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Have you been looking for a better way to build your business using the power of homeownership? Using a mortgage database list can help you do that. 

It’s no surprise that when a new home is purchased there are several items and services the homeowner may need. This article will first introduce you to the many benefits of mortgage database lists and then show how Datamasters can help you easily market to these new proud homeowners. 

Let’s move into it. 

What is A Mortgage Database List?

Mortgage database lists provide the most sought after and commonly used data from public records. They provide information about mortgage transactions and home purchases in a particular area.

Why are Mortgage Database Lists Important?

The mortgage database list offers information about the type of mortgage the homeowner has, as well as geographical location, finance rate, and so much more. This list allows you to compile a list of prospects for any county throughout the entire United States. 

Having access to this unique mortgage data allows you to use homeowner information from the county courthouse and from all 3 credit bureaus. Giving you a comprehensive view of the information that matters to you most. And if that’s not enough, tax assessor information and standard consumer data can also be added to the list, supercharging the ability to pick your ideal candidates. 

Who Can Use Mortgage Database Lists?

Property managers, banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, homeowner insurance companies and other major businesses have been using this resource for years to build their businesses from the ground up. But say you’re a smaller business.

Can you also get started with a mortgage database list? Sure you can!

Practically any business can congratulate someone on their brand new home. You can welcome them to the area with a coupon or a simple postcard saying welcome to the neighborhood. Not only does this put you on their radar, but it also begins a powerful customer/business relationship. 

Simple acts of kindness tend to go a long way. 

Dry cleaners, restaurant owners, heating and cooling services, landscaping, and even cleaning services are all welcome. 

What if you install pools? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to know if a new homeowner just moved in? If they have a pool you’re already interesting to them. Nothing a little google mapping can’t help with. Or, if they have an existing pool then they may be in need of repairs or weekly pool cleanings. The possibilities are endless. 

Can I Trust These Mortgage Lists?

So you might be thinking, how do I know these lists are accurate? Is there any way for me to know who I can trust if I start out on this new journey of using mortgage data lists? 

These are all great questions and we will answer them one by one. 

Datamasters is the premier data services company. Offering the most accurate and comprehensive data mortgage lists for direct marketing, email marketing, and telemarketing. 

We have a trusted reputation and  we also have decades of experience growing businesses using the best lists available. Increasing your business with targeted marketing is the mission. 

Here are some reasons you can trust your lists from Datamasters:

  • The mortgage data is updated monthly with the newest purchase and finance data
  • Use lists that receive data from over 800 counties USA each month
  • Current credit bureau updates that make the mortgage database lists 100%  accurate

How Would I Use a Mortgage Database List?

There are thousands of ways to use a Datamasters mortgage database list. Here are a few examples:

  1. A mortgage company or loan officer can use it to offer better finance rates to current homeowners.
  2. A landscaper can use this list to target new homeowners and current for lead generation. Understanding their financial situation helps tailor services that are enticing. 
  3. A restaurant owner, you can see who moved into the neighborhood in the surrounding area, and welcome them with a personalized free dessert or dinner. 

These are just a few examples. The best part about these database lists is your ability to tailor them to exactly the variables you need. You can search by gender, location, mortgage rate, type of lender and more. You can see if a refinance is an option and offer a rate that gets them thinking. Call DataMasters at (469) 549-1800, for more information.

What Are The Benefits Of Mortgage Database Lists?

If you haven’t realized yet, having the ability to tailor lists for mortgages in your area, or around the united states for that matter is a massive benefit to your marketing efforts. 

What’s also monumental is the ability to target your market audience in more than one way with this mortgage database list. What do we mean? Well with DataMasters you have the freedom to use direct mail marketing, which is proven to offer an outstanding return on investment.

Or you can use email marketing which is a way to definitely get noticed. DataMasters specializes in email marketing and can offer additional professional help to do it the right way. Last but definitely not least, with over 16 million phone numbers that are – do not call scrubbed, you can tele-market until you cannot dial any longer.

With almost 70 million (current) active mortgage records in the United States, you have the largest opportunity to grow your business using DataMasters mortgage database lists than any other resource available.  

Let’s Recap

It can be frustrating spinning your wheel’s marketing and not seeing the results you expect. But today you learned a new way, to improve your marketing efforts in a simple and effective way.

You know what a mortgage database list is, why it’s important, who can use them (pretty much anyone) and who you can trust when you start marketing this way. The benefits are endless. But for now, you do have a tangible list of some prime reasons to use this list.  

You now know what the biggest players in the game know. Using mortgage database lists from DataMasters is smart. 

Next Steps

So what now?  DataMasters is available to help you grow your business using this amazing resource. With years of experience and a track record of being a company that enhances marketing efforts to attract your ideal client – your only step now is to take action. Use the knowledge you have about mortgage database lists and make the call to Datamasters at (469) 549-1800.