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Many businesses want to compare the benefits of EDDM mailing to those of direct mail, so they can decide which is the better investment for them. Each type of business has the potential to benefit from both direct mail marketing and EDDM mailing. However, if you want pinpoint results where you are getting the most bang for your buck, you may want to see what direct mail marketing offers that EDDM mailing simply cannot bring to the table. Here is a breakdown of each so you can decide for yourself.

What Is EDDM Mailing?

Are you not quite sure what EDDM mailing actually is? Don’t feel bad; you are not alone. EDDM mailing is known as saturation mailing, as it stands for Every Door Direct Mail. This means that you can pick an area where some of your audience lives, and send out a mass mail to everyone in that area. It literally gets delivered to every door, which is where the name comes from. This can be a small piece of mail, such as a post card, or even larger mailing options if you want to give that a try.

What you do is you pick an area where you have a good audience. You pick that out by their income level, the size of their family, or their interest in what you have to offer. Plus, you can narrow down the demographics some, including age and purchase history. From there, you set up your mail and you send it out to every door in that area. While this may increase overall exposure that your business may get, it may not get the type of marketing your business needs to grow.

Times Where EDDM Mailing May Work for Your Business

There are times where you can turn to EDDM mailing to get news out to people you want to attract. However, you need to realize going into it that you will get broad results. Even if you have a wide range of audience, by opting for EDDM mailing to every single house in a general area, you are going to still have some misses.

When the only goal you have for your EDDM mailing campaign is to get people to recognize who you are, this could be a great method. People will see your mail show up in their mailbox. Your logo and possibly even your services or products will get noticed to some degree. However, the response that you get may be a bit jumbled. You may have to take a good bit of time explaining to callers what you can offer them. It all depends on what type of mail you send out.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Often Gives Better Results Than EDDM Mailing

When you opt for direct mail marketing over EDDM mailing, you get a much more succinct response. By opting for direct mail over an EDDM mailing, you get to pick who gets your mail. This saves you time and money, and gives you the response you want. People who can directly take what you send out to them and apply it, are the ones who will receive your mail. This helps you put the resources you do have for marketing to the best use.

Each business should have a budget set aside for marketing. However, it is often limited, and younger businesses are often more limited than more established businesses. If you want to be able to attract just those who are likely to become customers, you want to go with direct mail marketing campaigns over EDDM mailing. This will give you better results, and leave you with more return on your investment. Broad marketing is like casting a very large fishing net with really big holes. Yes, you will get some fish out of the net, but many of those fish will slide right through. This is not what you need when you want to grow your business.

We Can Help You See Why Direct Mail Marketing Outshines EDDM Mailing

When you want to see the benefits of direct mail marketing over EDDM mailing, come and talk with us here at DataMasters. We can show you case studies we have put together based on the results we typically see. Then, we can help you see what type of results you would get with a campaign for each direct mailing and EDDM mailing. Once you see the results for yourself, you can then decide which is going to give you better results. No matter which type of mailing you think is better for your business, we can help.

Reach out to us here at DataMasters and let us help. We can be reached by you calling (469)549-1800. Let us know what you need, and we will help you achieve those goals by either offering direct mail marketing or EDDM mailing.