marketing campaigns. This means that they are more likely to at least scan a piece of direct mail than they are to open a direct email.

On top of recipients feeling like you are catering to them even more, they get more of what you say through direct mail marketing. Studies have found that people need 21% less effort to take in what your direct mail has to say. Plus, it leaves them feeling 20% more motivated to do something about what you said than a piece of digital mail. So, for a bit of your company’s time, you are likely to have far better results.

If you can get more motivation out of your recipients, then you are likely to get more sales, too. Over 50% of people who took the time to respond to their direct mail, also went to the company’s website or physical location. Plus, out of those who responded to their direct mail within the last 90 days, more than 60% of them followed through with a purchase. The benefit for your company then becomes increased sales and commitment from your direct mail customers.

Statistics That Prove Direct Mail Marketing is the Best Route to Take

Sending out an email is quick and simple, but it can be really difficult to personalize unless you write out a lot of emails. By customizing the recipients of your direct mail marketing campaign, you are able to personalize one type of mail and move on to another project. You can pick customers who need whatever product or service you provide. Then, you provide them with a special item, such as a coupon, and you almost instantly prompt an interest.

When you look at how many people open each type of mail, the proof becomes even more clear. When you send out an email, on a good day, you can expect between 20% and 30% of them to get opened. Direct mail campaigns have a much better success rate. When people get a piece of mail directed to them, on average, 80% to 90% of those pieces of mail get opened. That is a huge difference.

Taking a look at the response rate gives similar answers. When you send out an email, about 2% of people open it on their mobile devices. It goes down to 1% with email being opened on a laptop or computer, and another 1% on social media. However, when you send out a direct mail, the response rate jumps up to nearly 4%.

What to Expect from a Digital Mail Marketing Campaign

When you opt for a digital mail marketing campaign where you can customize who gets your mail, you can expect your business to get more interest. The more you take advantage of each response that you get from your campaign, the more business could increase. It is important that you follow through with your direct mail marketing efforts. If you simply send out a piece of mail and leave it, you cannot expect people to respond favorably. They want to connect with you and your business, so make sure you make yourself available.

We Can Help with Direct Mail Marketing If You Need It

Here at DataMasters, we can help you with many different aspects of direct mail marketing. We can suggest different options that we believe would help your business grow. Plus, we can tell you which audience members we believe would help your business grow most effectively. You can try sending out coupons, alerts to new services or upcoming events, or even samples. The people who receive your direct mailing efforts are going to directly impact the response you get. Don’t go into this type of marketing alone. Instead, give us a call and let us help guide you.

Reach out to us here at DataMasters by calling (469)549-1800, and let us help you with all of your direct mail marketing needs!